Sunday, October 29, 2006

What a mess!

I made the big mistake of moving my blog to the beta and I lost everything. Both of my blogs are lost.


SusieQ said...

Oh, I am so sorry, JG. Is there any way in the world you can get it back?

Anonymous said...

Are your archives lost too?

Converting isn't too easy I discovered. Took me a few days, many hours.

J_G said...

Hi Susie and B-Hip There's no way for me to recover my blog, it was wiped out. It started out as me moving Jennifer's Gems over to beta but as I found out very quickly that all your blogs are switched over and not just the one you choose. I figured that I try out the beta on my other blog first and see if I liked it and then move my main blog over when I get everything figured out. When I switched Jennifer's Gems both blogs went and there is no way to go back or to salvage the archives. Both blogs were totally turned inside out and I tried everything. DON'T DO BETA YET, IT"S NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME!!!!!!

I've been on blogger for two years and there have been some glitches but you won't hear me complain about thsoe glitches etiher. Bolgger is free and I thank blogger for giving me the opportunity to be able to express myself. I am however a little peeved that blogger beta did not give me the proper information about switching my blog over one at a time. Dag gone it!!

L>T said...

Yikes! I almost did it yesterday but, relized right off i was in too deep. (you know my computer skills)I am afraid i'd lose blogger all together. if bathroom hippo had trouble with it, I don't stand a chance. i'd hate to lose my archives. I have to change you in my links now, because you won't come up anymore. :)

J_G said...

Hold off on moving over to beta L>T. Like I said, I thought I was just moving my rarely used blog about gemstones but that didn't happen it took both my blogs and turned both of them into completely unusable webpages. I have all the transcripts from all my posts but I'll have to up load them one at a time if I want to put them back up. That's a lot of work. I took the comment moderation down and I'm just going back to deleting comments I don't like.

The comment moderation only makes it frustrating for the constructive, thoughful and welcome people like Susie, B-Hip and yourself.

Marie's Two Cents said...

I hate Beta.

I cant comment on anyones blog that has that crap on there.

J_G said...

I was fortunate enough to be able to get my web address back when I started this new blog. I also had to delete all my other Google identities in order to get my sign in name back too. I had to go back to some forums and services and sign back up under a newly created sign in name. Beta is not ready for prime time and I'm going to start archiving my blog on one of my USB hard drives.

LJG aka Pennsylvania Independent said...

E-mail blogger if you didn't yet. They may be able to pull your old blog back up. It still may be stored in an archive file in their servers.

Marie's Two Cents said...


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I'm sorry you lost your blog to all that Beta nonsense. I sure hope you dont switch over because I wont be able to comment on anything, because My browser doesnt yet support Beta I geuss. Like you said they arent ready for prime time.

But anyway back to the election, anything on your end you can do in the way of Liberal voting records, etc, I can link to my blog would be greatly appreciated. I am going to (TRY, I'm not very good at that stuff but I will try) to do backlinks, regular links, trackbacks, etc, because THIS IS IT. If we dont let the Public know exactly what is going on and who the Candidates really are and what they stand for no-one will know what is in store for them if the Democrats "Gain Control", and they will probably not know who to vote for. (God help us all)

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