Monday, November 20, 2006


Still life with bouquet_Pierre Auguste Renoir

Every year when Thanksgiving comes around many things happen to me. Thanksgiving was always a time when no matter where I lived I was almost always able to make it home to spend the holiday with my family. Christmas and most of the other holidays are meant for the children and I hope they will be preserved and not be “Happy Holidayed” into oblivion. Thanksgiving takes on a much different meaning though because it takes quite the effort for people to get to their destinations from their homes that they have made away from their families. I know this because of the amount of people that use the trains to get where they are going during the week of this holiday.

Forget all the things that you have to complain about. Forget all the things that bother you at work and at home. Just go be with the people you care about and be thankful for the people that do care about you. Celebrate your Thanksgiving in your own tradition but just be thankful to be with those that you care about.

Once more, my now bewildered Dove

Once more, my now bewildered Dove
Bestirs her puzzled wings
Once more her mistress, on the deep
Her troubled question flings --

Thrice to the floating casement
The Patriarch's bird returned,
Courage! My brave Columbia!
There may yet be land

Emily Dickinson

Friday, November 17, 2006


Silver Falls State Park Oregon_2005

Portland Oregon 2005

Friday, November 10, 2006

Last Chance

The Political Lady_James Tissot

I think that the results of the election are much different than what the spinmeisters are telling you. There is only a slim majority in either of the Houses of Congress and that could change in heartbeat in the Senate. The American people that did show up to vote made it clear that they were not satisfied with the performance of a Congress that had become fat, lazy and had forgotten the real reason they were sent there in the first place. There were many conservatives that we sent there to clean up the mess that Democrats had made of our Congress. The first few years were great. Newt Gingrich and his Conservative revolution did a fantastic job of cleaning up the corrupt and power hungry Democrat lead Congress. Many much needed reforms were instituted.

A few years later in the Republican lead Congress, Newt had to step down though when he was accused of and later found by the Republican lead Ethics Committee that he was misusing his PAC(political action committee) to raise money. IRS Determination It was a technical detail but he broke the rules so he paid a fine and stepped aside as he should have. That was a shame too because I was taking the course that Newt was teaching and he is a brilliant man.

When Newt Gingrich stepped aside and the new Speaker was elected the real problems began for the Republicans. A weak Speaker was Elected by the Republican caucus and he became nothing more than what we refer to at my job as “Okie dokie”, meaning whatever you do is fine with me. I don’t think Dennis Hastert is a bad guy, just a weak one and had no business being the Speaker. As is always the case though, when you have someone that is not driving the agenda and is not concerned with any of the important details then disaster is sure to happen. Time went by and things became worse and then the Republican Congress was looking much like the former corrupt and morally devoid Democrat lead Congress.

I don’t know about any of you folks out there that read my musings but I do believe it is time to start instituting term limits on our Congress just as we do for our Presidents and Governors. This was tried at first during the first few years after Newtie and the boys got elected to power in 1994 and swept out the Democrats but the old time powers prevailed by a slim majority. It was a bruising battle and I thought for sure we had it but the old timers just wouldn’t let go. It is time now to start another battle though. The current leadership of Congress will oppose it because they have too many of the old timers that were against term limits back then now going to be in Committee chair and leadership positions. Ms Pelosi will soon find herself loosing control of her majority caucus because these old fat cats are going to want some pay back and payola that they have been missing out on since the Republicans pushed them to the cellar offices back in 1994.

It’s time folks; it really is time to start the battle again for. Term Limits this has to be brought to the forefront now if we plan on keeping this democracy for our children. The Republicans and the democrats or even if another party were to join the fray can’t be left with reins of power for too long because “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely” an observation that a person’s sense of morality lessens as his or her power increases. The statement was made by Lord Acton, a British historian of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Believe it or not I learned this from the course that Newt Gingrich was teaching. Reniewing American Civilization

The last chance for a stable and somewhat reliable government is at hand folks. If left to their devices, a few years from now the Democrats will be back to their old tricks of feathering their own nests and making the rules so only Democrats get elected if it hasn’t already started. The combined Democrat and Republican conservative majority have a prime opportunity here to really make a difference and if they don’t take advantage of it then shame on them too. Term Limits, the time has come!

"It Might Have Been"

WE will be what we could be. Do not say,
"It might have been, had not this, or that, or this."
No fate can keep us from the chosen way;
He only might who is.
We will do what we could do. Do not dream
Chance leaves a hero, all uncrowned to grieve.
I hold, all men are greatly what they seem;
He does, who could achieve.
We will climb where we could climb. Tell me not
Of adverse storms that kept thee from the height.
What eagle ever missed the peak he sought?
He always climbs who might.
I do not like the phrase "It might have been!"
It lacks force, and life's best truths perverts:
For I believe we have, and reach, and win,
Whatever our deserts.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's not Tuesday November 7th 2006

God Bless America,
(we really need your help now)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Out of Towners

The Out of Towners

”The “Out of Towners”. The name is from a 1970 comedy film starring Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis directed by Arthur Hiller. It was about a couple who came to New York City for a sightseeing vacation and ended up going through some pretty difficult if not very humorous situations from traveling around the “Big Apple”. They had their luggage lost and wallets stolen and were left to find their way back to a hotel which they had no idea where to find. The movie was a very funny comedy from a much different time.

I have watched in amazement at the depths the democrat party will go to take back control of Congress in the mid term elections. It appears that one of their tactics is to find people that may have come from a certain area and might remember a little bit about where they once lived to give a certain amount of credibility to the person’s candidacy.

Right here in my home state of Pennsylvania we have not just one candidate from outside the area but at least three in my area alone that match my description from the previous paragraph. This is no comedy though. These candidates are here to try and win an election for people that neither come from nor care about our concerns. The names of these Out of Towners are Lois Murphy; she is a Washington D.C. lobbyist the democrats brought in to run against James Gerlach in the Pennsylvania 6th Congressional district. The next Out of Towner is Joe Sestak who is a retired Navy Admiral and he was brought in to run against Curt Weldon in the 7th Congressional district where I grew up. The next Out of Towner is Patrick Murphy and the democrats really went out of their way on this one to run against a freshman Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick in the 8th Congressional District.

The candidate for United States Senator Robert Casey Jr. isn’t an Out of Towner but deserves honorable mention in this category because he is out to lunch with that deer in the headlights stare that he gave when Tim Russert was asking him questions on some of policies he favors during one of the debates he was disengaged in with Rick Santorum..

So there you have it, three candidates that have no connection to our area except for the claim they once lived or passed through the area on their way to Washington D.C. and one candidate that really doesn’t know if he is from the area or not. Wake up Mr. Casey it time to wave at the crowd.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Catchy Ad

Robert Casey Jr?

As I have been posting and commenting here from the vast right wing conspiracy network tonight. I have the TV on listening to the news and to some commentary to give me some ideas. I keep hearing one commercial come on and it reminds me of one of the candidates that is running for the Senate seat here in Pennsylvania. It’s the AARP (American Association for Retired People) Commercial. It has a catchy tune and a good message. It says "don’t vote"… until you know what the position of the candidate is. The catchy little tune goes like this:

I may be handsome__ my wife is impeccable__ my background respectable__I’ll kiss your baby__but don’t ask me about social security___have some pie with me.

The commercial is pretty cute and clever actually. It does remind me though why most people in the State of Pennsylvania need to take the advice of this clever commercial and examine just what does the candidate for United States Senator Robert Casey believe or stand for. That’s the problem, he won’t tell anyone. Sure he goes around the state waving, smiling, and serving up apple pie to senior citizens just like the guy in the AARP commercial. It’s just that he won’t say what his positions are on the issues. So take the advice of this rather clever commercial and don’t vote until Mr. Casey tells us what it is he stands for.

I watched one of the debates on TV and listened to another between Rick Santorum and Bob Casey on the radio and I still can’t tell you what Bob Casey believes because he wouldn’t respond to the questions. It made the situation seem like the lights were on but nobody was home. I can’t say if that was done intentionally or if he just doesn’t know but either way none of us know for sure who Bob Casey is or what he stands for.

Come__have_ some_ pie_ with_ me !!!!

There is Something Else to Be Said

For the benefit of all you elitists that support people like the arrogant and condescending junior Senator from Massachusetts. This is not the first time Mr. Kerry has belittled our brave young men and women that fight on behalf of our country. It is a pattern for Mr. Kerry and he fully believes the troops are just plain stupid when nothing could be further than the truth. I was a volunteer just after Mr. Kerry made the preceding remarks about our people of the Armed Forces. There have been people that have posted comments saying Mr. Kerry did not mean to make the remarks he did and that is just not true. Mr. Kerry fully believes in what he said and no amount of covering up and spin will ever change the way Mr. Kerry feels about people that he deems inferior to himself

Kerry's '72 Army Comments Mirror Latest

Nov 2, 3:12 AM (ET)


WASHINGTON (AP) - During a Vietnam-era run for Congress three decades ago, John Kerry said he opposed a volunteer Army because it would be dominated by the underprivileged, be less accountable and be more prone to "the perpetuation of war crimes."
Kerry, a decorated Vietnam veteran who turned against the war, made the observations in answers to a 1972 candidate questionnaire from a Massachusetts peace group.
After Kerry caused a firestorm this week with what he termed a botched campaign joke that Republicans said insulted current soldiers, The Associated Press was alerted to the historical comments by a former law enforcement official who monitored 1970s anti-war activities
Kerry apologized Wednesday for the 2006 campaign trail gaffe that some took as suggesting U.S. soldiers fighting in Iraq were undereducated. He contended the remark was aimed at Bush, not the soldiers.
In 1972, as he ran for the House, he was less apologetic in his comments about the merits of a volunteer army. He declared in the questionnaire that he opposed the draft but considered a volunteer army "a greater anathema."
"I am convinced a volunteer army would be an army of the poor and the black and the brown," Kerry wrote. "We must not repeat the travesty of the inequities present during Vietnam. I also fear having a professional army that views the perpetuation of war crimes as simply 'doing its job.'
"Equally as important, a volunteer army with our present constitutional crisis takes accountability away from the president and put the people further from control over military activities," he wrote.
Kerry's spokesman, David Wade, said Wednesday the historical document needed to be viewed in the era in which it was written but that it nonetheless raised a "bedrock question in a time of war when sacrifice should be shared by all Americans."
"These are the words 34 years ago of a 28-year-old veteran home from a war gone wrong, wondering who in America will bear the cost of battle and shoulder the responsibility of military service," Wade said.
Kerry filled out the candidate questionnaire at the request of Massachusetts Political Action for Peace, an anti-war group that decades later turned over its historical documents to university researchers.
AP obtained the document from someone who gathered it from archives during Kerry's unsuccessful 2004 presidential campaign against President Bush. Republicans in that election relentlessly assailed Kerry's role in the anti-war movement decades earlier.
Kerry and Bush renewed their rivalry again this week, with the president accusing Kerry of offending troops. Kerry said he botched the text of a joke and didn't mean to insult troops.
On Wednesday, Kerry canceled campaign appearance on behalf of Democratic congressional candidates and issued an apology.

Nothing Else Needs to be Said?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Even Smaller than Originally Thought

John Kerry

The junior Senator from Massachusetts finally agreed to apologize for his despicable remarks about our brave young men and women that serve this country in Iraq. Kerry issued an apology at the behest of members of his own party worried that their slim chances of taking over the Congress are further put into jeopardy. The words of John Kerry ring very hollow and further his perception that every one else is just an unworthy knave for him to rule over.
Here are the words of John Kerry that were posted on his internet site because you and the troops don’t deserve his precious time for him to apologize face to face to show he is truly sincere.

"I sincerely regret my words were misinterpreted to wrongly imply anything negative about those in uniform"
"And I personally apologize to any service member, family member or American who was offended."

This is an apology from a very small and insincere man. These are weasel words meant quell the uproar from his democrat colleagues but not a sincere apology to the very people he offended. John Kerry is saying to our troops “I’m sorry you didn’t get the joke”.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Little Man

John Kerry

This is John Kerry, the junior United States Senator from the state of Massachusetts. These are his words:

"You know education, if you make the most of it, and you study hard, and you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."

Mr Kerry,
I am a United States Navy veteran and you sir are a small and petty man. You have no business insulting the brave men and women that serve this country. You have dishonored yourself by the remarks you have made and I believe it is in order that you apologize to every single one of those brave young men and women unit by unit. Until you do that sir, your voice should not be heard on the floor of the United States Senate because you are unworthy of the office of United States Senator. You should hang your head in shame if in fact you know what that word means.