Friday, November 03, 2006

Catchy Ad

Robert Casey Jr?

As I have been posting and commenting here from the vast right wing conspiracy network tonight. I have the TV on listening to the news and to some commentary to give me some ideas. I keep hearing one commercial come on and it reminds me of one of the candidates that is running for the Senate seat here in Pennsylvania. It’s the AARP (American Association for Retired People) Commercial. It has a catchy tune and a good message. It says "don’t vote"… until you know what the position of the candidate is. The catchy little tune goes like this:

I may be handsome__ my wife is impeccable__ my background respectable__I’ll kiss your baby__but don’t ask me about social security___have some pie with me.

The commercial is pretty cute and clever actually. It does remind me though why most people in the State of Pennsylvania need to take the advice of this clever commercial and examine just what does the candidate for United States Senator Robert Casey believe or stand for. That’s the problem, he won’t tell anyone. Sure he goes around the state waving, smiling, and serving up apple pie to senior citizens just like the guy in the AARP commercial. It’s just that he won’t say what his positions are on the issues. So take the advice of this rather clever commercial and don’t vote until Mr. Casey tells us what it is he stands for.

I watched one of the debates on TV and listened to another between Rick Santorum and Bob Casey on the radio and I still can’t tell you what Bob Casey believes because he wouldn’t respond to the questions. It made the situation seem like the lights were on but nobody was home. I can’t say if that was done intentionally or if he just doesn’t know but either way none of us know for sure who Bob Casey is or what he stands for.

Come__have_ some_ pie_ with_ me !!!!


Marie's Two Cents said...

Boy did you just waste alot of type.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Oh that's what I was going to say, JG, watch out for the AARP, they are one of the most Liberal organizations around. I had a talk with my parents about that, but they already knew and switched over to "Secure Horizons".

Not that it isnt a catchy ad and all lol.

J_G said...

I know all about the AARP Marie, I figured I'd use their own ad to question their candidate about where he stands.

I went toe to toe with a couple of AARP reps from Washington DC over gun rights at a senior center my Mother used to go to. They were handing out literature about supporting the "assault weapons ban" back in 1994.

I talked in front of the senior center that day because I was so incensed that the AARP was handing out flyers that were nothing but lies. Most of the seniors there knew who I was and understood what I was saying was the truth so the AARP people packed it in and left never to return. Mom just sat there the whole time looking at me and later telling me she thought I did well and then asked me “do you always have to raise a ruckus wherever you go?” We both just laughed.

"My Point" said...

It's just so strange to see such an ad coming from a mostly liberal organization. Hell I even discourged my parents from joining, though they did. But I do applaud them in this effort. Now if we only knew what judges to vote for??

"My Point" said...

BTW i do like how the AARP just assumes when you retire that you'll be a member.. NOT!! of Maries comment

J_G said...

My Mother never did join the AARP because they annoyed her with constant mailings and phone calls to try and get her to join. I finally had to call the phone company and register AARP as harrassing my Mother because back then they didn't have caller ID and blocking to stop the calls. My family was no friend to the AARP.