Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Out of Towners

The Out of Towners

”The “Out of Towners”. The name is from a 1970 comedy film starring Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis directed by Arthur Hiller. It was about a couple who came to New York City for a sightseeing vacation and ended up going through some pretty difficult if not very humorous situations from traveling around the “Big Apple”. They had their luggage lost and wallets stolen and were left to find their way back to a hotel which they had no idea where to find. The movie was a very funny comedy from a much different time.

I have watched in amazement at the depths the democrat party will go to take back control of Congress in the mid term elections. It appears that one of their tactics is to find people that may have come from a certain area and might remember a little bit about where they once lived to give a certain amount of credibility to the person’s candidacy.

Right here in my home state of Pennsylvania we have not just one candidate from outside the area but at least three in my area alone that match my description from the previous paragraph. This is no comedy though. These candidates are here to try and win an election for people that neither come from nor care about our concerns. The names of these Out of Towners are Lois Murphy; she is a Washington D.C. lobbyist the democrats brought in to run against James Gerlach in the Pennsylvania 6th Congressional district. The next Out of Towner is Joe Sestak who is a retired Navy Admiral and he was brought in to run against Curt Weldon in the 7th Congressional district where I grew up. The next Out of Towner is Patrick Murphy and the democrats really went out of their way on this one to run against a freshman Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick in the 8th Congressional District.

The candidate for United States Senator Robert Casey Jr. isn’t an Out of Towner but deserves honorable mention in this category because he is out to lunch with that deer in the headlights stare that he gave when Tim Russert was asking him questions on some of policies he favors during one of the debates he was disengaged in with Rick Santorum..

So there you have it, three candidates that have no connection to our area except for the claim they once lived or passed through the area on their way to Washington D.C. and one candidate that really doesn’t know if he is from the area or not. Wake up Mr. Casey it time to wave at the crowd.


"My Point" said...

Nationaly speaking, won't it be funny to see the expressions itf the democrats lose.

I mean the mandate will again be clear. Now if they win...well good luck to us.

David Drake said...

"The Out of Towners" with Lemmon and Dennis is a GREAT film! Far better than the lame remake of a few years ago.

And let us not forget the Ultimate Out of Towner / Carpetbagger - That "I've Always been a Yankees fan...Hillary Clinton.

A well written and powerful post! Very nice!

J_G said...

Thank you David, I originally had a reference to carpet bagging in the draft for this post but I decided to keep it to one theme. I remember the movie but not all the details. I've been to the Big Apple many times and I know how easy it is to get lost and how dangerous it can be.

Hillary is nothing more than a carpet bagger though, you're right. A carpet bagger is someone that carries a small bag made out of material that was used for carpeting and is intentionally light in case they get run out of town and have to leave in a hurry because the towns people have discovered they have been hornswoggled.

L>T said...

j_g I think you are a strong woman & I admire you for that. You have some qualities I could prob. use. Don't worry about your outbursts we all do it, sometimes.

shoprat said...

I always thought that states had residency requirements for candidates. Look like some do and some don't. In Michigan you have to have been a continuous resident of the state for a couple of years and the district you want to represent for one. We don't have too many people looking for loopholes.

New York and PA should consider such laws.

J_G said...

Thanks L>T, that outburst started from things that were said here and it should have stayed here.

It's OK to disagree about politics and even have a lively but repectful debate but when talking about other things, I desperately want to leave politics out of those types of discussions because politics have nothing to do with it.

J_G said...

As far as I can tell shop, you only need to hang out in the district you're running in for a year. That's the amount of time it takes to mount a campaign anyway.

So the carpet bagger comes in, the party find them a house, they get an address and never see the house again until it's time to sell after then lose the election or retire from office and then they only see the picture of it in the real estate transactions papers when they sign them.

This time it's George Sorros money buying the houses. I watched that fink Wesley Clark (a former general in the US Army of all things) sing the praises of George Sorros. Damn, it didn't take much to buy that guy off. Glad he''s a retired General.

Sewmouse said...

So amusing to watch the SelfRighteous Religous Right whining and crying about "Carpetbaggers".

Hopefully the country will wake up from the delusional coma it's been in for the last 6 years and do the CORRECT thing and vote these morons out of office before they destroy our country further.