Friday, November 17, 2006


Silver Falls State Park Oregon_2005

Portland Oregon 2005


L>T said...

Hi! Both familiar places. I love Gold & Silver falls. I have a lot of good memories of those falls. What did you think of Portland?

Your word verifacation is giving me fits!

J_G said...

I loved Portland.I have been to many cities but I really enjoyed Portland a lot. I could live there easily and if I had found a job to go to with the railroad last year I would have moved there. I was trying to get a job with either Amtrak,BNSF or Union Pacific but they wanted road traincrews (Enigineers and Conductors) and I'm not going to go back on the road now. I've got too much time to be on a road traincrew to leave where I am now. I'm still looking though. I may become your neighbor yet.

Silver falls was really nice too my friend's daughters took me there while he was still making his way down the Cascade mountains in his chip truck.

It's not just my blog with the word verification. I was just at two other blogger sites and my friend Marie's made do the verification three times and the other one twice.

Hippo's place is innaccessable. Blogger is having trouble today!

SusieQ said...

Great picture of the water falls.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Very nice!

Never been to Oregon...
Probably will never go to Oregon lol.

J_G said...

Hi Susie and B-Hip,

I put these pics up for L>T to show her that even though my digital camera is just so-so it takes some pretty good pictures once I learned how to maipulate the maual settings. These pictures are from my trip to Oregon in June of 2005 to see my friend of 30+ years.

I really did have a great trip and I enjoyed Oregon, particularly the Willamette (pronounced, Will-lam-ett)Valley that is south of Portland.

I saw some things that I've only heard or seen pictures of like Crater lake, the Columbia river gorge, and the Cascade mountains. I saw the craziest thing though and i never did get a picture of it. It was the hop farms, you know, hops that they use for making beer. The way that they grow them has the appearence of large green scarecrows the way they are strung up to grow. It looks like large fields of green scarecrows, and it's a little unnerving at first glance.

Oregon is nice and I thought I might like to live there and maybe I will but for now I'm still a Pennsylvania girl. Pennsylvania is my home.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Gorgeous Picture's. What a nice change of pace :-)

J_G said...

Thanks Marie. The holidays are coming and it's time to try and switch modes for as long as possible. I have a feeling though that the forces won't let us rest for long.

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving sweetheart!

Remember to read George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation! I read it every Thanksgiving.