Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Hanukkah

National Menorah

To all my friends,

I wish you a Happy Hanukkah!


Marie's Two Cents said...

I have seen Hanukkah, spelled so many different way's but I like yours better lol.

Happy Hanukkah to those that celebrate it :-)

J_G said...

I have removed offensive remarks about my Jewish friends. I will not stand for it on my blog. This is why so much vigilance must given to never let people like those be in power again. I understand that there always be people that hate those of the Jewish faith but I will be as they are; undetered in going about my every day life honoring and cherishing my friendship with those of the Jewish faith.

mariestwocents said...

You can take off comment moderation lol, that old fool is getting shafted as I type!

I have all the time in the world to torment him now since most of my shopping is done.

Every blog, every post!

Maybe the old geezer will croak or something.

But he's suppose to come back here and apologise!!