Saturday, December 02, 2006

Stop, You're Hurting our Ears!

Scream_Edvard Munch

Ever since the mid-term elections and democrats have gained a small majority in Congress we have been hearing all kinds of things that quite frankly, hurt all of our ears. The first thing that comes to mind and it sounds like the squeaky metallic brake pads on my pickup truck is the claim by the incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ” This will be the cleanest Congress we’ve ever seen and they will change the culture of corruption”. Oh paleeeease, when I hear words like that coming from someone like Nancy Pelosi I feel like my ears are going to fall off. It is almost too ridiculous to separate Mrs. Pelosi and the words “Culture of Corruption” when it was Mrs. Pelosi that backed Jack Murtha from Pennsylvania to be the House Majority leader, arguably the most corrupt man in Congress.

Then there was the imbroglio over appointing a Chairperson for the House Intelligence Committee. The person that stood in line of inheriting the job because of his seniority was a former Federal Judge that has the distinction of being one of only a few Federal Judges that have been removed from office through impeachment. This corrupt Federal Judge was impeached for bribery and the only reason he didn’t go to jail is the lawyer that represented this corrupt judge wouldn’t testify against him even though the lawyer himself went to jail for being a part of the scheme. That Congressman’s name is Alcee Hastings, a democrat representing the 23rd Congressional district in Florida. Alcee Hastings represents the same people that had so much trouble counting holes in ballot cards in in Broward and Dade counties during the 2000 elections. I suppose that should come as no surprise.

The next person in line for that all important and sensitive job of House Intelligence Committee Chair would normally have gone to the next in line which is a another woman democrat from California and her name is Jane Harmon. Ms. Harmon didn’t take a strong enough stand against the War on Terror according to Mrs. Pelosi so Mrs. Pelosi refused to appoint Ms Harmon. Ms. Harmon was backed by moderate democrats (if there is such a thing) for the position but that was not to be. Mrs. Pelosi has finally appointed a Texas democrat named Silvestre Reyes who in 2005 missed 94 votes in the House, the ninth most of any member.

This is some start for a Speaker and political party that claim to want to stop the “Culture of Corruption” in Congress. My only reaction to those words is “Stop you’re hurting our ears”!

A slant of sun on dull brown walls

A slant of sun on dull brown walls,
A forgotten sky of bashful blue.

Toward God a mighty hymn,
A song of collisions and cries,
Rumbling wheels, hoof-beats, bells,
Welcomes, farewells, love-calls, final moans,
Voices of joy, idiocy, warning, despair,
The unknown appeals of brutes,
The chanting of flowers,
The screams of cut trees,
The senseless babble of hens and wise men --
A cluttered incoherency that says at the stars:
"O God, save us!"

Stephen Crane


Anonymous said...

Hi JG,

I don't care about politics just now. But I do like Stephen Crane. Used to read him a lot. Now you've got me interested in reading him again. Thank you.

As I told you in the post below, I read one of my favorite poems by WB Yeats at a memorial service for my friend who died of lukemia. When you go through a loss like that, it reminds you of other losses. Here's a poem I wrote about my mother. You know enough about poetry to be able to understand this one.


I was never a bishop,
but the world's a dream
we die in. I breathe
into her blue robe,
take day lilies
from a jar
out of her room
to a pail in the yard.

Who would believe the grass
growing so quickly
between the bricks, the purslane
spreading like rash over the patio.

We're done with her dresses,
hangers and plastic bags,
the trunk of yarn.

Stepping over collapsed boxes
of shoes, I carry her collection
of holy cards to the yard, burn
the saints with matches,
that from these may grow
in full sight of her
in pure stone,
the other life,
continuing long.

--JK (my real name)

J_G said...

JK, Poems seem to come from a place inside that no other form of expression can be used adequetly. Loss, pain, and longing seem to be best expressed by poetry. Sure there are plenty of poets that can express other feelings but for me poems come after all the tears have run dry and the sleepless nights have run their course.

See " Giuseppe Verdi "

SusieQ said...

Now it is time for the Democrats to live under the microscope and be scrutinized and criticized for every little thing they do or don't do, say or don't say. I hope they are up to the grueling affair.

As an aside, you and Mrs. Green are arousing my interest in poetry. Oh, and the of my favorites.

LJG aka Pennsylvania Independent said...

I would like to see "how clean" this new congress is going to be. It isn't looking too bright in Pennsylvania either. Liek you posted on my blog, the new speaker wants to raise the income and proerty taxes.
I hate when politicians from either party promise to cut taxes and spending and then lie about it. I can't wait until 2008 until we can vote these idiots out. I will probably be doing the same thing, with the exception of president, is vote for no incumbents. That is what I did last year and nothing has really changed.
Maybe when politicans realize they CAN be voted out the next time around they will learn a lesson.
This is another reason I support the fair tax. It actually has a cap of how high taxes can be.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Pretty hard for Pelosi to pick a decent candidate out of her own party for any post of importance that isnt or hasnt been involved with some form of corruption!

Your right if I keep hearing "This will be the cleanest Congress" my ears are going to fall off also.

J_G said...

Marie, when all is said and done and Mrs. Pelosi picks all her chairpeople do you think when they are all standing in a line they will look like America or a line up at the police station?

Pennsy...the new speaker wants to raise the income and property taxes. I used to completely lose it when I heard stuff like that. Deweese is the new speaker for the PA house. Now when someone like him comes out and says the gimmeecrats want to raise taxes, I roll my eyes and wonder why anyone would expect any different.

Many ask why they didn't say this before the election. The obvious answer is; if they did no one would vote for them. How come politicians won't be honest? Again if they were, no one would vote for them.

They've all been spending so much of our money because they want to get reelected and the people demand it. Just as I said at your blog Pennsy; the people have to start teaching the children that the government is not the answer to all their problems and should learn to become more self reliant.

It's our schools that teach the children to become wards off the nanny state.

Cradle to grave, that's what they want and you know, they're most of the way there already even after after all the things a small portion of my "Me" generation has done to try and stop it.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what the Democrats bring to the table. It's sad that Bolton (the best damn UN representative we've ever had) is leaving...

I do not want to be taxed any higher...nor do I want the oil companies to be taxed which will further just tax me more. Democrats' solution to everything is with's real painful for us working class folk.

J_G said...

Like I said B-Hip, hold onto your wallet, it's a commin.

Not sure what's going on with Bolton but there sure is some bad blood between the vile Senator from Delaware Biden and Bolton.

Anonymous said...

interesting blog!

Marie's Two Cents said...

Marie, when all is said and done and Mrs. Pelosi picks all her chairpeople do you think when they are all standing in a line they will look like America or a line up at the police station?
The Police station of course lol.