Monday, January 22, 2007

Earth Movers

It’s pretty funny to watch the Clinton dirt digging machine going to work on their main opponent, Barack Obama. Mr. Obama has apparently been trying to hide the fact that his Kenyan Muslim step father sent him to an Indonesian Muslim Madrassa when Barack Obama was a teenager. Madrassa education commonly takes the form of teaching the children to hate America and the newest form of education in these schools is teaching them how to become suicide bombers.

The Clinton’s smear machine probably had this information on tap for sometime and was waiting for the right time to let it drop into the lap of some right wing media outlet so there is some plausible deniability that the "Hillary Dirt Movers Inc" had anything to do with it. This is the “Modus operandi” of the Clinton Smear Machine; just ask any of the women that stepped forward to accuse old “Slick Willie” during arguably, the most corrupt administration of any in the history of the United States. It appears that this is just first shot across the bow of the Obama campaign to let him know that they do not tolerate competition and this will be a fight to the death.

I have to laugh when I hear the democrats accuse Republicans of putting out this information about Barack Obama. Republicans are still licking their wounds from the thrashing they took from the Clinton Smear Machine during their first go around with them. The last thing Republicans want is another battle with those forces of the combined evils of extremely dirty politics and liberal media to give the Clintons another stay in the people’s house. If the Republicans had this information on Barack Obama they would have sat on it until later in the campaign so as to let him take the brunt of abuse from the Clinton Smear Machine and possibly defeat her in the primaries.

The Republicans would have used this information to sink Obama at much different time, say after a Muslim attack that was particularly nasty over in Iraq or if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was rattling his Iranian nuclear sabers thereby casting doubts on the candidate’s loyalty. The Clinton Smear Machine wanted him out of the way up front so they don’t have to waste time and money slugging it out with a politically correct democrat in the primaries and this release of this information will be successful in that respect. Now all they need to do is complete the process by setting the blame on the Republicans using the willing liberal accomplices in the press. For all intended purposes Barack Obama has become a non entity and that was the main purpose of the release of this information by the Clinton Smear Machine so early in the campaign.

All of us that have been through the Clinton wars know this is the way those people conduct their business of getting elected and holding onto power, it’s now up to the Republicans to remember those hard learned lessons and go about putting together a campaign with a solid and strong candidate using an aggressive and well thought out strategy never forgetting those lessons learned.

You have just witnessed the opening shots of the 2008 campaign for the Presidency and it appears it will be a down and dirty fight with the Clintons again. You’ve been warned Republican leadership.

So we'll go no more a roving

So, we'll go no more a roving
So late into the night,
Though the heart be still as loving,
And the moon be still as bright.

For the sword outwears its sheath,
And the soul wears out the breast,
And the heart must pause to breathe,
And love itself have rest.

Though the night was made for loving,
And the day returns too soon,
Yet we'll go no more a roving
By the light of the moon.

Lord Byron


Night Rider said...

Hi J_G,

J_G who do you think will come out on top between Hilliary and Barack? I am betting that Barack will because from what it looks like from the far leftists is that they don't think that Hilliary is left enough for them.

J_G said...

Hillary just turned Mr Obama into "persona non grata" with the release of the information about his schooling in the madrassa in Indonesia. Hillary and the Smear Machine will take down he rest of the democrat field in the same manner. There is no doubt in my mind that Hillary and the Smear Machine will be the front runner on the democrat side.

TrekMedic251 said...

But,..y'know,...Senator Hillary Clinton's biggest enemy, in the long run, will be First Lady Hillary Clinton, the one who tried to socialize our healthcare system, for starters,..

J_G said...

You may be right about that Trek but that won't come into play until it's the R's vs D's. The dems won't use the socialized medicine thing because the other dems in the race believe the same non sense about socialized medicine.

Night Rider said...

Hi J_G,

I still say that Hilliary is going to get beat by some other Liberal Candidate, Bill was the architecture of his own Triangulation form of systematically defeating his enemy and Hilliary was a wild card in the bunch even Dick Morris has said as much. Bill is not a one to give up his tricks either not even to his own wife but he doesn't realize it but he is also going to be a downfall to Hilliary's campaign when the Dems vs. Repubs come to the mat.

patterns of ink said...

When I first heard Obama speak on TV at the 2004 Dem Convention, I told my wife he was smooth enough to run for president but his name would get in the way (sounds too much like Osama as Ted Kennedy has proven), but I had no idea until two weeks ago that it sounded Muslim it is (and that his childhood father who named him is in an extreme group). Obama has tried to distance himself from all that of course. I agree with you: This sounds like a "24" plot and could potentially knock him out of the race or off stride...but if he survives it, he's even better than his debut hinted in 2004.
It's early, anything can still happen.If they both survive, I wouldn't put it past Hillary to pick him for VP. (If he ends up on top, she would never accept VP.)
We can only hope that they both trip each other out of the runnng...and that a decent credible Republican candidate will outlast whoever takes their place in the long race ahead.

J_G said...

Hillary and her machine will knock all the other democrat opponents out of the box. Hillary has the media and the big money working for her. The other dems are window dressing and practice for her. Make no mistake, Hillary is determined and so are her big money backers and they will use all means to destroy anyone in their way. Hillary was the dicipline in the Clinton I camp and she will keep everyone in line again this time. This woman is to be respected for her power and determination but she can be defeated in two ways. 1) from within her own camp like her undiciplined and careless husband 2)if the Republicans can come up with a real candidate, no Bob Doles, no senior party people waiting for their turn to run. Republicans need someone hungry and diciplined enough to defeat the great odds they will be facing with Hillary and her machine.

I know that's not what people want to hear but the hard truth is unavoidable and must be taken seriously if the country is is to survive. This country cannot afford the divisivness that a second Clinton administration would bring.

Marie's Two Cents said...

You left Edwards out of the picture lol.

These guys dont stand a chance with Hillary's war machine.

It's going to be HILLarious to watch the Dems rip each other apart!

J_G said...

That's because Edwards will be nothing more than a small bump in the road to the machine Marie. Edwards will be run over unceremoniously and left for the buzzards to clean up and the machine will continue on in it's relentless pursuit of power, money and respect.

Anonymous said...

Your post prompted me to google "Barack Hussein Obama, Jr." Evidently, Jr denounced his father's actions on Oprah (I didn't watch). An interesting sidenote to all of this is that on more than one occasion, Barack has "dismissed" the concern by saying both his father and step father were "non-practicing" Muslims. Inadvertently implying that "practicing Muslims" are the ones we have to look out for. It will be interesting to hear him explain why "non-practicing" is the best kind of Muslim to be since they are "non-eager" to see America "non-existent," but what about the millions of practicing Muslims?

TrekMedic251 said...

You may be right about that Trek but that won't come into play until it's the R's vs D's.

Its already coming into play w/ the Ds. Some think she's the saviour of the party, others think she'll be the Ds downfall.

SusieQ said...

I don't know why anyone would be interested in Obama for president. He has charisma, but he is inexperienced. To my knowledge, he has no administrative experience to speak of. That is a "must have" for a president.

I think Hillory has it in the bag as the Democrat nominee. I will not be surprised if she brings Obama on board as her running mate thus improving her chances of getting elected. Obama would make up for her lack of charisma.

J_G said...

After tonight's State of the Union address I watched some of the talking heads to see what the tone of the bash they were to give on on Bush's speech.

One particular disgusting act was slobbering all over himself talking about Hillary and her fundraising capabilities and her running over everyone else in the field. Chris Matthews at MSNBC is usually very partisan but he at least agrees with the same assessment I have made about the Mean machine.

Right after Matthews cleaned himself up he brought on Obama and so much as asked him, why bother running? Obama really didn't have much of an answer except to change the subject back to bashing Bush.

demadumbs have become so predictable and boring. Chris Matthews is just plain despicable, rude and transparent.

LJG aka Pennsylvania Independent said...

Obama has alot of talent and charisma, hinestly if it came down to Hillary or Barack getting into the White House, I would rather see Barack get elected.
Whether he was in a Madressa, because Barack Obama has denied being in attendance and there is no proof whether he actually attended one.

J_G said...

Pennsy, If it ever comes down that we have to make a choice between Obama or Hillary, we will already be talking about freedom in the past tense. Both of these fine specimens are fully committed socialists intent on controlling our lives "womb to tomb" and make no apologies for that belief.

Paul F. said...

I can't see myself voting for someone named Borack Obama. I know it sounds petty, but his name rhymes with Osama and his first name sounds too much like Borat. Now how am I supposed to take this guy seriously? he he he

J_G said...

You know Paul, we'd have to worry more about the Muslims if Barack Obama were President. In Muslim religion he has commited the worst kind of offense. Barack Hussein Obama was born Muslim and supposedly transferred over to conveinent Chrsitianity making him guilty of apostacy and therby he is marked for death.

By the way the writers of the article in "Insight Magazine" about Obama's upbringing as a Muslim have confirmed that it was the Clinton hit team that dug up this information and now the hit team is furious that this information cannot be used at their timing later in the campaign.

Watch for future very underhanded tricks by the Clinton Mean Machine as time gets nearer to the 2008 election.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I don't know why anyone would be interested in Obama for president. He has charisma, but he is inexperienced.

Never underestimate the power of charm and charisma. It worked for Bill Clinton.

As for experience, he actually has more experience campaigning than Hillary. Hillary may have 6 years to his 2 years serving in the Senate; but his total years of public office is 10 to her 6, as before becoming a Senator, her only experience was being the wife of Bill Clinton. Obama ran twice for state senate, and won both times; he ran for U.S. congress, and lost.

Hillary and her machine will knock all the other democrat opponents out of the box. Hillary has the media and the big money working for her.

Hillary definitely has the big-money contributions and the Clintonista loyalists on her side.

But apparently George Soros is backing Barack Obama; and within the past few days, Hollywood bigwigs apparently have also fallen under the spell of Obama. He is the media darling, and I think Hillary actually has her work cut out for her.

TrekMedic251 said...

Damn wordsmith,..I was just going to publish the same thing.

As for the charisma thing:

From Brent Bozell on Barack Osama:
It's all biography, no ideology.