Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pumped Up Pelosi

Limousine Liberal

I watch with great amusement as the so called mainstream media pumps up the swearing in of the first woman speaker of the US House of Representatives. It is a shame that this honor should go to someone as undeserving as Nancy Pelosi of California’s San Francisco district. There have been many remarkable women that have deserved this position because of their abilities to conduct the business of the people in the US House of Representatives but sadly Nancy Pelosi is neither distinguished nor notable.

In next three days you will be witness to and extravaganza of Roman proportions claiming to celebrate and honor the accomplishments of the speaker but it will be nothing more than a sad commentary on what a once great political party of great nation has become.

The democrat party has become little more than a handmaiden to few very wealthy individuals looking to increase their power and influence to make this nation a secular and bland society that relies on some abstract theory that an all powerful government should make decisions for us all from cradle to grave.

While the little people are encouraged to dance in the streets and thrown a few crumbs, the powers that be will be stuffing their faces with expensive champagne and cheeses while laughing at the silly fools that are supposed to be praising them. Lenin, Trotsky, Marx, Stalin and Mao would be very proud.

There were many who went in huddled procession

There were many who went in huddled procession,
They knew not whither;
But, at any rate, success or calamity
Would attend all in equality.

There was one who sought a new road.
He went into direful thickets,
And ultimately he died thus, alone;
But they said he had courage.

Stephen Crane


patterns of ink said...

I found your blog by typing "Bell Telephone" into blogger search, I never did find a post about it. But having browsed for a few minutes, I wanted to say... nice blog. I agree with your thoughts on the new speaker.
Our blogs have some similarities. I post original poems mixed in with essays and personal stories.
Stop by sometime.

SusieQ said...

Do you think this Congress will be able to get anything done? I wonder. We will see.

You know there have been other women who have served in high political positions that did not receive the recognition Pelosi is receiving. Did you know she and her husband are quite wealthy?

I like the Crane poem.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Why do I feel like the inmates have just taken over the asylum?

J_G said...

Well Susie, Nancy Pelosi is a huge self promoter as the next few days will reveal. Some are satisfied with just doing a good job for the people that elected them and graciously accepting accolades from colleagues and constiuents but this is obviously not going to be the case here.

Nancy Pelosi and her very liberal committee chairs will ram very liberal and very extreme legislation through the committees with very little effective opposition in the House but it will meet with great resistance from the Senate conservatives because the moderate wishy washy Republicans have been cleaned away like Dewine, Chaffee etc... and any legislation still has to signed or vetoed by the President.

We'll see how the American public likes the new regime in the House in just a few short weeks.

Marie is right to ask why it feels as though the patients have taken over the asylum. It does seem that way doesn't it?

J_G said...

Oh yeah, that's a point I forgot to address Susie. Nancy Pelosi and her husband are very wealthy because they own hotels. They own Hotels that refuse to recognize labor unions. You know the same unions that push so hard to take money from their members to get democrats elected.

Night Rider said...

Hi J_G,

You remember me, I wrote to you before, you told me not to be a stranger and stop by your blog. Well here I am and love your blog. I agree with you folks about Nancy Pelosi, I was listening to talk radio one day when they were discussing how wealthy and what kinds of investments and things like that, that her and her husband was involved with.

P.S. Stop by my website anytime and read what I have there so far.

J_G said...

Hi Night Rider, I've been over to your site a few times but I couldn't find a place to leave comments. I went to Joel Rosenberg's site to have a look around. I'm definitely a supporter of Israel. I see your comments over at Marie's and we do agree about many things.

We'll be seeing and hearing more of the hypocracy that will come pouring out of this woman's mouth and in her actions in directing legislation to favor her ultra-rich left wing lunatic supporters that got her elected in the first place. Thanks for stopping by.

SusieQ said...

David Brooks wrote what sounds like a "nice" piece about Grandma Pelosi and her journey from her humble kitchen to the halls of Congress and Speaker of the House.

The first sentence from Brooks article A Snit in First Class reads:
"Why oh why do we have to have this endless canapĂ© war — the people of the vineyard against the people of the ranch."

You have to subscribe to the NY Times online in order to read the article in full. I didn't. Wish someone here would though.

TrekMedic251 said...

Why do I feel like the inmates have just taken over the asylum?

They have Marie,..they have. Just sit back, grab a cold one,..and watch the circus for the next two years.

BTW - not to sound too cold, but is it any wonder why Fox kinda sounded giddy when Sen. Tim Johnson took sick?? ;)

JR's Thumbprints said...

Ahhh, the nature of politics. It's never about the most deserving person getting the position. It's about backstabbing and misrepresentation. Still, I vote at every election.

patterns of ink said...

You might enjoy my recent post called "A Better Life." I'm not sure how it will be defined but if Pelosi's "withdrawal" falls short of a victory, the wrong side will be doing that "tongue wagging," and peace will be short-lived.

LJG aka Pennsylvania Independent said...

Jr. has got it right, backstabbing and misrepresenting.
Ms. Pelosi is suppost to bring ethics reform, but yet wants to wipe out grassroots organizations.
She and the "new" Democrat controlled congress have been passing bills like crazy.
Ethics reform can be found by passing read the bills act. This bill would be more powerful than any line item veto.

Pelosi has told the media that Congress will vote on her so-called
"lobbying reform" bill right after the induction ceremony.

* No one will have read this bill.
* No one will have understood it.
* No one will have debated it.

They will simply vote, and if the new Democratic majority falls
in-line with the wishes of their leader, the United States will have
a new law.

What will this new law do? No one can say for sure because the bill
can't be formally introduced until the new Congress takes office. If
we take the Speaker at her at her word (and what else do we have to
go by?) Pelosi is going to introduce a bill and vote on it in a
matter of minutes.

We can only assume that the bill the Speaker will introduce will be
one she has previously sponsored. We are proceeding on that basis.

Pelosi claims she is going to break the linkage between the special
interest lobbying organizations and government spending. If that's
what she wants there's an easy way to do it:

* Obey the 10th Amendment's limits on federal power
* Restore the Commerce Clause to its original meaning
* Bar members of Congress from employment as lobbyists for ten years
after they leave office

The result . . .

* Congress will hear from fewer constituents less often
* Taxpayer criticism of Congress will be muted

This is why the read the bills act needs to be passed.
This is also a huge concern to me:
Section 204(b)(2) serves no other purpose than to regulate small
grassroots organizations like, while leaving the direct lobbying
of big special interests exempt.


J_G said...

Nice to hear from you Pennsy. They are excellent ideas. That's what is missing from todays politics; solutions! Any moron politician can identify a problem and most times it's their constituents that are doing the identifying for them. Coming up with solutions is the difficult part and it is much easier to do nothing but snipe and criticize as we have seen for the last six years. That should be another resolution; if you're going to go to the Well of the House to criticize you Hust offer a common sense and workable solution too.. Thanks Pennsy, Happy New Year to you.

Bathroom Hippo said...

Not a huge fan of David Brooks.

Only good thing about Democrats in control....

Our party will finally fight back...and use some Veto's for crying out loud.

SusieQ said...

Bathroom Hippo, I can't remember now how I heard about the piece Brooks wrote...probably at Laura Ingraham's show.

Brooks used to be a liberal until he interviewed Milton Friedman and got blown away by Friedman and his two sentence rebuttals to Brooks' arguments. He became a neoconservative after that. This is according to his bio at Wikipedia. I don't know much else about the guy though.

Bathroom Hippo said...

Every time I see the guy on PBS he never defends conservative principles. I think he's just a moderate-left-leaner.

NurseWilliam said...

Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House? Wow. I hadn't noticed.

J_G said...

Brooks is supposed to be the only so-called representative of the right perspective on the NYT editorial board. I haven't read a NYT editorial in a few years now because I can't get through it. I can read just about any major newspaper I want on any given day because of my work situation and I prefer the Wall Street Journal by far because they have real reporters that write like grownups compared to the slimebuckets that ooze from the paper that was once referred to as the "Newspaper of record".

With the poor writing and the opinion disguised as news in the articles it's a no wonder the Gray Lady and other once great newspapers are going the way of the dinosaur. The problem is masked by the explanation that the internet is taking away from the once popular newspapers but that's not it at all. People are tired of the lousy way the papers are written and the opinion disguised as news.

J_G said...

Hey NurseWilliam Happy New Year. I've been having problems with this dang comment box all day. The last comment I wrote to say Hello to you was eaten by blogger. Here goes again.

Yeah, Nancy Pelosi is the new speaker of the house. The people traded in their gluttonous male Speaker intent on spending more money than the last five Congresses for a gluttonous woman Speaker intent on spending more money that the last six Congresses.

I was over at your blog today NurseWilliam, you have a very strong constitution and I was like that when I was younger but I seem to be getting a bit squeemish as I get older. You do a heck of job and I'd give you a big hug for being such a strong and brave man if I could. I however have my strong and weak days and today I was barely able to get through your story. God bless you NurseWilliam.

Mike's America said...

I love that limousine liberal graphic. I might just have to swipe it.

J_G said...

Feel free to use it Mike. I can't even remember who sent it to me. I've had it since before the 2004 elections. It appears that Nancy Pelosi has had some serious knife work done since that photgraph.

NurseWilliam said...

Jennifer, I gratefully accept your hug. God bless you, my dear dear friend.