Friday, January 12, 2007

To Be Expected

Attack Dog of the left_Senator Barbara Boxer

Yesterday in a Senate committee hearing in Washington DC a haggard looking and obviously bitter Senator from California made personal attacks against Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Senator Barbara Boxer of California was supposed to asking questions of the Secretary of State about the new plans being implemented by the Bush administration for redeploying troop levels in and around Baghdad, Iraq. The questioning turned into an unprovoked personal attack against Dr Rice. Senator Boxer had an unkempt appearance and looked a bit disoriented and her conduct was totally unbecoming of the dignity that should be demonstrated when conducting the business of the people. In quite the contrast, the Secretary of State appeared in her regular state of acute awareness, and was prepared to answer tough questions with intelligent answers about the new policies ready to be implemented.

The Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice sat there with great dignity and grace as is always the case with Dr. Rice as she responded to this onslaught of personal attacks by this out of control United States Senator. This behavior is to be expected from people that cannot come up with ideas of their own. Politicians like the junior Senator from California can only criticize others and add nothing but strife and contention to the conversation because of their own lack of understanding of the problems that this country is confronted with. The Democrat leadership sends Senators like Barbara Boxer out to attack and vilify administration officials like a trained attack dog because they know that their seats are safe from challenge and the classless, clueless Senator is all too willing to oblige.

Condoleezza Rice has dealt with every kind of representative from all the different countries of the world to protect the best interest of her country but to come home and be personally attacked by members of her own Government and a fellow citizen is uncalled for and downright despicable. The ignorant and uncalled for personal attacks against an honorable and extremely competent servant of people of the United States are a disgrace to your office and your country Senator Barbara Boxer.

The Wood Road

If I were to walk this way
Hand in hand with Grief,
I should mark that maple-spray
Coming into leaf.
I should note how the old burrs
Rot upon the ground.
Yes, though Grief should know me hers
While the world goes round,
It could not if truth be said
This was lost on me:
A rock-maple showing red,
Burrs beneath a tree.

Edna St. Vincent Millay


Night Rider said...

Hi j_g,

I really think that Condoleezza Rice gets slammed by the left like that because of President George W. Bush, I think that the Leftists hate President George W. Bush so much that they take it out on all of his cabinet members as well.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Boxer has no class, poor judgement, and a loose tongue.

Pitty the people of California cant find someone better.

J_G said...

There are plenty of good people that could much better than this poor excuse for a Senator. The left puts huge amounts of money into keeping her in place though. The other Senator is just as bad or worse. Feinstein is another San Francisco Mayor gone big time. They are the true limousine liberals in every sense of the phrase.

TrekMedic251 said...

And again,..we find ourselves asking "THIS is what America wanted in November??"

Bathroom Hippo said...


Remember when that bitch challenged Ohio's Bush-votes? Talk about strangling the Constitution.

J_G said...

B Hip,

Barbara Boxer is not fit to hold Dr Rice's shawl while she plays a piano concerto in G minor let alone ask relevent questions on how to prosecute a strategy for winning a war.


This is not what most people that voted for change wanted. The dumbacrats will soon feel the ire of those that wanted something other than what they are receiving. Can you say "vote dumbacrat" while grabbing your ankles?

Marie's Two Cents said...

Can you say "vote dumbacrat" while grabbing your ankles?

J_G said...

Can you say "vote dumbacrat" while grabbing your ankles?

I should of put a disclaimer telling Ted Kennedy not to try this at home after finishing his bottle of scotch.

Mike's America said...

Didn't Boxer just get back from a long liquid lunch with Senator Kennedy?

Boxer is saying she will not apologize and that this whole thing is just being blown out of proportion for political purposes.

So we had a couple of talking heads, radio talk shows, and the White House making some noise on the matter.

And no apology from Boxer and you can expect that to be the end of it.

Contrast that with some silly remarks Trent Lott made to Strom Thurmond on his 100th birthday a few years ago. Instant 24/7 media firestorm and multiple apologies by Lott. But the "news" media would not be satisfied until Lott resigned as GOP leader in the Senate.

But of course the "news" media has no interest in hounding Babs Boxer until she apologizes. If she were a Republican Senator and Rice a Democrat we know things would be different.

And people want to know why there is no civility in Washington? It's because there is only accountability for the boneheaded things that REPUBLICANS say or do.

If we had a "news" media that was evenhanded, things might be different.

J_G said...

Mike, Ah yes, the notorious double standard. It's funny how that works. If a democrat says something stupid as is usually the case then it gets a pass. Just let one of the Republicans say something that wasn't thought out completely, well, hmmm, well, of all the, well!! Those ill thought out words get treated to an early morning sleigh ride complete with all the sights. It's amazing how that works eh?

By the way, thanks for stopping by Mike.

SusieQ said...

Like most of you I am sure, I saw Rice interviewed on Fox regarding the session in which Boxer pulled another Boxer-boner. Rice was her usual dignified, gracious self.

Honestly, you would think the liberal media would have something important to say about the difference between class and crass.

J_G said...

You and I think that way Susie but the media today is driven by ideology and Dr Rice doesn't fit into their template of what a black woman should say and believe.