Thursday, February 08, 2007

Flaps Down

Pelosi One

Well it seems that our first woman Speaker of the House just can’t go anywhere without making a flap. Madam Speaker, Ms. Pelosi wanted a big plane for her and her family to travel back to her district in San Francisco. Well, since she has gone and made big noises about cutting the military it appears the Air Force did find her a plane that can make it back to San Francisco economically. Today the Air Force awarded the first woman Speaker of the House her own plane and even gave it a name,“Pelosi One”. The friendly skies over at the Air Force threw in some of their personal touches too just to let Ms. Pelosi know how much they thought of her. Fly the friendly skies Ms. Pelosi and have a nice trip. Let us know if there something else we can do for you. As we always say “We aim to please”. Gee whiz those guys at the plane pool are some friendly fellows eh?


Marie's Two Cents said...

Her Broom must be in the shop!

TrekMedic251 said...

You stole my comment, Marie!

SusieQ said...

If it is true what Glen Beck says, a one way trip in the Pelosi One will cost $300,000. The Prime Minister of Great Britain has been known to fly commercial in that capacity. Is Pelosi in more danger than Tony Blair that she can't settle for a smaller air craft that costs much less to fly but needs to refuel once(probably at a military base) before reaching California? The money saved could go to help a few homeless families in New Orleans. Nancy cares, doesn't she?

What worries some people is who will be flying with Pelosi in the Pelosi One. It can accommodate 40 or more people I heard. I was thinking she might take along ABC, CBS, CNN, The New York Times and so on.

People are accusing her of wanting to be the Prime Minister of the U.S.... or wanting to be our beloved dictator. If the latter is the case, shall we start referring to her as our little Chavezette?

In watching her on TV today, I have drawn a few new conclusions about her. One, she is a bit of a snotty snob. Two, although she has impeccable taste when it comes to clothes, I wonder if she would consider scrapping her penciled in eyebrows.

Next time I write about Nancy, I am going to try to be nice. I am going to try to take the high road next time, not that Nancy has served as a good example of one who does.

J_G said...

Gotta tell you Susie, I'd only expect you to be nice about not liking or disagreeing with someone. You couldn't be any other way.

Yes, I am dag gone angry about all this going on about insulting the troops. I'll try and get a post in over the weekend after I cool down.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Soory Trek lol