Friday, February 09, 2007

The Real Deal

A Comparison

Enough funnin, this is what the whole flap over the plane for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is all about. The plane on the left is a C-32 transport plane that can carry 45 people with all of their cameras, microphones and checkbooks. It can fly from Washinton DC to San Francisco non stop. On the right is the C-21A, this plane was used by the former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert to fly back to his district in the Chicago area. The C-21A must stop to refuel in order for it to fly from Washington DC to San Francisco. The smaller C-21A cannot carry press and campaign donors aboard and would only have enough room to provide for the Speaker and a couple of members of her family. I think that is very reasonable. I think the bigger plane is a waste of taxpayers money and it would be used for purposes other than flying the current Speaker of the House back to her district in San Francisco. The new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, I'm sure will find plenty of ways of wasting taxpayer money but let's have her at least begin this term with some ethics and not waste anymore of the taxpayer's money on this.


Marie's Two Cents said...

I think she can settle for what Hastert had, he had his Security detail and whoever else he needed to go back and fourth to and from home.

She can also sit down for a few minutes while they re-fuel or get out and stretch her legs, on our dollar.

The rest of this is nonsense.

And I dont like Murtha getting up there and threatening to cut off funds for anything over this airplane business either.

$22,000 dollars an hour is crazy, it's cheaper to put her butt on the Broom.

J_G said...

I can remember catching MAC Military Airlift Command) flights when I was in the Navy. There was a mix of planes used from nicely fixed up Boeing 727's all the way to cargo C-130's like the picture of the one at your site Marie(minus the mini gun hanging out the side). Ms Pelosi should have a plane that is adequate, nothing more than that.

NurseWilliam said...

I offered a suggestion for an aircraft thta would be perfect for San Fran Nan.

Either they didn't think the picture of the broom was very funny, or they only had one aircraft of that type in the inventory, and Hillary wouldn't give it up.

J_G said...

This subject has made laugh more than any other lately Nurse William. Thanks for another laugh, that was durn good.