Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ulterior Motivation?

I did never know so full a voice issue from so empty a heart:
But the saying is true, "The empty vessel makes the greatest sound."
Shakespeare – Henry V

These words came to my mind the other night while I was watching Chris Wallace interview newly elected United States Senator James Webb er, uh now a democrat from Virginia. James Webb was formerly the Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan during Reagan’s last year in office. James Webb is also a decorated Marine that fought as a young man in Vietnam. So how it is that James Webb has put himself into the position now that he would have spit on when he fought as a young Marine in Vietnam?

First let me make my position perfectly clear as I have in the past and will in the future. I believe a young person can show his or her honor and duty for their country and do some extraordinary things when they are put into a combat situation. Many serve heroically and are awarded medals to commemorate their dedication to their country and their fellow soldiers or sailors. Those same people go on with the rest of their lives living in the same honor as they had shown in the earlier part of their life; I salute them and honor those people with the utmost regard.

In other cases though people that have shown distinguished service to their country in their youth and then somehow get caught up with their own aggrandizement and use those honors to further there own selfish goals. Don’t get me wrong, I believe if you have earned the due respect from the honor you have shown there is nothing wrong with using those credentials to further noble goals.

Now back to James Webb as the newly elected United States Senator from Virginia. Chris Wallace asked Senator Webb flat out, “What makes your position now so different from 1985 when you stated that” when the fighting is going on it is not time to debate”? Webb was taken a little aback but in a quick thinking way tried to come up with a answer but it sounded very convoluted and his answer made no sense at all. After that Webb continually tried to talk over Wallace as politicians do when they know they’ve been caught in an inconsistent position or outright lie. Chris Wallace just went through this same situation just a month or so before when he caught former president Bill Clinton in another one of his stories. Webb, to his credit did not physically try to intimidate Chris Wallace as Bill Clinton did but clearly Webb was very uncomfortable having to answer for his very inconsistent position.

The point is this; James Webb apparently has an axe to grind with either George Bush or the Bush family. Webb has now made himself look very petty and small and will now try and use his former service as some kind of back up for his apparent lack of character and consistency. This is why I laid things out the way I did because if you are going to claim that you are an honorable person because of your service you must maintain that level of honor for the rest of your life in order to use that as a character reference or you dishonor your service and your country.

Benedict Arnold was a great General for the Americans during the early part of the American Revolution and he displayed much bravery and honor in his service for his country. Then Benedict Arnold perceived his service was being unrecognized and was passed over for promotion and decoration. That anger and perceived slight was a major contributing factor to Arnold turning on his countrymen. Benedict Arnold gave the plans of the American defenses at WestPoint to the British effectively branding Benedict Arnold a traitor to the Americans. The British then made Arnold an officer in the British Army but the other British officers had no respect for Arnold because they felt a certain disdain for someone that would turn on his own people and they could never fully trust someone that displayed such low character.

James Webb went on TV to give the democrat party response to President Bush’s State of the Union address to defame the President and the President’s plan to increase troop levels to take control of the situation in Iraq. Is James Webb being overlooked by George H.W. Bush to stay on as Secretary of the Navy or even being considered for Secretary of Defense reason enough to feel marginalized and to carry enough anger into the next century to exact revenge for a personal slight? I’ll leave it up to you to decide for yourself and you can draw your own conclusions to the parallels I have provided. Benedict Arnold will always be remembered as traitor and his service to his country before that is largely forgotten because of the still appalling nature of his treasonous acts. James Webb, a decorated United States Marine officer and newly elected democrat United States Senator from Virginia…

A Dream Within A Dream

TAKE this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow --
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if Hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.
I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand --
How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep -- while I weep!
O God! can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

Edgar Allan Poe


Marie's Two Cents said...

Benedict Arnold fit's so well in this circumstance. That's exactly what Jim Webb has turned into, a turncoat.

I dont understand why Chris Wallace get's the shaft from all these loones, he looks so innocent lol.

All I know is President Reagan must be spinning in his grave over this nonsense.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Great read, Jennifer!

I too am baffled by Jim Webb's 180 degree about face from how he argued about Vietnam, to how he perceives the situation in Iraq. What does he make of Hanoi Jane now turned Jihad Jane at the protests two weekends ago? At least she's consistent...

...I should write that into a post.

Mike's America said...

"when the fighting is going on it is not time to debate"

is just another of those notions like "poltics stops at the water's edge" that Democrats so easily toss away when the other party holds the White House.

ALL of their statements and actions are relative to one thing and one thing only: the pursuit, acquistion and increase of their own political power.

And of course it's so easy to convince their hapless followers to toe the new line whatever it is.

After all, when they willingly swallowed "depends on the meaning of the word 'is'" they proved that reality itself was relative to their craven lust for power.

J_G said...

Marie, Reagan inspired loyalty and a sense of American purpose and pride. Reagan would have attempted to persuade this errant Senator over to the right way of thinking.

Word, Hmmm, Jihad Jane, talk about wearing the shoe that fits. I'm waiting to see her model her new burqa while sitting in the back seat of a car bomb.

Mike, It seems as though those that don't study and learn history are doomed to be run over by it time and time again. All these moves by the democrats are a predictable "use any means necessary" to gain political power using Machiavellian style priciples.

I don't know what to think of the democrat inspired "lemming class" other than it is an obvious and alarming lack of education. I suppose liberals having complete control of the public education system is finally reaping it's pay off for the democrats.

Mrs. Green said...

In his September 11 speech from the Oval Office, Bush said: "Osama bin Laden and other terrorists are still in hiding. Our message to them is clear: No matter how long it takes, America will find you, and we will bring you to justice."

Bush told reporters on September 16, 2001, that he wanted bin Laden "dead or alive."

at a March 13, 2002 press conference, Bush said, "I am truly not that concerned about him."

Apparently Bush can contradict himself over the importance of tracking down and kill the man who is responsible for the murder of 3,000 Americans, and you guys don't blink an eye.

It's only when Democrats do it that you get your knickers in a twist.

That's called hypocrisy.

Also, Bush was against a troop increase before he was for it.

And he was behind Rumsfeld 100%! Then he fired him.

More contradiction. But,hey, IOKIYAR.*

*It's OK If You're A Republican.

J_G said...

Jim Webb was a Republican and he was a military person and at this point I'm evaluationg whether to calling him him a Webbian rather than American because it appears that the only person he is serving is himself.

J_G said...

All very minor and trivial points Mrs. Green and have nothing to do with the subject at hand. Please if you must comment make it relevent to the conversation.

Paul F. said...

I'd prefer watching Chris Wallace interviewing sex predators.

J_G said...

Chris Wallace already did Paul and he was verbally and physically attacked. It was the same finger that he shook at us saying "he did not have sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky" that he jabbed and poked Chris Wallace with when asked questions he did not want to answer. Mr Hillary in the real world would be considered a sex predator.

Mrs. Green said...

I too am baffled by Jim Webb's 180 degree about face from how he argued about Vietnam, to how he perceives the situation in Iraq.--wordsmith


I believe my comment is relevant. The above quoted comment by the wordsmith says he/she is baffled by Senator Webbs' 180 degree about face.

I quote where President Bush did a 180 on Osama bin Laden, sending in more troops, and backing Rumsfeld.

In other words, I pointed out that Bush changes his mind all the time. You guys accept it from him, but howl because Senator Webb said something contradictory.

You ignore what I posted and say it's not relevant.

I believe it is; you don't want to answer me.


J_G said...

The discussion was about Jim Webb Mrs. Green. Pointing out other peoples mistakes or inconsistencies to try and lessen the horrendous impact of those inconsistencies of those of whom we are talking about is irrelevent to the conversation. Why is it you cannot stick to the subject of of the conversation?

Jim Webb has acted in a single minded way and has not given any real solutions to the ongoing problems. If you are not prepared to offer constructive input for the improvement of the condition then it is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought stupid or corrupt then to open your mouth and prove it.

Mrs. Green said...

Jim Webb has acted in a single minded way and has not given any real solutions to the ongoing problems. If you are not prepared to offer constructive input for the improvement of the condition then it is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought stupid or corrupt then to open your mouth and prove it.

As you wish, Jennifer.

You and your friends can talk to each other and congratulate yourselves on your skewed insights. You'll learn nothing.

I come here and respectfully disagree or offer an opposing point of view and you insult me? Stupid and corrupt, eh?

This is why you and your friends are the 30 percenters.

The rest of America has moved away from you guys.


J_G said...

it is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought stupid or corrupt then to open your mouth and prove it.

You got it wrong Mrs. Green. I referring to Jim Webb when I made that statement. It's OK to disagree but like I said over at Marie's I'm also free to point out where you are wrong.

If we're 30 percenters then that makes us the organized majority. 20 percent are liberals and the other 50 percent don't know or don't care.

Mrs. Green said...


I've been overly touchy lately. I'd tell you why, but not here in public.

Anyway. I see now that I read your post wrong.

I should have remembered that you are, like Marie, a decent person.

As I said, my emotions have been running away with me these last few weeks.

Okay. I ready for some refrigerators to be thrown at me.

And I promise to read more carefully.

J_G said...

I've been quite short of patience myself so I understand. My posts have been rather testy so I understand how you could have gotten angry. No refrigerators