Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Iranian Question

I have two questions about the Iranians. What are the coordinates of this well? When will everyone be there?


Anonymous said...

"I'm a practicing Christian(Lutheran..."
Seems to be you are a just a racist fascist.
Jesus tought something of differents..

J_G said...

Another intelligent comment from an annoymouse. Silly wabbit, facists are for kids.

Sides the only facists I can think of are of the Islamic variety you putz.

I said I was a Christian not a punching bag for Islamics, atheists or liberals.

You must be one of those praticing morons, you're getting much better at it, practice makes perfect.

J_G said...

Gosh an annoymouse from Switzerland. Why don't you just hand over the money that was stolen from my Jewish brothers and siters, and you dare to call others facists and racists? Putz!

Mike's America said...

I wonder if that's the same person as my "Out of Iraq" who showed up yesterday.

She came from IP

but claimed to be a Catholic.

Anyway, if they want the Mahdi to come out of the well they're going to have to lift that cover off of it. He's probably choking on all that toilet paper they're throwing down there.

Let's lift that cover off and call him out: "Hello, Mahdi... Are you down there? I'll bet you're cold and wet, come on out..."

And isn't the Mahdi a five year old or something who disappeared from the Golden Dome Mosque in Iraq?

I get confused with it all.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I wonder if that's the same person as my "Out of Iraq" who showed up yesterday.

Sounds about right. These moonbats are contagious. Next, she'll think she's invited over at my place.

J_G said...

Mike that Swisse came directly from your blog over to mine last night. I usually don't let anymousse commenting but I want to see where this one came from. You'd think they could come up with an original phrase or something a little more intelligent but may that's the only words they know in English.

I think the teach that over there now just like we used to learn phrases in French when we went to school. You know, things like; bonjoir, merci beacoup... that kind of thing except now instead of learning how to say Hello or Thank you very much they learn; racist, facist yankeeee!

Is the plural of putz; putzes or peetz? In any case, I hates them peetzas to meeses. Something like that:0

They'll be over to visit you too Word:-(

The Cassandra Page said...

Your anonymous flamer seemed to be writing with a foreign accent. As for Iran and coordinates of something we should bomb, I vote we follow Newt Gingrich's recommendation.

J_G said...

TCP, ah, I never mention any zing about bumbing any zing. You zee you emericans can only thing ov zee violence. I waz merely azking dee queztion of where dee well waz located most because I waz planning a holiday trip and thiz zeemed like a very nice how you zay, vizit;-)

Your Mr Gingrich is very inciteful and how you zay, perceptive.

Bathroom Hippo said...

Karl Rove has the moves.

Too bad Tony Blair doesn't...

talk about weak!

J_G said...

That's MC Rove to you Mr Hippo. Tony Blair is a Brit and sometimes they can be a bit stiff. That's just as well too, somehow I can't imagine PM Blair doing a rap song in front of the British press.

Marie's Two Cents said...


LOL, if it's anything that crawled up from the well in the movie "The Ring", I dont wanna be there!