Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Keeping them Safe?

An FA/18 Super Hornet cats off flight deck of US carrier somewhere in the Persian Gulf.

I heard Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi say she wants to bring the troops home to keep them safe. I think the Speaker has it all wrong. It's the men and women of the armed service (especially the US Navy ;-) keeping Nancy Pelosi safe so she can be the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Our military isn't trained to be "safe", they're trained to destroy things and win wars to protect our freedom. It always amazes me to listen to the backwards thinking of liberals.


Mike's America said...

Is that a recent video?

I'm not military as you know. But I didn't see any weapons on that bird? Am I wrong?

I hope we're not flying around the Gulf unloaded these days.

J_G said...

I'm not sure of the time frame or carrier this film is from Mike. I just like to watch them cat birds off the flight decks. In my travels I had the chance to watch them launch F-14s to go harass Mohamar Ghadafi in the Gulf of Sidra or as he called it the "Line of Death". I had to laugh though. Any time the US Navy went to that location we kicked their stupid butts all the way back to when the the "Six Frigates" were built for the US Navy.

Marie's Two Cents said...

You guys!!

You can see the bombs right about 10 inches above the ground and they reach almost as far as the front wheel!

Another Awesome Video :-)