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Monday, April 23, 2007

Stand Fast!

Gallant Color Bearer_Winslow Homer
from the cover of Harpers weekly September 20th 1862

This is an excerpt from a post I wrote almost two years ago when the talk of abandoning our position in Iraq started becoming louder by those that found it politically expedient to just throw down their arms and run away in fear. See if you relate to the soldier in my example or the modern politically expedient politician of the democrat persuasion.


I consider myself to be an amateur historian. I like to go back in time and try to get into the minds of people from the past to try and understand why things happened the way they did. I know from reading many accounts that were written by soldiers on both sides of the United States Civil War. Those soldiers had to take a “stand fast” mindset when going into battle. Imagine yourself and many of your friends that you grew up with going off to fight for your country. The commanders are people that you have known your whole life. Now you are told you will be facing the enemy today with all your friends. They move you up to the front and you wait. Then it comes, the first volley. You see the line in front stagger from the withering fire and people start falling over. The screams of pain are deafening and there is lead flying all around you. The men on either side of you are both lying on the ground one is dead the other is wounded horribly. The Captain then tells you to move up to front next. He commands; Ready and you level your weapon, aim you look down the barrel but you see only gray smoke and then fire! You see the enemy soldiers falling over and gray smoke is everywhere and it is getting harder to see. Then you start to reload your weapon and then the volley from the enemy comes in and people are again falling down all around. You feel like throwing down your weapon and fleeing from this madness but you just can’t. Your friends, your brothers are depending on you to hold the line. You stand fast, you show them that you are willing to fight and die for what you believe. You don’t run, you hold your position you fight that battle until there is a clear cut winner. Sometimes it was the Men in Gray sometimes it was the Men in Blue. The larger picture was often obscured because of all the smoke and haze of battle.

The picture is clear to us that have some common sense that we must stay and finish the job in Iraq or the enemy will follow up our retreat.

Harry Reid you are a despicable coward and weasel of a man and don’t deserve to be called American.


by Richard Watson Gilder

Glory and honor and fame and everlasting laudation
For our captains who loved not war, but fought for the life of the nation;
Who knew that, in all the land, one slave meant strife, not peace;
Who fought for freedom, not glory; made war that war might cease.

Glory and honor and fame; the beating of muffled drums;
The wailing funeral dirge, as the flag-wrapped coffin comes;
Fame and honor and glory; and joy for a noble soul,
For a full and splendid life, and laurelled rest at the goal.

Glory and honor and fame; the pomp that a soldier prizes;
The league-long waving line as the marching falls and rises;
Rumbling of caissons and guns; the clatter of horses' feet,
And a million awe-struck faces far down the waiting street.

But better the martial woe, and the pageant of civic sorrow;
Better than praise of to-day, or the statue we build to-morrow;
Better than honor or glory, and history's iron pen,
Was the thought of duty done and the love of his fellow-men.

*Background music is "Song for the Irish Brigade" by David Kincaid.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Personal Security

The Wounded Man_Gustav Courbet

Yesterday at the Virginia Tech campus a man with a gun opened fire killing 32 students and himself. The details are still sketchy and for good reason. The administration of the vulnerable college campus did not take sufficient action to protect the students attending the school and now are finding ways to “cover their butts”. They haven’t even announced the name of the shooter yet. I can understand not telling the vultures of the news media the names of the dead and wounded but the not releasing of the name of the shooter? There is some political correctness afoot here and we’re going to be treated to some serious finger pointing in the next few days, mark my words.

In this day and age when police are unable and actually not required to provide protection to people against criminals it up to you as an individual to provide for your own security and make yourself aware of the security environment you live. The largest mass murders here in the United States happened in places where there was virtually no security and are the most vulnerable places. They are school campuses; the latest one at Virginia Tech is now being credited as largest with the most people killed but there was one back in 1966 at the University of Texas at Austin when Charles Whitman a veteran Marine opened fire with an M1 carbine from the clock tower killing 14 people. Whitman held off police for about 2 hours until he was finally brought down by three very brave policemen named Houston McCoy, Ramiro Martinez and Jerry Day who had worked their way up into to the tower where they ambushed Whitman and shot and killed him.

One of the other major shootings that get so much attention was at Littleton Colorado at Columbine High School. The two culprits killed 12 people for no there reason than they felt like outsiders and where on anti depressant drugs. Anti gun hysteria was at an all time high after this incident and I’m sure this latest incident will mean nothing more than a way for the anti gun lobby to make their convoluted case against legitimate constitutionally protected gun ownership. I feel very badly for the families of those that were killed by this perpetrator. It seems that there is no value placed on life anymore by young people. There are a lot of reasons for that and I’m sure in the comments we’ll be discussing those reasons. What I’m saying now to everyone is; don’t expect the police to be able to protect you, they can’t and are not obligated to do so according to the United States Supreme Court. You are the only one that can provide for your own personal security so become informed and take the necessary steps to do so.

Each small gleam was a voice

Each small gleam was a voice,
A lantern voice --
In little songs of carmine, violet, green, gold.
A chorus of colours came over the water;
The wondrous leaf-shadow no longer wavered,
No pines crooned on the hills,
The blue night was elsewhere a silence,
When the chorus of colours came over the water,
Little songs of carmine, violet, green, gold.

Small glowing pebbles
Thrown on the dark plane of evening
Sing good ballads of God
And eternity, with soul's rest.
Little priests, little holy fathers,
None can doubt the truth of your hymning,
When the marvellous chorus comes over the water,
Songs of carmine, violet, green, gold.

Stephen Crane


Working from memory I found this. This woman was a survivor of Luby's Cafeteria attack in Killeen Texas

Luby's Massacre

It's hard to make out faces on the The You Tube but believe me it's the arch enemy of gunowners Charles Schumer sitting there looking down in a condecending manner as Suzzana Hupp gives testimony on the way Gun Control affected her life.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gone Shopping

Smith and Wesson model 1911

I haven't done much blogging lately because I have been shopping. No, I haven't been out buying shoes or some nice blouses and skirts. I have plenty of those and I'm ready for spring and summer in that respect. With all this talk of a democrat possibly winning the Oval Office and having a freedom hating democrat congress I figured it was time to replace my carry weapon. Yes, I do carry a personal protection firearm and I have been doing so for many years.

My interest in politics started when democrats began to get very loud about saying that the Second Ammendment to the Constitution did not give me the right as an individual US citizen to own and carry a firearm back in the early 1980's. I thought, "how ridiculous to think that". Of course, I as an individual have the right to own and carry a firearm and to think otherwise is quite ludicrous to me. I then proceeded to join the NRA (National Rifle Association) and I got involved to make sure I protect my rights.

In my travels to gun shops and online firearm merchants I have found that there is definitely a lot of people worried about the same thing that I am with the democrats in control of Congress again. There is a shortage of 45 calibre handguns that people like myself prefer.I think that the terrorist threat from radical Islam has something to do with it too because people that buy 45 calibre handguns generally have a greater knowledge of the political and security trends.

One of the other problems that has made things more difficult to find a suitable piece has been the US firearms industry recovery from the eight devastating years of the Clinton administration. The Clintons despise the power of people that own guns and did everything in their power to destroy the US firearms industry and cut off the importation of foreign made firearms. Many Mayors of major US cities including Rudy Guiliani joined in to try to capitalize on a potential jamboree of cash similar to that of the Tobacco Industry settlements. The tobacco companies were beat into submission by the State and Federal goverments in one of the largest government shakedowns in history. The Clintons and their followers tried to do the same type of shakedown on the US firearm industry but they had limited success and for the most part were held at bay by freedom loving Americans who fought the Clintons and their forty thieves (the name given to the mayors that joined in on the firearms industry lawsuits).

I did finally settle on a firearm that I believe is suitable for me to carry and feel it is reliable and accurate. It is a 45 calibre semi-automatic pistola. I bought it to replace one of similar construction that I have had for many years. The piece that I decided on is made in America and if I lived in the State in which it is manufactured I would not be able to carry it for protection so I had to make some compromises in my thinking. My second choice for a replacement is assembled in America but the frame is manufactured in Brazil. That particular model costs less money but I think I have gone the right way.

My strongly worded message to democrats is this; I will never give up my freedom to own and carry firearm, EVER!!

Amendment II

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

The Church of Greville_Jean Francois Millet

Clouds of Lavender

Clouds of lavender across the sky
Precious memories before my eyes
The presence of grace surrounding me
Unconditional love ever so sweet
Tears of laughter, smiles of joy
Amidst your glamour that I adore
Acclaiming the glory that I longed for
The beauty of your ardent soul
Blanketing me with peace and tranquility
As I look above to the soft cushiony pillows of
Clouds of lavender across the sky

Jeannie Diazio

Friday, April 06, 2007

Clear Cut Violation

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According to Constitutional Law as ruled by the Supreme Court. Speaker Pelosi is in clear violation of the Constitution by making the trip to Syria claiming to represent the United States against the wishes of the Bush administration. Mrs. Pelosi should step down from her position as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Mrs. Pelosi has violated her oath of office and the trust of the people of the United States of America.

Logan Act

"Logan Act" because inquiring minds should know (pdf)

Mrs. Pelosi Sends a Message

On her recent trip to the Middle East the newly elected Speaker of the House of Representatives poses for a photo opportunity and to send a message back to Americans concerned about her unauthorized diplomatic mission. Mrs. Pelosi also expresses her concern for the British Sailors and Marines that were taken hostage by preventing a vote to come before the House of Representatives condemning Iran’s act of international lawlessness. Friends of Mrs. Pelosi look on and concur as the Speaker delivers her unmistakable message. The world truly has been turned upside down.

Art thou pale for Weariness

Art thou pale for weariness
Of climbing heaven and gazing on the earth,
Wandering companionless
Among the stars that have a different birth,
And ever changing, like a joyless eye
That finds no object worth its constancy?

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Radical DNC

Most of us are unsure whether we should laugh or cry because of the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi acting the jester at the courts of high Islamic officials, it is serious though. Here at home though the serious business of undermining our society by a violent group and assisted by duped appeasers goes on without much attention by the so called mainstream media.