Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gone Shopping

Smith and Wesson model 1911

I haven't done much blogging lately because I have been shopping. No, I haven't been out buying shoes or some nice blouses and skirts. I have plenty of those and I'm ready for spring and summer in that respect. With all this talk of a democrat possibly winning the Oval Office and having a freedom hating democrat congress I figured it was time to replace my carry weapon. Yes, I do carry a personal protection firearm and I have been doing so for many years.

My interest in politics started when democrats began to get very loud about saying that the Second Ammendment to the Constitution did not give me the right as an individual US citizen to own and carry a firearm back in the early 1980's. I thought, "how ridiculous to think that". Of course, I as an individual have the right to own and carry a firearm and to think otherwise is quite ludicrous to me. I then proceeded to join the NRA (National Rifle Association) and I got involved to make sure I protect my rights.

In my travels to gun shops and online firearm merchants I have found that there is definitely a lot of people worried about the same thing that I am with the democrats in control of Congress again. There is a shortage of 45 calibre handguns that people like myself prefer.I think that the terrorist threat from radical Islam has something to do with it too because people that buy 45 calibre handguns generally have a greater knowledge of the political and security trends.

One of the other problems that has made things more difficult to find a suitable piece has been the US firearms industry recovery from the eight devastating years of the Clinton administration. The Clintons despise the power of people that own guns and did everything in their power to destroy the US firearms industry and cut off the importation of foreign made firearms. Many Mayors of major US cities including Rudy Guiliani joined in to try to capitalize on a potential jamboree of cash similar to that of the Tobacco Industry settlements. The tobacco companies were beat into submission by the State and Federal goverments in one of the largest government shakedowns in history. The Clintons and their followers tried to do the same type of shakedown on the US firearm industry but they had limited success and for the most part were held at bay by freedom loving Americans who fought the Clintons and their forty thieves (the name given to the mayors that joined in on the firearms industry lawsuits).

I did finally settle on a firearm that I believe is suitable for me to carry and feel it is reliable and accurate. It is a 45 calibre semi-automatic pistola. I bought it to replace one of similar construction that I have had for many years. The piece that I decided on is made in America and if I lived in the State in which it is manufactured I would not be able to carry it for protection so I had to make some compromises in my thinking. My second choice for a replacement is assembled in America but the frame is manufactured in Brazil. That particular model costs less money but I think I have gone the right way.

My strongly worded message to democrats is this; I will never give up my freedom to own and carry firearm, EVER!!

Amendment II

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Bless you! If only more citizens were as like-minded as you.

My favorite two quotes, as it relates here:

"If violent crime is to be curbed it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore, what he must be taught to fear is the victim."-Jeff Cooper,


Guns kill people the way spoons make Rosie O'Donnell fat

J_G said...

Gosh Word, I'm impressed, really impressed that you quoted Jeff Cooper. I think even he would approve of the choice I have made. My old piece was recommended by him also. I've never been to his Gunsite school but I was trained by the United States Marines how to shoot and field strip a government issue 45.

I gave some thought about getting another 44mag revolver. I had one years ago and they just aren't my cup of tea, too much of everything, noise, recoil and exspense for ammo.

I'm a 45acp girl and I suppose until I'm unable to hold one or they pry it out of my cold fingers that's what I'll toting;-)

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

You are Michael Moore's worst nightmare.

The Jeff Cooper quote I first came across, because it hung on the wall of an eclectic martial arts school I trained at for years. Filipino Kali was one of the primary arts, and used as an umbrella term for all the arts we cross-trained in. Because it's a warfare art, functionalized weapons training was as much a part of the curriculum as empty-hand kicking, boxing, and grappling skills. Sticks and knives and improvised weapons were primary; combative firearms training encouraged. My teacher is really into firearms. Concealed carry permits are difficult to obtain in California, but he has one.

I didn't get very far in firearms training; but a training partner of mine at another school took me to an indoor range on occasion to test out his collection (he is a sniper for the Huntington Beach SWAT, and a former Green Beret). He had a sig sauer that I liked. I never got around to buying my own, due to money-constraints, lack of training, and stiff laws.

I do carry knives, though. This is my favorite "letter opener". Should be a deterrent in itself. The laws regarding knife-carry are so convoluted out here.

J_G said...

Hey I like that knife Word, do they have them in colors to match my handbag and shoes? I'm always aware of color coordination, I'm a detail oriented person. That's why I bought the blued Smith with wood grips because it goes with either black or brown handbags. Now all I need is a gold trigger to go with gold earring ;-)

TrekMedic251 said...

Drool! ;)

I've always found the 1911 to be superior to the 1991.

FWIW, my carry piece is an S&W 915 or a Walther PPK/S .380

Marie's Two Cents said...

Nice Piece!!!

Look at Jenn, she is locked, cocked and ready to go.

Democrats Beware!!

SusieQ said...

The closest I have to a gun that is functional is one that happens to shoot glue. I'm a terror in craft class.

Seriously, even though I don't own a gun, I would prefer to retain the right to bear arms. You never know, my hubby and I just might decide someday to learn how to use those babies.

Is it true that they come in different colors, JG? I like to be fashionable.

J_G said...

Trek, The 1911 70 series is Colt's superior model. The 1991 is compromise that no one is pleased with. I like Springfields and Smith and Wesson. That's a nice little piece in the Walther PPK/s, a friend of mine owns one and it is very well made. I don't know too much about the 915 Smith I like Smiths though. Their service is the tops.

You know what they say Marie, "don't go off half cocked" somehow I think that saying got started with someone carrying a Colt 45 in the half-cock mode.

Susie, Yes, you can get these newer style firearms in any color you want. They use a special coating on the metal parts to make them black, olive drab and now desert camo so I think if you wanted one in say, aqua with lime highlights it is now possible. I'm not so sure John Moses Browning could have imagined that innovation of color coordination with women's attire. Maybe he did he was always way ahead of his time

Marie's Two Cents said...

You have been awarded the "Thinking Blogger Award" from "Marie's Two Cent's

Because you make me think :-)

Paul F. said...

Is that what they call a "peacemaker"? Dirty Harry used that one too. I've only shot one once. It is quite an impressive gun and I'm sure it will kill somebody effectively. I prefer rifles myself.

Tom said...

Big gun for making big holes!!

Used to shoot a .45 many moons ago, and enjoyed it (until I broke my wrist). Now it's a .40 - easier on the wrist!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Hey I like that knife Word, do they have them in colors to match my handbag and shoes?

Nope. This particular one with the kraton insert handle is discontinued. It's a Spyderco Civilian.

J_G said...

Paul, I love the beagle avatar. I am a dog lover and that one sure is cute.

Tom 45's are a mainstay for me. I also carry a 357 when I need to be very concealed but for regular everyday use the 45 is for me. I suppose someday It will be too much and the 40's are a good choice. I remember when they started out as a 10mm full bore FBI laod. Dang, you want to talk about kick and power hoo boy! Then that evolved into the 40 S&W.