Monday, April 09, 2007

Who's the Conservative?


Marie's Two Cents said...

Yep Yep, That's my guy!!!

Draft Fred Enough Said!!!

patterns of ink said...

This is the first I've seen him put his toe in the water. Thanks for sharing. It seems like we (Rep) have a tough row to hoe no matter who we get in the race. The cards of the whole world seem stacked against that happening. It's early. I know it isn't popular beyond our little circle, but Bush will be hard to "top" in many categories. Fred comes as close as anyone I've heard so far. (and he's good on Law and Order =)

J_G said...

I don't mean to bash Rudy. I just know enough about him to say he is not going to attract the conservative base. I definitely disagree with Rudy on the 2nd Amendment and the public funding of abortions and that's why I specifically posted those two points. I'm not going to insult him or disparage him, I just disagree with him and his personal life doesn't come into play at all for me.

Fred Thompson comes very close to representing the things I believe in. No one is going to be exactly what every one wants and I hope conservative voters have matured enough to realize that. I think every one sees how the immature and extreme left is excoriating both Clinton and Obama for their continued support for funding the troops and believe the troops should be brought home tomorrow.

Both Clinton and Obama are leftists and be counted on to take the country to the extreme left if elected but they both understand that you can't just pack up the troops put them on ships and planes and just bring them home so they take abuse from their own "moonbats" for the continued funding of the troops.

That's how that term "barking moonbat" got started. It means; Someone on the extreme edge of whatever their -ism happens to be.

No politician either right or left could possibly live up to the expectations of the extreme on either side.

I think Fred Thompson covers a very solid conservative agenda and still has appeal to enough of the squishy, wishy-washy middle that never seems to know what they want because he has a calm, articulate and common sense demeanor and they will recognize him from TV. That's sad to have to say that about fellow Americans but truly the squishy middle is the scariest part of the whole political spectrum.

Mike's America said...

I was surprised that my father read Rudy's book "leadership" and couldn't stop talking about it.

My father retired after 40 years as an Obstetrician who felt so strongly against abortion that he would travel the state of Ohio talking on the issue to Christian groups.

And even though he disagrees with Rudy on that and other issues, he liked his strong stand in cleaning up New York. He got the job done.

I'm not committed to any candidate and it is way too early to even think about such a thing. But I would like to see Thompson and Newt in the race.

The more the merrier and the better the debate.

Marie's Two Cents said...

I dunno Mike, I think the Dems have moved up this Presidential calendar.

They are having thier primaries this June isnt it? j/k

But February '08 (Which is rediculous but what can we expect from the Democrats) isnt that darn far away anymore. It's time to **** or get off the pot it seems.

I LOVE Fred Thompson. He has ALL the qualities I like, he is no-nonsense, pro-gun, pro-defense, fiscaly conservative, what you see is what you get with this guy! No one will ever top Reagan but he is as close as I have seen so far.

He is exciting to me. I know he doesnt look all that excited lol, but I am.

McCain hangs out with Ted Kennedy to much, that's a big NO for me, Romney is a Mormon there goes the Christian vote, and Rudy is great in a crisis, but he flip flops, and when the New York fire dept wouldnt back him over the ground zero "Scoop and Dump" operation, well I didnt know all that had even happened. I LOVE Rudy, dont get me wrong, I just dont think he can win the Presidency.

And we never hear a peep out of any of the other Republicans running for Prez. How are we suppose to get to know them?

Draft Fred Enough Said!!

Anonymous said...

Thompson = Neo-Con. NOT Conservative.

If you want Conservative in the truest since of the word look no further than Congressman Ron Paul

SusieQ said...

Well, I wish Gingrich would decide to run although Thompson sounds good too. I agree that Rudy won't be able to win in the long run.

If you did not get a chance to watch the global climate change debate on C-Span 2 today between Gingrich and Kerry, you can watch the video replay which you can get at the C-Span website.

I was very impressed with the caliber of the debate and the bipartisanship of both men.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Well Jenn it appears we have the same Moonbat!!

Anonymous at least you could make up a decent name geez!

J_G said...

Yo anono miss,

Ron Paul is one of the surrender 17, I wouldn't give him the gum off my shoe.

J_G said...

Marie, ya just can't get away from em, that's the example of moonbat on the other end of the spectrum.

Susie, I think Newt is probably the most intelligent and educated man on American government and history in todays world. I think Newt brings things up to a new level of conversation.Tom Delay made his rounds with his book not long ago that belittles Newt but Delay is nothing but a political hack. I do like Newt a lot but he is a marked man by the drive by media and even some in the Republican party that followed Delay.

SusieQ said...

I just heard on the news that Fred Thompson has been fighting cancer for the past 2 1/2 years. That is bound to affect his chances of getting elected.

J_G said...

Dang it Susie, I knew there had to be some reason why Thompson didn't right into the race. He's been a shoe in for conservatives from the start. Rudy went through prostate cancer treatment and is doing well. I hope Thompson's cancer is treatable and not just because I want him to run but I really do like the the guy and wish him well.

Marie's Two Cents said...

I have been following the Fred Thompson cancer issue all day today and he says he is in remission.

He says his cancer was oh I forgot the name of it but it's not the kind that will kill him. He is on medication, in remission, and cancer free.

He purposely released this information to get the Public's reaction to all this before he throws in. He want's everyone who supports him to know what they are getting because it will come out anyway.

He is still my guy, I believe what he said on Neil Cavuto today and I still support him and I still say RUN FRED RUN!!!

Paul F. said...

Now where did I put my Presidential Barf Bag this time?

patterns of ink said...

I hadn't heard about the cancer... bummer!
Hey, J_G,
I had something strange happen this week involving some photographs from 1942 which led to a post you may enjoy called "Someone Else's Lifetime.

Gayle said...

Fred has lymphoma. It is indeed controllable and it will not kill him. They've had a handle on his type of lymphoma for years.

I would like to see Fred as president too. I would much prefer him to Rudy. However, I would vote for Donald Duck if he ran as a Republican before I would withhold my vote. I beg all conservatives to not withhold their votes if they don't like the Republican choice. Many did that in 06 and it sunk us.