Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Got Your Bumper Sticker Right Here!

Out of all the very objectionable and irresponsible democrat Presidential candidates, the most objectionable and irresponsible democrat is John Edwards. I find the man quite repulsive and I say to him; I got your bumper sticker right here you pantywaist.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Remember and Honor

US Navy Bugler at USS Utah Memorial

It's memorial Day again and I ask those that enjoy their freedoms of being American to "Remember and Honor" those that gave their lives to keep us free, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

General Douglas MacArthur when recieving the Thayer award said this in his address to the West Point Cadets about the American fighting man.

"And what sort of soldiers are those you are to lead? Are they reliable? Are they brave? Are they capable of victory? Their story is known to all of you. It is the story of the American man at arms. My estimate of him was formed on the battlefield many, many years ago, and has never changed. I regarded him then as I regard him now as one of the world's noblest figures, not only as one of the finest military characters, but also as one of the most stainless.His name and fame are the birthright of every American citizen. In his youth and strength, his love and loyalty, he gave all that mortality can give.

He needs no eulogy from me or from any other man. He has written his own history and written it in red on his enemy's breast. But when I think of his patience under adversity, of his courage under fire, and of his modesty in victory, I am filled with an emotion of admiration I cannot put into words. He belongs to history as furnishing one of the greatest examples of successful patriotism. He belongs to posterity as the instructor of future generations in the principles of liberty and freedom. He belongs to the present, to us, by his virtues and by his achievements. In 20 campaigns, on a hundred battlefields, around a thousand campfires, I
have witnessed that enduring fortitude, that patriotic selfabnegation, and that invincible determination which have carved his statue in the hearts of his people. From one end of theworld to the other he has drained deep the chalice of courage.

As I listened to those songs [of the glee club], in memory's eye I could see those staggering columns of the First World War, bending under soggy packs, on many a weary march from dripping dusk to drizzling dawn, slogging ankledeep through the mire of shellshocked roads, to form grimly for the attack, bluelipped, covered with sludge and mud, chilled by the wind and rain, driving home to their objective, and for many, to the judgment seat of God.

I do not know the dignity of their birth, but I do know the glory of their death. They died unquestioning, uncomplaining, with faith in their hearts, and on their lips the hope that we would go on to victory. Always, for them: Duty, Honor, Country; always their blood and sweat and tears, as we sought the way and the light and the truth.

Behind every number is a story on one person that gave their life American Heroes

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Armed Forces Day

I suppose I'm a bit predjudiced but...

US Navy Seals

WOW!!!! It doesn't get any better than this!!!

Thanks to everyone that has served or REALLY supports those who serve.

Amnesty for Illegals Aliens?

Write,call and email your US Senators and representatives today and make YOUR voice heard! Tell them "Just say no to illegal immigration"!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Preparation for War to Defend Commerce_Russell Birch

Joshua Humphrey's Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania building America's first Frigates 1794

I played hooky from work last night because I really need some sleep. I did watch the debates between the ten Republican candidates on TV before I went back to sleep. In my mind there were only two candidates that actually came across as appearing presidential. One of them was the front runner, Rudy Giuliani and the other man that I believed came across truly having the stature and credibility to lead this nation as president was the Congressman from California Duncan Hunter. I don’t believe they went to him often enough for answers to the tough questions but the answers he did give were clear, concise and most of all; they made sense.

The low point of the debate was when Ron Paul the fringe and misinformed congressman from Texas commented he believed that it was the fault of the United States that we were attacked on September 11th 2001. Rudy Giuliani quickly and forcibly made Ron Paul the fringe and misinformed congressman from Texas justify those remarks and when Paul attempted some convoluted answer Mr. Giuliani demanded Mr. Paul retract his absurd statements.

It appears that Mr. Paul believes we are still nothing more than an isolated island of freedom and we have no business interacting with the rest of the world. That was the view of many of the founding fathers for the first few years of our great republic and it served us then to gear up for being the economic and military power our country would become. Those days are over and the founding fathers such as Jefferson, Madison and Monroe soon found that out when it was their turn to govern and apply their theories to the Executive Office. If there was any question on whether we should become a military power and be able to project our power abroad Jefferson found out from having to deal with Barbary pirates in the Mediterranean and Madison got his baptism during the war of 1812 with Great Britain. The days of isolation were over in 1815 after the signing the Treaty of Ghent and there is no going back to those days before. Maybe Mr. Ron Paul should have been a Marine and learned the words of the Marine Hymn and learn what they mean; “From the halls of Montezuma To the shores of Tripoli, We fight our country’s battles In the air, on land, and sea,”

I think Mr. Duncan Hunter and Mr. Rudolf Giuliani were the clear presidential front runners after this debate. I hope to hear your opinions on this. I also hope you will write to the Republican National Committee and ask that they not invite Mr. Ron Paul to any future presidential debates because he brings nothing useful or credible to the table.

A man said to the universe:

A man said to the universe:
"Sir I exist!"
"However," replied the universe,
"The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation."

Stephen Crane

No Surrender!

Move America is sponsoring a "Support our Troops" rally with a message of "No Surrender" in Las Vegas and San Francisco on May 17th. My friend Marie has all the information at her blog. Check out Marie's Two Cents


Saturday, May 12, 2007


Well, you know with all this talk about the new French President and how happy I have been it's now OK to tell people you like French stuff because you want them to think you are refined and all that. Sometimes things come back at you when you least expect it. When I was looking through You Tube for something appropriate to express my happiness that there is now a glimmer of hope for France and their culture I have to remember where I was at one point in my life. I ain't exactly sure why but I do relate to these two fellars like they was my own kin or neighbors.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fort Dix Six

It was made to known to the rest of us on Tuesday that six individuals that reside in the State of New Jersey had made plans to attack and kill as many US soldiers as they could at the Fort Dix Army base in New Jersey. These six individuals were reported to be homegrown terrorists but that is just not the case. Three of the six were Albanian nationals that are here in the United States illegally. The other three are from Albanian families that were brought here in the 1990s by the Clinton Administration because the Clinton Administration could not find another country that would accept these people as refugees during the conflict that raged in the former communist satellite state of Yugoslavia.

The six individuals claimed that they are of the "religion of peace" which is a misnomer for the religion known as Islam. The six individuals that planned this attack on the US Army base had their plan exposed to the FBI by an alert clerk who was assigned to transfer the home movies that the terrorist conspirators had made onto a DVD disc. The terrorists had recorded the practice of their attacks at a firing range and paintball course in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. According to the criminal complaint these six individuals had planned to gain access to the base from one of the six being the pizza delivery guy who had free reign of the base once admitted.

There are changes that need to made on US military installations and our Congress has to be made aware that there are terrorists that wish to kill us in the name of the "religion of peace". This attack has hit very close to home for me. One of my best friends lives only a few blocks from three of the terrorists. I can assure you that I will act accordingly because I am fed up with hearing that these people are peaceful and the democrat controlled Congress has their heads buried in the dirt like ostriches. Now act like real Americans and fund our troops and quit pretending there is no threat from Islamic facist terrorists you morons.

Caution adult language from soldiers in a war zone. *Not for Children*

Have a nice Day!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Yankee Ingenuity and Perseverance

USS Constitution July 16th 1812

In this day of quick fixes and 24 hour news cycles on cable and network television there seems to be no time to work through a difficult problem and the answer is usually to just give up a go do something else no matter what the consequences may be. There was a time though when pride and dignity in your country was a common feeling and men and women would go to great lengths to preserve those ideals through self sacrifice and good old “Yankee ingenuity”.

I am reminded of a story I once read and I went back to gather all the details for this particular post. It was July in the year of 1812 and war had just been declared with Great Britain. The American warship USS Constitution a 44 gun frigate, one of the original six frigates built in the 1790s had been dispatched from Washington DC to meet up with the American squadron to the north that would be coming from New York City. On her travels to the north her Captain was Isaac Hull and her Lieutenant was Charles Morris with a crew of about 300 men. The USS Constitution bristled with 24 pounder brass guns with a couple of 32 pounder iron carronades. The Constitution had already shown distinguished service in the Mediterranean as the flagship under Commodore Edward Preble against the Tripolian pirates. The Constitution was now assigned to meet up with her sister frigates the USS President, USS Congress to fight the vastly superior sea forces of British Navy. The Constitution was to meet up with her squadron to draw away the British Navy ships from the coast and sea lanes so American merchant ships could return to port without being captured by the British.

Great Britain and France had been locked in mortal combat for the last couple of years and Great Britain had decided to confiscate American shipping and impress American sailors into the British Navy during this war with France so Americans could not sell the raw materials that Napoleon desperately needed to continue with his war with Europe and Great Britain.

The USS Constitution under Captain Isaac Hull was a tight ship; the men were well trained and ready for the fight. On the way up the coast Captain Hull spied sail, large sail, obviously men of war and he believed that these ships were the American squadron he was to meet up with. As the ships began to close he hoisted the signal flags for recognition and no recognition signal was returned. Captain Hull and LT. Morris then saw other sail behind the ones she was signaling to and realized that this was no American squadron at all. Those ships were British frigates and behind them were more frigates and a British Navy 74 gun ship of the line HMS Africa. Well, needless to say the Constitution was outgunned and needed to exit out this situation immediately. Captain Hull ordered to make sail immediately and the crew went about manning the sails for maximum speed. Then it happened as things always do, the breeze that had slowly propelled the mighty American warship into this trap had suddenly died and they as well as their British adversaries lay dead in the water.

It took some consultation between Captain Hull and his officers but Charles Morris came up with the idea of putting the boats into the water row and tow the Constitution out of range of the British guns. They lowered the boats into the sea and began to row. This was working and the British saw the scheme and began to employ the same to catch up with the Americans. The British brought boats from the other frigates and now had two fully rigged frigates in tow chasing down the Constitution. Captain Hull ordered that a 24 pound cannon and a 32 pound carronade be brought aft and part of the railing was moved and the ships carpenters went about the work of installing the cannon in place in case the British got too close they could fire on the British boats.

The Americans could see that the British had the advantage because of the other boats they had brought from the other frigates and knew they had to come up with another plan. Again Captain Hull and LT. Morris came up with some pure “Yankee Ingenuity”. They rigged the anchors with long ropes and all the cables they had. They then had the men in the boats row the anchors out ahead of them as far as the ropes would allow. The boats then dropped the anchors and the men on the ship wound the rope in with the capstans moving the ship ahead at a wonderful pace, far ahead of what the British could do with their towing with the boats. This gave the Constitution the edge they needed and they pulled ahead of the British and finally after this three day chase a wind came along enough to take advantage of the lead that the Constitution already had and they sailed away from the British with all hands working as one.

This would have been a complete humiliation for America and her Navy if the British had captured or sunk the Constitution at the very beginning of the war. Captain Hull and every American Navy fighting man onboard realized this too and they worked as hard as they could and they used every opportunity to employ their Yankee ingenuity and perseverance to escape and actually claim victory. After this chase the British officers later conceded that this was “the most elegant ship handling and seamanship they had ever witnessed”. The Constitution went on to sink one of those British frigates that had been in pursuit of her that day in a very famous battle with the HMS Guerriere. In that famous battle the USS Constitution earned the nickname “Old Ironsides”. Huzzah!

The men on the USS Constitution never gave up; they never said "the war is lost". The brave and gallant men of this US Navy ship fought on against overwhelming odds and became icons in American Navy tradition and the American fighting spirit. We are in desperate need of those men and their beliefs today when we hear leaders in our government that are ready to surrender at all cost.

The Constitution and the Guerriere

Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote this poem on September 16th 1830 when she was being considered to scrap and is largely credited for saving this mighty and proud American fighting ship.

Old Ironsides

Ay, tear her tattered ensign down!
Long has it waved on high,
And many an eye has danced to see
That banner in the sky;
Beneath it rung the battle shout,
And burst the cannon's roar;
The meteor of the ocean air
Shall sweep the clouds no more.

Her deck, once red with heroes' blood,
Where knelt the vanquished foe,
When winds were hurrying o'er the flood,
And waves were white below,
No more shall feel the victor's tread,
Or know the conquered knee;
The harpies of the shore shall pluck
The eagle of the sea!

Oh, better that her shattered bulk
Should sink beneath the wave;
Her thunders shook the mighty deep,
And there should be her grave;
Nail to the mast her holy flag,
Set every threadbare sail,
And give her to the god of storms,
The lightning and the gale!

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Time Out

Sometimes life can be very hectic and you just have to take a time out. That's today.