Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fort Dix Six

It was made to known to the rest of us on Tuesday that six individuals that reside in the State of New Jersey had made plans to attack and kill as many US soldiers as they could at the Fort Dix Army base in New Jersey. These six individuals were reported to be homegrown terrorists but that is just not the case. Three of the six were Albanian nationals that are here in the United States illegally. The other three are from Albanian families that were brought here in the 1990s by the Clinton Administration because the Clinton Administration could not find another country that would accept these people as refugees during the conflict that raged in the former communist satellite state of Yugoslavia.

The six individuals claimed that they are of the "religion of peace" which is a misnomer for the religion known as Islam. The six individuals that planned this attack on the US Army base had their plan exposed to the FBI by an alert clerk who was assigned to transfer the home movies that the terrorist conspirators had made onto a DVD disc. The terrorists had recorded the practice of their attacks at a firing range and paintball course in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. According to the criminal complaint these six individuals had planned to gain access to the base from one of the six being the pizza delivery guy who had free reign of the base once admitted.

There are changes that need to made on US military installations and our Congress has to be made aware that there are terrorists that wish to kill us in the name of the "religion of peace". This attack has hit very close to home for me. One of my best friends lives only a few blocks from three of the terrorists. I can assure you that I will act accordingly because I am fed up with hearing that these people are peaceful and the democrat controlled Congress has their heads buried in the dirt like ostriches. Now act like real Americans and fund our troops and quit pretending there is no threat from Islamic facist terrorists you morons.

Caution adult language from soldiers in a war zone. *Not for Children*

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Marie's Two Cents said...

You know the pizza delivery aspect of this is scary.

Several day's before 9-11 my co-worker and I tried to order Pizza from this oulet we alway's ordered Pizza from when we had to work that late.

Thier numbers at both locations were disconnected. We had been ordering Pizza from them for a long long time, and it appeared that they were doing quite well in the Pizza business.

Then 9-11 happened. My co-worker started to wonder about these Pizza people and she called the FBI about all this.

Then I began to wonder because these people sure werent Italian!

My oldest son is Italian and these people looked Islamic.

Scary thinking about this again and knowing Zaccarius Mousawi (The one who would have been the 20th hijacker on 9-11) trained to fly a plane in Norman, Oklahoma just a few miles from me.

I dont think I am going to look at Pizza delivery people the same way again.

Never did find out what happened to those people either.

Marie's Two Cents said...

OOps I forgot Awesome Video

J_G said...

Marie, There's no pizza delivery around here but if there was I probably wouldn't be much of a customer. There are however a large number of diners popping up and all of them are run by middle eastern types. I refuse to patronize them and I ask my friends not to eat at any of them.

I'm sorry but the Army has to do better on their security and if our government won't keep an eye on these illegals maybe it's time to chnage the way our government does business for us. I think a good old neck tie party is coming on down Washington way in the near future. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will be the guests of honor along with the rest of the dhimmicrats.

Yea, awesome alright if you watch closely you can see the 500 pounder coming in from the right. I wish I could find the rest of this video so I post the results of the hit. I'm fricken pissed and I'm damn sick and tired of liberals with their stupidity. THESE PEOPLE WANT TO KILL US! What does it take to get it through their damn heads?

patterns of ink said...

I heard about this a day late. You are my "scoop site" for this stuff. By the way, I don't know if it will pan out, but there's a story out today that Howard Dean directed the Governor of Kansas to complain that there were not enough NG to respond to the tornado last week because they're all over in Iraq. Not so, but she said it.
I wanted to say that I found a comment you left back in March that I only saw today. It was an excellent testimony.

TrekMedic251 said...

Cross posted for effect! Nice one, JG!

SusieQ said...

I shop at a small novelty store nearby that is owned and operated by a Muslim family from India. More than once I have wondered about them. I don't plan to change my shopping habits though.

Patterns (Tom) I heard that what the governor of Kansas actually said was that if there were to be another disaster in Kansas on the heels of the tornado one, there would not be enough NG and equipment to handle the second disaster. She said she was satisfied with the quality of the response to the tornado disaster. But I think that statement was an afterthought to her first comment and designed to clean things up so that it did not look like she was trying to capitalize politically on the sufferings of the tornado victims.

J_G said...

Tom, I didn't know if you read that comment or not. I heard about that phone call on a morning talk show that I've just recently statered listening to. I didn't know if that was going to be picked up by the bigger audience programs like Hannity or Rush. I think it is despicable what the dhimmicrats do to take advantage during a tradgedy such as that. They apparenetly had no problem doing the same thing during Katrina either.

Susie, I just plain refuse to deal with those people. I've had enough. Where has the muslim community been on terrorism? They have been sitting on their hands or they have been actively involved such as oraganizations like CAIR. I refuse to give my hard earned money to stores or services that may use my money that ends up killing my fellow Americans.

Trek, Thanks, Like I said, I am angry as anything about this and you know how close FT Dix is. There is a whole community over there in Cherry Hill that is full of people from Albania and other muslims states. It seems nothing but violence or death will appease many of those muslims. 3 of those guys had a good business going and were making a good living. I'm going to quit swearing about it but I am very angry.

Mike's America said...

Love the video. Glad to see our boys are doing their job: to break things and kill bad guys.

Once Hillary is elected they'll be reduced to wearing white suits and passing out meals on wheels.