Saturday, May 12, 2007


Well, you know with all this talk about the new French President and how happy I have been it's now OK to tell people you like French stuff because you want them to think you are refined and all that. Sometimes things come back at you when you least expect it. When I was looking through You Tube for something appropriate to express my happiness that there is now a glimmer of hope for France and their culture I have to remember where I was at one point in my life. I ain't exactly sure why but I do relate to these two fellars like they was my own kin or neighbors.


J_G said...

Yep, I know the Flag is being displayed wrong in the background and they do too now.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...


Nice to know I'm politically aligned to such culturally-refined Americans.

They should be our ambassador to France.

SusieQ said...

Viva La France! Conservative and pro American Sarkozy gets elected. Voters turned out in record numbers....84%. This is great!

J_G said...

I think it's great too Susie. Now all they need to do is get control of their non asimilating immigrants and push hard, really hard to get socialism to become considered a social malady.

Word, I don't know if I'd want those two guys as ambassadors to France but they sure gave me a good laugh. I know guys just like them except they don't drink quite as much beer.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Lmao Jenn,

Where did you get that video? Someone in Oklahoma?

patterns of ink said...

I have a feeling there will be more of those two. Keep us posted.
I was very happy to see the results in France, but sorry to hear about Tony Blair.

J_G said...

I was just looking through You Tube when I happened across these gentlem.. er, I mean fellars. Yup, I know these fellars they is President and Vice-President of my gun club Hahahah!!!!!!

I don't know, they had better come up with another funny one like this that is realitively clean. It is very encouraging to France has finally had enough of the darkness and started swinging the pendulum back the other way.

SusieQ said...

I'm going to miss Tony Blair too.

Mike's America said...

Saddam Hussein Obama... Too funny!