Saturday, May 26, 2007

Remember and Honor

US Navy Bugler at USS Utah Memorial

It's memorial Day again and I ask those that enjoy their freedoms of being American to "Remember and Honor" those that gave their lives to keep us free, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

General Douglas MacArthur when recieving the Thayer award said this in his address to the West Point Cadets about the American fighting man.

"And what sort of soldiers are those you are to lead? Are they reliable? Are they brave? Are they capable of victory? Their story is known to all of you. It is the story of the American man at arms. My estimate of him was formed on the battlefield many, many years ago, and has never changed. I regarded him then as I regard him now as one of the world's noblest figures, not only as one of the finest military characters, but also as one of the most stainless.His name and fame are the birthright of every American citizen. In his youth and strength, his love and loyalty, he gave all that mortality can give.

He needs no eulogy from me or from any other man. He has written his own history and written it in red on his enemy's breast. But when I think of his patience under adversity, of his courage under fire, and of his modesty in victory, I am filled with an emotion of admiration I cannot put into words. He belongs to history as furnishing one of the greatest examples of successful patriotism. He belongs to posterity as the instructor of future generations in the principles of liberty and freedom. He belongs to the present, to us, by his virtues and by his achievements. In 20 campaigns, on a hundred battlefields, around a thousand campfires, I
have witnessed that enduring fortitude, that patriotic selfabnegation, and that invincible determination which have carved his statue in the hearts of his people. From one end of theworld to the other he has drained deep the chalice of courage.

As I listened to those songs [of the glee club], in memory's eye I could see those staggering columns of the First World War, bending under soggy packs, on many a weary march from dripping dusk to drizzling dawn, slogging ankledeep through the mire of shellshocked roads, to form grimly for the attack, bluelipped, covered with sludge and mud, chilled by the wind and rain, driving home to their objective, and for many, to the judgment seat of God.

I do not know the dignity of their birth, but I do know the glory of their death. They died unquestioning, uncomplaining, with faith in their hearts, and on their lips the hope that we would go on to victory. Always, for them: Duty, Honor, Country; always their blood and sweat and tears, as we sought the way and the light and the truth.

Behind every number is a story on one person that gave their life American Heroes


Mike's America said...

Happy Memorial Day Jennifer.

Thanks for the John Wayne audio tribute. Isn't it the Duke's birthday this weekend too? They've been playing his movies all week on the old movie channels.

J_G said...

Thanks Mike, Happy Memorial Day to you.

John Wayne, born Marion Robert Morrison May 26th 1907 June 11 1979.

Joe Stalin ordered a hit on John Wayne because of his strong vocal anti communist position but Stalin died before he could accomplish the mission. I guess it is true not only are you judged by the friends you keep but also by the enemies you make.

Honor, Duty, Country. My Dad taught me those words. I took me many years to learn their meaning.

SusieQ said...

Thanks for the Memorial Day post and the John Wayne reminder of another time another war and the song it gave birth to.

Bless those dear souls who gave their lives for our country. We are forever indebted to them.

J_G said...

Thanks for stopping by Susie.

John Wayne has always been special to me in my heart.

There are precious few in my own generation that hold the values I was taught by my parents and their generation. It will take another castastrophe such as the "great depression" and WWII to produce another generation such as them.

My generation is soft, selfish and have no idea about sacrifice. They are an embarrassment to the American tradition, I am ashamed of my generation.

There are those such as the brave men and their families that serve in Iraq and Afghansistan that are the hope of the future. I pray for them and the ideals they hold.

patterns of ink said...

There's no song as simple and moving as taps to remind us "God is nigh." I still haven't tried the audio background you taught me, but this is a perfect example of how effective it can be. I just got back from a 6-day trip with students and had not yet shifted into Memorial Day. This was a great way to start...

Marie's Two Cents said...

God Bless Our Troops

Have a wonderful weekend :-)

J_G said...

Thanks Tom, I hope you had a great trip. I read about your plans for your trip the other day at your blog. Get some rest, you must need some after that.

Marie, thanks for stopping by.I've been cooking all day over the BBQ, I had some friends over and we had a nice time but I am tired out and sun burned. I hope you have a nice weekend too.

God bless the troops and their families on this Memorial Day.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Thanks for your comment on my video, which I updated.

Hope you enjoy one more day of honoring the memory of our fallen warriors. Of course, you do this every day, I know....but you know what I mean.