Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Time Out

Sometimes life can be very hectic and you just have to take a time out. That's today.


SusieQ said...

Nice departure from the serious stuff, JG.

Victor Borge...loved him. Clair de of my favorites.

Marie's Two Cents said...

I loved Victor Borge myself he was so funny.

Great Videos Jenn!

Hope yet your things you need to get done, done, and look forward to seeing you back soon :-)

J_G said...

Thanks ladies. I enjoy classical piano music so much and Victor Borge added something very special to that too, humor.

I needed to take some time to get my lawn equipment fixed. I do have a very large lawn and I have to stay on top of it or it will become unmanageable. All the rain we had in April has made the grass grow unusually fast this year.

I'm also very angry. I'm angry that we have such irresponsible, ill informed and untruthful Congress people such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. I need some time to let my anger deflate because I do not want to emulate the same type of hateful and acrimonious discourse that has become part and parcel of politics since Pelosi and Reid have become leaders in their once respectable and honorable political party.

I very much dislike those aforementioned politicians not only politically but on a personal level also. I think they are far and above more despicable and dishonorable than any politician I've ever encountered. I am not going to reach down to their level of hateful, dirty and despicable politics that they and their followers have become so notorious for. I will have my say about it all but for now; I am considering my words carefully because of the extreme nature of my anger.

I still have some work to do around my yard and I will post probably something over the weekend but I will give it some serious thoughts and let my anger vent while I am enjoying the warmth and nice weather we having.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Hah! I almost got caught up in your comment rant...but since you're "on break", I"m not going to throw logs onto that fire and get you worked up all over again.

Have a relaxed day! Refresh your batteries.... And then come back, and give 'em hell!!!!

nanc said...

victor borge - one of a kind!

our 15 year old son loves him to pieces and i can't wait to share these with him - he is also a classical musician.

great arsekickin' you gave kkkken at mike's.

J_G said...

Thanks Nance, I have a special dislike for KKK and Nazi types. Just south of me along the PA Maryland border there seems to be this attraction to Klan/Neo Nazi activity. I do know some things about them and their personal behavior. For instance; do you know they never keep mirrors in their houses because they would have to see face to face, eye to eye the real source of their problems and failures. It's not Jews, Blacks, Mexicans or other people it's small minded face in the mirror. That's too hard for them to swallow so no mirrors.

Mike's America said...

Hard to believe there are people as stupid as KKK Ken.

Oh, and thanks for sharing the Victor Borge. What classics.

nanc said...

you can tell who the kkk are in arkansas and some other places as they incorporate pink into their color schemes - i've never seen so much pink - they'll also name their businesses such things as "tri-k" such and such.

really sickening how blatant they can be. one evening while my husband was driving home from work, he passed a mailbox at one of the local sheriff's offices that had a sign on it "knight drop" - yeah...

nanc said...

p.s. - i did not know that about the mirrors - spoooooookaaaay.