Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Boys are Back

Yessir, Jackie and Dunlap from Red State Update are back and they're talking about things that matter.


patterns of ink said...

People like to think redstate rednecks are dumb hicks but I actually know some folks like this and they're often on the mark on the issues that matter.

J_G said...

I know what you mean Tom. These fellas can be pretty funy and be right on the mark too. I've looked at most of their clips and some are just plain dumb and rambling but they have a few that I think are outstanding like the first one I posted. I have the guys at work talking about them too, most of my co-workers are hayseeds too. I'm no exception either, I just call myself a country girl though:-)

Marie's Two Cents said...


I could swear those two live a few blocks from me.

Hell yeah they are right on the mark lol

Mike's America said...

They were on a roll there until they started talking about "something important" being Dale Earnhardt!

That's our celebrity culture for you!

It would be fun to do a video like this. You think we could all teleconference, maybe even toss in Arthur the troll and do one?

P.S. What is that spray can of Lotrimin doing on that table with that beer and liquor???

J_G said...

I think these guys are a hoot Mike. They have lots of crazy stuff on that table. Some of their videos are just downright dumb but I'll post the funny ones when I find them. They're featured over at too. I guess the libs like making fun of this stuff and stereotype Republicans this way.