Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Folk Music

After figuring out the folk music group I was looking for is called "Pentangle" and not the Pentangles I was able to find a nice example at You Tube.


SusieQ said...

Nice music.

I'd like to see more photos of your garden and yard as that seems to be where you are spending lots of your time these days.

patterns of ink said...

Sorry this comment does not relate to the post, but I wanted to share a prayer request (and I don't see an email address in your profile anymore.) You’ve perhaps read in a post or two that I have a brother Dave [2 years older]. He lives in a small historic district of registered centennial homes north of Detroit. He is an excellent videographer/ filmmaker both privately and commercially. He is shooting our daughter's wedding next week. He also made two films to show: one at the wedding and one at the reception. Anyway, he called Tuesday to say they were done and ready to put in the mail.
Then he then went a few blocks away to a friend's house. Within the hour, his son called. He was asleep in his upstairs bedroom and woke up choking in smoke. The house was burning. He climbed down from his upstairs balcony. Smoke billowing from all windows. Fire on all three floors.
[The fire started in a junction box in the basement and climbed up the clothes chute.] Dave came home and 4 fire trucks soon joined him. He called back while they were busting out windows and hosing down his house. They'll be out of the house for 4 months. Basically, everything is either burned, melted, or smoke damaged. Amazingly, a fireman pulled much of his editing suite out to the lawn. In the pile was his cameras, hard drives, computers, and over 400 baby-thru-dating pictures of my daughter and her fiancĂ©. The house was full of antiques on both floors. Most can be salvaged. Insurance is taking good care of them. He insists on still shooting the wedding. They’re spirits are very good considering what these past two days have held.
It's too soon to post this at POI, but I wanted to tell some folks about it. Thank God they're all Okay, but please pray for them as they sort through this sad debris.

J_G said...

Tom, I just read your account of your brother's house over at Susie's. I'm so sorry to hear about his terrible misfortune. I will say a prayer for him and his family. It is unbelievable that his camera equipment and pictures survived the fire.

I have to check that email link, I've been experiencing some difficulties posting comments lately. I think you have pointed me in the direction of the problem. Thanks for stopping by Tom and I know everything will work out for the best for your family.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Ahhhhh Nice and Relaxing!

J_G said...

It's the folksy side of me Marie. I've been hearing some of songs from this group on my XM radio and this is the only one I recognized over at You Tube. This take was 1972 on a BBC Special. I think the girl's voice along with the "banjo" and other songs with the mandolin sounds very nice.