Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm Still Here Daryl

I haven't gone far, just enjoying the outdoors. Now please, enjoy my favorite Philly guys; Daryl Hall and John Oates.


SusieQ said...

Thanks for letting us know that you are okay. Enjoy your time in the outdoors.

J_G said...

Hi Susie, I'm glad you stopped by. I guess I'm just blogged out for right now but I'm working up some posts for the near future. It's been very hot for the last few days but I've been out boating and fishing.

I posted the Hall and Oates YouTube because they really are favorites of mine. They are from Philadelphia and I met Daryl (tall Blonde one) one time several years ago. I love the way he sings.

I'll be back soon, things will be heating up for the fall political season and maybe I'll post a few pictures of my boat trips.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Awesome Video Jenn,

I Love Hall and Oates too :-)

J_G said...

Thanks Marie, I have a couple of their CDs and I have seen them in concert. I found a YouTube that was made just recently and both of them are in their early sixties looking pretty good and still sounding awesome. I think my favorite song of theirs is "Lady Rain".

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Hope you're recharging your batteries for '08.

J_G said...

Yea Word, I get burnt out on all the back and forth and have to give it a break more often than I used to. I'll be ready for the Presidential race though, it's so important that democrats are completely squashed and left gasping for breath. They have done enough damage already.

patterns of ink said...

I think it's healthy to change the pace during the summer. I've unintentionally done the same thing.
I always liked that their name sounded like "Haulin'Oats," something my Kansas wife can relate to from her farm life days. =)

Skye said...


While you are recharging your batteries, I'd like to take the opportunity to extend an invitation to you to join myself, Troll, and Grizzly Mama for an evening at the Constitution Center with Hugh Hewitt.

Interested? Leave me a message on Ancora Imparo.

Paul F. said...

Squashed and gasping, huh? We'll see....MWAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding!

J_G said...

Tom, That's so funny... Haulin' Oats. I'm sure both of them would get a good laugh at that too.

Thank you so much for the invitation Skye. That's sounds very interesting. I will answer you over at your place.

Paul, what, you no like Haulin' Oates? They have another song i really like it called "Good Night and Good Morning" YouTube has a lot of music videos and I have been watching them quite a bit lately. I used to like watching MTV when it first came around. Hall and Oates were a big part of MTV in the beginning. They're from Philadephia and I grew up listening to them. To me Hall and Oates is a staple and no music collection would be complete without a few of their albums.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Yea Word, I get burnt out on all the back and forth and have to give it a break more often than I used to.

Sometimes, I find myself wasting so much time debating/arguing/refuting/ridiculing moonbats. Usually on other people's blogs; and then having to make return visits to counter the counters. Mike's America has the windiest windbags. They're still leaving behind comments on yesterweek's posts.

Joanne said...

Hi Jenn,

Enjoy your time away from the blog. I've been away from mine for 6 months!!! I'm just not motivated.

I like Haulin' Oats, as well. But I also love this:

Makes me weepy, since my pet name for my father was Babo, or the diminutive Babbino. Babo in Italian dialect is equivalent to "Dad," and Babbino is equivalent to "Daddy."

Callas sings this with so much feeling, it leaves me with an ache in my heart. I miss my Dad.

Hope you're well and enjoying your summer.


J_G said...

That was beautiful Joanne. Ms Callas sings with such emotion. I enjoyed that piece very much. I did not always appreciate opera as much as the orchestral classical music but I have come to like it much more since I have had the XM satellite radio. The channel is called "Vox" on XM radio and it is all vocal classical and opera. It is programmed into the set channels for some time now.

This Hall and Oates video is from 1985 and I have been reminiscing about times gone by a lot lately.

I have been having a good summer so far spending a lot of time in some of my favorite places at the Lake and a few of the streams I haven't been to for some time.

Thanks again for the the beautiful music.