Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Boys go after Mean ole Joe Biden

Gosh, Joe Biden just can't stop being a jerk.

After watching this crazy stuff is it any wonder the Republicans don't want a You Tube debate?


Mike's America said...

Well that pretty much sums up why I think You Tube debates are an even bigger waste of time than the traditional ones.

Last I heard, the GOP'rs may have one anyway!


Paul F. said...

Have you seen the toad report?

You Tube debates may well be quite interesting.

J_G said...

Nope Paul, the toadbat is too far off base for me. His screeds are usually so far off base it makes for a waste of the time I have to do my blogging.

Donald Douglas said...

Hi Jennifer: Hope you're having a great day!

J_G said...

Hi Donald, it's good day today because now my weekend has started.

Just in case anyone was wondering; yes, it's personal with me and mean ole Joe Biden. Biden used to be the Chair of the Judiciary comittee and he is about as arrogant and condecending as anyone could possibly be.

These videos aren't long enough to demonstrate his arrogance and foot in mouth disease but one only has to watch for a few minutes while he is on stage with the other dems to see that he believes everyone else is too stupid to be onstage with him.

Biden may be right about all of them being stupid and undeserving of the attention but Biden deserves even less and he can never be elected to president no matter how hard he tries. He's just not presidential material and really shouldn't be a senator either.

Gayle said...

Good morning, Jennifer.

"Gosh, Joe Biden just can't stop being a jerk." LOL! Of course he can't, it's the only thing he knows. I'll bet he was a real "thud" in college. (That's my description of someone who considers himself a stud but doesn't make the grade.) I detest him every bit as much as you do.

Have a great weekend!

J_G said...

Hi Gayle, That's a pretty good description, "thud", ha! The Red State Update guys are a bit crude and not for everyone, I understand, but if you listen to the one line in their funny little rap they refer to something Biden said about Indians being owners of 7/11 stores.It was a pretty stupid thing to say and it caused quite an uproar in Delaware.

I am from Pennsylvania but I live close to the border with Delaware and many of my friends live and work there so I keep a close eye on what goes on in that state and have gotten invoved in some political issues there too. Thanks for stopping by.

concerned citizen said...

Politics at this level is so mean & nasty j_g. We all deserve better I think.

J_G said...

Yes we do Dian, but we're the ones that have to change it as I've said so many times. You're doing you're part and I'm hoping after me being such a pain talking about participating, it may have had something to do with it.

concerned citizen said...

Well, for one thing you never let up on it, that's for sure. :)

All kidding aside, I always have admired your spunk & your loyalty to your cause, too.

Marie's Two Cents said...


That second video is a hoot Jenn, great find :-)

J_G said...

Is that funny or what Marie? I just happen to see that little bit of the debate with Jackie and Dunlap when it aired. As soon as I saw Biden raise his hand I knew it was open mouth and insert foot time, Biden never disappoints!