Friday, August 10, 2007

Conservative Philly Bloggers

George Washington presides over signing the US Constitution at the Pennslyvania State House September 17, 1787

Thursday evening a small group of Conservative bloggers from in and around Philadelphia met at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia to be a part of the live broadcast of the Hugh Hewitt Radio Talk Show. Our friend Skye from Midnight Blue and Ancora Imparo invited a few fellow bloggers to meet at the show so conservatives could get together and plot the demise of liberals the world over. It was great fun and our small group of bloggers that visit each other's blogs regularly finally got to meet face to face after missing each other at the Gathering of Eagles in Washington DC back in March. Our group included Monica from Grizzly Mama , Patrick from The City Troll ,Skye and me. We met some other very nice conservatives from the area, listened to and participated in Hugh Hewitt’s live broadcast. Some of the audience including the City Troll had the opportunity to make some on air comments and ask questions for Mr. Hewitt to answer. It wasn’t easy for me to get there through rush hour traffic but it was well worth the trip to meet some very nice people and make some good friends.

Hugh Hewitt

Skye, The City Troll, Hugh and Monica share a laugh

Skye, Jennifer and Monica


Mike's America said...

Sounds like you all had fun.

I can't figure out whether Hewitt has the program linked on Town Hall or not:

MonicaR said...

Great entry, Jennifer. We had a great time and it was a lot of fun to finally meet you!

J_G said...

Mike, I have to tell you that this is the first time I have listened to Hugh Hewitt and I really don't know much about him. There are so many conservative talk show hosts that I don't have time to listen to them all. Apparently Mr Hewitt's broadcast schedule is completely opposite to my schedule of listening to the radio. It was very interesting but I was mainly there to meet Skye, Monica and The City Troll.

I'd like to see Philly bloggers do more to help turn the deplorable conditions in Philadelphia around. In order to do that it's going to be neccessary to rid the highest elective offices of the people that have turned those offices into a criminal enterprise.

There has to be a better balance of political party power in order to change things in a significant way. Can anyone name the candidate running for mayor from the republican party? I can but most people have no idea because it makes little difference at this point. That has change.

It was nice Monica, I hadn't been to the the center yet and going there and meeting all of you was very interesting and fun.

Donald Douglas said...

Sounds like great fun - I love the idea of plotting the demise of liberals the world over!

J_G said...

We can't get rid of them all Douglas maybe we can start a petting zoo and study center to understand just what went wrong.

Gayle said...

I think we could study liberals until we died of old age, Jennifer, and never understand them. Who can understand people who don't think rationally? I'm a person who has always felt uncomfortable around insane people, which probably doesn't say anything good about me, but it's the truth. Insanity makes me highly uncomfortable because you don't know what an insane person is capable of. I'm not saying liberals are insane, but they seem to be as hard to figure out as any insane person would be, so perhaps there's a commonality there.

I'm glad you had an enjoyable time, and I'm not really familiar with Hugh Hewitt either. There's so much going on and so little time!

Skye said...


I can't believe it is Saturday, almost Sunday and I'm finally working on my review of Thursday night.

The pictures you have posted are fabulous!!! And as much as I enjoy Hugh Hewitt, it was the people that made the night.

You are correct in your assessment that there needs to be a better balance politically in Philly. Have the Republican Party abandoned this city?

If you have time, I would like to forward you a draft proposal written by Kevin Kelly - the former president of The Young Republican - detailing a strategy to rebuild the Republican party in Philly.

It is quite lengthy and he is looking for thoughts, opinions or constructive criticism to help build a stronger game plan.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

this is the first time I have listened to Hugh Hewitt and I really don't know much about him.


Hugh Hewitt is one of my first listens into conservative talk radio, and the person who I first learned about blogs from (Rathergate and Christmas in Cambodia); also the person who first got me to thinking about starting a blog (it took Gary at Ex-Donkey Blog to make me think "I can do this!"). This was around 2004, when things looked dismal. Hewitt never waivered in his optimism, and it didn't just seem like empty optimism. He'd look at the numbers and polling data, and make you feel good, that things were ok for Bush.

Hewitt regularly has on Congressmen and journalists; and being a law professor, he had on some great Constitutional law professors debating the NSA surveillance programs and FISA. He's been a spearhead in promoting and lending credibility to political blogs.

Sometimes I'm bored; but I really think the level of discourse is far above most radio shows. Other times, I've found him funny as hell. He can be very good-natured in his skewering of the left, like someone who is able to boo the opposing football team, and still go out for a beer at the end of the game.

One of the funniest hours I remember, while in the car, was "talk like a pirate day". I believe this was in 2004. I laughed so much, and the callers were perfect (they were supposed to talk like a pirate, or he'd hang up on them, regardless of whether they had a good point to bring up or not).

My other favorite is Michael Medved.

Glad you were all able to get together. Sounds like great company.

J_G said...

Gayle, I think sometimes we confuse people that suffer from the dreaded Bush Derangement Syndrome with people that are truly insane. Having said that though I think that people like John Edwards who are uncomfortable being around gays and expect those same people to turn out to vote for him demonstrate the characteristics of real insanity. This was pointed out to me by friends of mine that are gay and are smitten by Obama.(someday I've got to right a book on humorous political anomalies) Thanks for dropping by.

Skye, go ahead and forward that plan to me. I'd like to take a look at it and ad my opinions and ideas. I have plenty to ad after all these years of being so frustrated with the republicans abandoning the city.

Rudy Guilianni was able to clean up 42nd street when he was mayor of NYC and I believe there is someone out there that can clean up the filth the democrats have created under Billy Penn's feet.

Thanks for organizing our little Philly bloggers meeting and inviting me to meet with you. I think there are quite a few Philly bloggers that feel the same way as we do!

J_G said...

Word, Mr Hewitt gave us a little background of his experiences during the show. He seems to be very well spoken and very thoughtful. Some radio show hosts (most smaller market locals) espouse venom and vitriol and I'm fed up with that from those on the extreme left and extreme right. Don't get me wrong, I'm no wishy-washy moderate but I think if you use reason and logic to counter the emtionalism and hysteria of the left then you can win over the wishy-washy moderates. Mr Hewitt seems to do a good job of promoting reason and logic.

We have a big market for conservative talk radio in the southeatern region of Pennsylvania around Philadelphia. We now have two AM talk radio stations. I have XM Radio in my pickup truck and I'm able to listen to a whole host of programs from all over the country. I was very skeptical about having to pay for another service when I bought my pickup but it has turned out to be very good for me.

We had talk like a Pirate day too! That was so funny and all of us Navy types at work wore eye patches and headscarfs and one guy even found a stuffed parrot. They need to do that again because it was so much fun. There is still a stuffed "Pirate Snoopy and Woodstock" sitting on top of our soda machine in the lunchroom. aaarrrggg;-)

Joanne said...


You are head and shoulders above everyone.

Literally and figuratively.

Tall women rock!

SusieQ said...

I have heard of Hewitt and I think I have listened to his show a few times, but like you, Jenni, his radio show schedule doesn't coincide with my radio listening schedule.

Someone mentioned Michael Medved. I listen to him quite often and like him.

Ha,I hadn't heard the term "Bush Derangement Syndrome" before although I knew the disorder existed. Something funny I heard not long ago went like this: "If Bush said it, it mustn't be true."

Glad you got to meet some of your conservative blogging friends. It is nice you could get together in the flesh.

J_G said...

Joanne, my whole family was tall. My Mother and her Mother were the only ones that was under six feet tall and Mom was only a couple of inches shy of that. My Dad's sister was taller than my Dad. She was 6'1" and her son was 6'5" and wore a size 14 shoe. It must be something in the water around here :-) My fellow Philly bloggers are very nice people and are very earnest about changing things for the better when it comes to Philadelphia.

Susie, hopefully one of these days I'll be able to post pictures on this blog with captions like "Susie and Jennifer..." or Joanne and Jennifer...". I'm a true adventurer and nothing or anyone is too far away but it always seems to boil down to timing though.

We have a couple of local radio hosts that I like. I was a guest on Dom Giardano's show about two and half years ago. Philly people know who he is and he is quite popular because he a very good host and digs deep to find answers no matter what the answer turns out to be. We discussed issues about the tranportation industry in the Philadelphia area. I know a little about it.

patterns of ink said...

It was Hugh Hewitt that motivated me to begin my blog. He used to have me POI (and lots of others) on his side bar back in 2004. Looks like a great event.

concerned citizen said...

Sounds like you had a great time. :)

J_G said...

Did Hugh take you out of the sidebar Tom? That's a shame if he did because you have some very good stories that are very well written.

Welcome back Concerned Citizen you did good!

Paul F. said...

I try not to argue with women who are taller than me. Sorry, I have nothing interesting to say....or snide for that matter.

J_G said...

That's Ok Paul, your Beagle makes me laugh. I saw a picture of you at your place and I am taller. Did you know the taller person usually wins the election.

Marie's Two Cents said...

It looks like y'all had a great time, it must have been great to meet Hugh.

I too am for the demise of Liberals worldwide ;-)

J_G said...

Hey Marie, welcome back Lady!!!!

I sure wish you had been there Marie, they were passing the microphone around and I'm sure you would have had something interesting to add.

I'm working up a new post for the weekend. I've been commenting serious comments at the regular places and I think I'm almost back up to speed.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

How tall are you, jennifer? I'm short, but am a David to most Goliaths.

J_G said...

As far as I'm concerned Word, you're a giant.

I'm taller than my Aunt Mary Louise and shorter than her son (my cousin);-)

Skye said...

Just checking in post new PC tower installation!

Vista is not rocking my world....

J_G said...

Skye, It appears Vista has more security than most with a bit of common sense need. The security features use up a lot of memory slowing things down. I prefer my set up with thrid party security ware and my own settings.

Mike's America said...

We don't get Hugh Hewitt down here. But I've read some of the stuff he's written and Wordsmith is always talking about him.

They did eventually add the audio from the meeting to the web site.

Tom the Redhunter said...

Very cool. I don't listen to Hewitt's radio show, but find his website full of good info.

You mention having been at the Gathering of Eagles event last March. Are you going to be able to make it to WDC this Sept 15? We're hoping for a repeat performance. The ANSWER leftards have a permit as do we. It should be another wild day. I know life is busy, but if you can make it that would be great.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I'm taller than my Aunt Mary Louise and shorter than her son (my cousin);-)

That's like me with the kids, when they ask me my age. I use the Miracle on 42nd St Kris Kringle answer: As old as my tongue; a little older than my teeth.

J_G said...

Tom the Redhunter, I may be able to make again to Washington DC. I will try and move my shedule around so I can make it there. Thanks for stopping by.

Word, I thought you get a chuckle out of that answer. Sometimes I'm in stores and I will have other women that aren't quite as verically gifted as me ask me to get something off the shelf for them. I don't mind, it reminds of my Grnadmother who used to call me up ask me to come over to talk and have tea. When I got there I would say to her "Grandmother you make the tea and what is it that you need me to reach for you?" We would both laugh about it;-)