Monday, August 20, 2007

Last Laugh

Karl Rove

It was just last week that Presidential adviser Karl Rove announced that he was going to resign from the staff of the President. Mr. Rove gave the obligatory reasons of wanting to spend more time with his family as the reason for leaving. I’m sure that has something to do with his leaving but that is pretty much a canned and standard answer to questions about leaving the type of position Mr. Rove held.

Now that Mr. Rove has announced his resignation the left-wing pundits and journalist that sell themselves to be kind, considerate and compassionate have practically lost their minds with their display of hate and scorn for this man. Karl Rove was an astute political adviser to the President and he does not deserve the hate the left-wing journalists and political pundits have assigned to every story they write concerning Mr. Rove. Mr. Rove is guilty of calling up the Republican base to come out to support the President in tough times when that support was needed. That is a fair and smart way to handle things and the left-wing loses its collective mind when the conservative base comes out because the left knows they have nothing that can counter the conservative base. The base I am speaking of is the Christian conservatives, second amendment supporters, fiscal conservatives and a majority of the veteran community.

Over the past weekend I didn’t have much time to listen to or watch the political pundit shows I normally watch but I did see a few so-called mainstream newscasts on the telly. The newsreaders voices and body language were dripping with hate and scorn for this man that has been a trusted adviser to our President for so many years. Mr. Rove is not demonic nor is he an evil man; he is just a man if not a very intelligent man at that. Karl Rove was able to beat the liberals and they still can’t get over it. I think he has the last laugh on them

I really have no strong opinions about Mr. Rove, he is a man and I treat him as I would any other. I do think the left-wing is quite ridiculous and childish with their hate for this man.

An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog

GOOD people all, of every sort,
Give ear unto my song,
And if you find it wondrous short,
It cannot hold you long.
In Islington there was a man,
Of whom the world might say,
That still a godly race he ran,
Whene'er he went to pray.
A kind and gentle heart he had,
To comfort friends and foes;
The naked every day he clad,
When he put on his clothes.
And in that town a dog was found,
As many dogs there be,
Both mongrel, puppy, whelp, and hound,
And curs of low degree.
This dog and man at first were friends;
But when a pique began,
The dog, to gain his private ends,
Went mad, and bit the man.
Around from all the neighboring streets
The wond'ring neighbors ran,
And swore the dog had lost his wits,
To bite so good a man.
The wound it seem'd both sore and sad
To every Christian eye;
And while they swore the dog was mad,
They swore the man would die.
But soon a wonder came to light,
That show'd the rogues they lied:
The man recover'd of the bite --
The dog it was that died.

Oliver Goldsmith


J_G said...

Somebody must of clogged up the toilet it seems to have backed up. Dang, where the heck did I put that drain cleaner. Oh here it is glug, glug, bawooosh!

J_G said...

Dear friends, I have enabled comment moderation until the child molester Kevron gets put back in jail. Sorry for the inconvenience.

patterns of ink said...

It is amazing the level of hate that supposedly intelligent people, journalist, and op-ed writers are hurling these days. Rove's press flurry is just one example.

Tom the Redhunter said...

The left hates Rove because he was very effective. It's about that simple.

As for Kevron, I can't blame you for deleting him. I've seen him over at Mike's America, and followed one of his comments to his blog. The blog itself is pretty pathetic, but the comments from his leftie friends are so bad they're actually worth reading.

MonicaR said...

Love the poem.

No, no, Jennifer! Rove is not just a man! He is a puppetmaster!


J_G said...

Tom, Karl Rove is a political strategist and the left had and still has no one to counter him. Bill Clinton needed a whole team of people that woke up every morning thinking up ways of "how can we fool the people today?" Karl Rove figured out how they fooled every one and pointed it out. That's what get the hate juices flowing in supposed fair minded journalists.

Tom the Redhunter, I don't have to put up with child molesters here. He has bothered both Marie and I before. It goes way beyond classifying a person like kevron and his friends liberals, it now goes into the realm of good and evil.

Monica, they called Karl Rove George Bush's brain. That's because the left can never admit Bush is much smarter than them so they used the press to further that idea at every possible chance. See, the left considers itself intellectually superior to everyone else and it is impossible for them to accept someone living on a ranch in Texas (flyover country)to be intelligent enough to be president. Thanks for stopping by.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Much to the Dimented Rage of the Liberal Loones, Rove wasnt handcuffed and led out by the FBI.

Paul F. said...

Honestly, I lean to the left and I don't even think about him at all.

J_G said...

Yea Marie, guys like Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman and their whole political cocktail circuit were fit to be tied when Rove wasn't indicted and Scooter Libby was.

Paul, you have the right response. It makes little difference what Karl Rove does in the lives of the average person. He was an adviser for goodness sakes. All of the non-sense was the elitists squabbling over some Brie like a pack of dogs.

SusieQ said...

As Tom said, the level of hatred that comes from some people on the left in this country boggles the mind. I don't understand how they can be this way.

Their rationale for why Bush does this and that amounts to pure fantasy without a smidgeon of fact to support it. The effect is that a person who is level-headed is driven away from any political discussion with these people.

I am not well informed politically. It is too time consuming and complicated for my blood. This is one reason I appreciate you so much, Jenni, and all the hard work you put into understanding what is going on in the world of politics. I know I can come to your blog and get the true scoop.

J_G said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence Susie. I try and get to the bottom of things without all the filters from the press. It's hard find the Truth sometimes because everyone has a vested interest in the way things turn out. The democrats have invested everything in America's defeat in Iraq. That becomes more and more apparent every day. This man Karl Rove could give advice to the president but ultimately it's up to the president to decide on what to do.

I think Mr.Rove was giving bad advice to the president about illegals aliens and the president took a huge loss from deciding to go with that bad advice. Americans want the border secured and illegals rounded up and sent home. In other words "no aminista"!

Most Americans want an orderly immigration process because we understand we need immigration. Chaos and confusion in our immigration process is not going to cut the mustard any longer and Most Latinos are not going to vote for republicans and it was so foolish to even consider that ridiculous notion. Mr. Rove I believe, advised himself right out of a job.

Mike's America said...

I'm so ticked at Fox News. Karl was on the Fox News Sunday program and I usually try and catch the rebroadcast on the News channel later in the day.

But of course whenever a celebrity breaks a finger nail, or a mine collapses or their's a hurricane hundreds of miles from the U.S. they always pre-empt the rebroadcast with hours of endless repeating of Breaking News.

Anyway: Karl's legacy is mixed. He failed in what he wanted most and that was a political realignment.

The "new tone" which he felt would bring moderates over to our side was a monumental failure.

J_G said...

Mike, what's up with that anyway? I started to notice the over coverage of the same subject and excluding all other news during the bridge collapse. I felt bad for those people and I would help in anyway I could but the 24 hour coverage was unwarranted and unnecessary. It was going on at every news channel and not just Fox, you'd think Fox would know better since they claim to cater to more intelligent people looking for more balanced news reporting.