Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gathering of Eagles II

Eagles begin to gather under early morning sky in Washington D.C.

US Navy Seal Mom (on stage in pink to left)

American Flags flyin' high and proud!

Eagles gearing up

On Saturday September 15, 2007 in Washington D.C. the Gathering of Eagles got together again to bring a counter demonstration to the anti-war protestors. The numbers I have seen varied widely for both groups in the mainstream media but I and a few others that were there agreed that the Gathering of Eagles was about 2000 and the anti-war protestors about 5000 -7000. The Gathering of Eagles was made up mainly of veterans, their families and the supporters of the troops. Most of the Gathering of Eagles participants have traveled from across the country to be in Washington D.C. to counter the anti war protests. The anti war protestors were made up of mainly college age adults from the Washington D.C. area, some disgruntled Iraq war veterans and they also utilized a fair amount of some young school aged children. Of course what would a protest be without some leftover gray and aged anti-Vietnam war era protestors that completely hate America? They came to spew what little venom they have left and to pass onto a new generation the hate they have for anything that makes America look like the great nation that it is.

The Gathering of Eagles held their morning rally on the National Mall between the Capitol and the Washington Monument just east of the Smithsonian Institute. It was a somewhat breezy morning and the abundance of American and American military flags snapped briskly in the stiff morning breeze. After getting things organized on the stage there was a host of speakers making speeches to rally the troops for the afternoon melee. Later we would man the barricades to show the anti-war protesters they do not control the streets or the debate despite all the attention they are provided by the mainstream media. Some of the speakers at the Gathering of Eagles rally included Congressman Duncan Hunter, Iraqi war veteran Mom Deborah Johns, Melanie Morgan of Moving America Forward and the mother of a Navy Seal that gave his life trying to save a fellow Navy Seal. The story she told of her brave son was very compelling and I was awestruck by her strength of character.

After the rally it was down to Pennsylvania Ave to man the barricades to confront the protesters. We had to wait for quite some time for the organizers to get their motley bunch of miscreants moving down Pennsylvania Ave but they finally came with their yellow and orange signs with all types of messages on them. I stopped a few protesters to argue with them to take off their masks covering their faces so I can take pictures and post them on them on the internet. After all I was willing to stand there and be photographed by all types of cameras and videos that appeared to be designed to be some type of intimidation to us. I knew then that they have very little conviction to their cause. Sure there is a hard core in there somewhere but when confronted directly face to face they quickly fall apart for the reasons why they are there. The Eagles that stood along the barricades are dedicated to their cause and it is quite apparent when push comes to shove as it did in a few places along the route.

The clownish parade ended up at the Capitol building with their planned finale of what they called a ‘die in”. I’ll let others tell you about that part of that pitiful parade of shame. I never made it to the steps of Capitol to see that act, I had other fish to fry.

I have no pictures of the events at the circle of Pennsylvania Ave. and 1st Street out in front of the Capitol that I’m about to describe because my hands were full holding onto the American flag I had brought with me. I handed out plenty of my business cards with my blog address on it so if anyone has any pictures let me know.

After an already long day I was about to start my journey home. The parade had already gone by, I confronted many protesters and I was getting tired. I had to drive home from Washington D.C. which is about three hours from where I live. Then I saw it and I became completely enraged and I was going to do something about this. Right there, in the middle of Capitol of the United States, someone was flying a flag of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic; the “Hammer and Sickle”. I headed right over to the place this flag was being flown and confronted the young men and women that had an information table set up.

The young communists where handing out leaflets. One young girl was even wearing a scarf and earrings with the Hammer and Sickle on them. There was a chorus of teenage girls chanting “the cold war was over” at me. I told them angrily “yes, the cold war was over and the Berlin wall is gone and plenty of people gave their lives to tear that wall down”. I informed them I spent 10 years of my life defending the nation from that hated Hammer and Sickle, the symbol of man's worst aggression and enslavement. Then the Cavalry came to back me up. A group of fellow veterans saw me confronting this group of communists with my American flag flying high. I ended up walking away after battering them with all the verbal abuse I could muster and soon they struck their colors and moved on. I walked across Pennsylvania Ave to continue on my journey home and two vets that had been watching this whole thing go on said to me “good job” and asked me where I had served. I told them with great pride as I did all day, to everyone else “I’m US Navy and I came to fight today, not to make peace by surrender”.

Jennifer Gallagher

Hall of Shame

I'm not impressed or intimidated al qaeda ken

Show us your face coward

I'm being paid to hold up this sign, please don't take my picture

Flying the flags of George Soros' shame and disgrace


Mike's America said...

I see they are sticking with the Halloween yellow, orange and black color scheme for their mass produced, communist paid for signage.

How appropriate!

These people are nothing more than circus freaks on parade.

J_G said...

Mike, The difference between the Veteran American patriots and the band of cartoon type clowns was so overwhelming. I cannot believe those people attempt to comapre themselves to the American Veterans I had the pleasure of being with.

dons_mind lives said...

reminiscent of the protests of the early 70s - - i was stationed here in dc from 70-72. we used to go down to the anti-war rallies in dress blues. our favorite spot was the washington monument - bunch of us would just go stand there around the monument while the protesters did whatever. hippies are hippies whether it's 1970 or 2007......

Skye said...


What a fabulous day it was! And yes, the moonbats were out in force. Good on you for your redressing of the Commie-groupie.

MonicaR said...

Oh Jennifer - this was a great report on the events of the day. Thank you so much - I'll do an entry on this and link to you. Thanks so much for going there and speaking out.

J_G said...

I considered the threat by that lone table manned by those 10 to 12 individuals to more dangerous than that whole parade of clowns and circus performers that went by earlier.

The young communists I confronted are dedicated to a belief and system of forces we worked so hard to defeat for over a half a century. I've seen these information tables before at liberal political events that I have gone to. I had to hold my breath and walk by them because I was a guest.

As much as I despise those protesters, they have no conviction to that cause. It's a fashion statement for them to go express their hate for George Bush and the US military.

Those communist are dead earnest about their beliefs and this time I made it known to them in no uncertain terms there will be at least a few of us left to fight to the death if we must, to defeat the belief system that they embrace.

MonicaR said...

I agree it's a fashion statement - they have NO IDEA what the hell it is that they are latching onto. They're unbelievably ignorant.

Anonymous said...

I was there. Gathering's showing was weak. You suck.

J_G said...

The weak ones were the ones walking in the street carrying signs. The Eagles got the message across we are here and we will defeat you and pitiful clown like terrorist sympathizers.

This is exactly what I was talking about, they won't identify themselves, they won't remove the masks that cover their lying cowardly faces.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

“I’m US Navy and I came to fight today, not to make peace by surrender”.

What a great line, Jennifer. Good on you for not making nice with the commies.

The contrast between the colors that the Eagles were flying and the ones that the moonbats had is very stark.

The anti-war movement has lost its steam. What a pathetic turnout for the clowns.

I'm sure Osama was even disappointed by it.

J_G said...

Word, The biggest difference in the two crowds was that the people or their family members carrying the American flags have already put themselves in harms way to protect the nation. Most of those carrying signs and shouting slogans wouldn't put themselves into any kind of situation that would jeopardize them getting to the next social event on their calender.

The hard core communists and anarchists in the center of this motley bunch are a real and present danger and could easily be dealt a swift and decisive blow and the rest of that movement would quickly crumble.

The Vets have already stood the test of time and blood.

Donald Douglas said...

Jennifer: This is one of the most awesome posts on the counter-demonstrations I've yet read.

Thank you so much!

I like your fine prose regarding this "motley bunch of miscreants!"

Your challenge to the neo-Leninist revolutionaries is to be highly commended. These people want to destroy America. I declere it again and again on my page.

Thank you!

Burkean Reflections

J_G said...

Thanks for your comments Donald. When I see someone flying a Hammer and Sickle I figure it's someone just trying to make a convoluted point but these people were dead serious about their beliefs. I don't mean to take away from the seriousness of dealing with the rest of the anti war protestors but it's these very people and their beliefs that are at the core of the anti war movement.

SusieQ said...

Jenni, to say I am impressed with your account of that day and your defense of our country in the face of the protesters would be an understatement. Bravo on both counts!

Thanks for sharing it all with the rest of us back home.

Gayle said...

Jennifer, to say you did good was an understatement. I'm very proud of you! I wish I could have been with you, but then perhaps not. I cannot imagine having to look at that communist flag flying in our country on our land without losing my cool completely.

As for the rest of those hippie pissants, they're pathetic and they look pathetic. You did a wonderful job on this post! :)

For Anonymous... that's exactly what he/she is. "Anonymous"... the third definition in the on line dictionary is "lacking individuality, unique character, or distinction." So Anonymous is a good fit!

patterns of ink said...

Thanks for the first-person journalism. It looks like the weather was great. It would have been hard for me to be in the midst of that second crowd. Wat to go!

TrekMedic251 said...

Anonymous = too chicken s**t to show his/her face or be seen in the company of right-minded Americans!

BTW - I heard via MaddMedic that the Nam Memorial was vandalized AGAIN!!

How come the MSM neglected to report this?

To everyone who was there:

Semper Fi from a non-active (we never retire)Marine!

J_G said...

Thanks everyone, there are literally hundreds of thousands of young men and women in the service of the country right now in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Europe, on the high seas and under it. It is so important that we support these dedicated individuals so that when they return home they will pass on the traditions that all of us here hold so dear; freedom and democracy.

It is the right of all of us to protest the actions of our government but it also the better part of our discretion to wait until we are done the fighting and bring the troops home in victory and honor to air our grievances. To have a discussion on the mistakes that were made so not to make the same mistakes again has to wait until the fighting is done.

When our troops are in the field I find it completely dishonorable and completely contemptible to be protesting. I have made that point before and I will continue to make that point again and again.

The code pinks, the move on dot orgs, the george soros funded groups of a.n.s.w.e.r.and others assist our enemies and are are no friends to the interests of America. I consider them to be the equivalent of the enemies we fight in the fields, deserts and mountains around the world.

As much as I have tried to change the way I am, I cannot change certain aspects of myself because I am a warrior and will always be a warrior. Expect me to attack the enemies of America with everything I can bring to bear upon them.

Thanks for all of your support, my friends that come here to comment are real Americans.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Most of those carrying signs and shouting slogans wouldn't put themselves into any kind of situation that would jeopardize them getting to the next social event on their calender.

When I read that, Hollywood celebrities come to mind, in light of the recent Emmys.

I saw a series of photos of them in their expensive dresses on the red carpet, all glitz and glamour, and wonder just how thankful they truly are toward those men and women who make their indulgences and excess and frivolity possible?

I'm not criticizing their wealth and what they do with it; I just wonder if they appreciate what they have and realize, to the marrow, that those soldiers who earn pittance, they owe a debt of gratitude to. Not rhetoric, but heartfelt gratitude.

J_G said...

Word, I believe that many of those that parade themselves before the cameras wearing designers dresses and Armani Tuxedos think this war is just another way to get in front of the cameras to say" look at me, look at me, I hate George Bush (now make sure you get that shot from my good side)".

Most of them could care less what the "little people" are doing other than who we are watching on our TV sets and DVD players. Except for a few good men and women, it's not the popular thing to do for movie and TV stars to go entertain the troops while they are away from home fighting a war. They would be excoriated by their fellow stars and directors if they went and entertained the troops because it would look like they approved of what George Bush was doing.

No Word, the Hollywood elite are only concerned about being accepted into their own little self serving world of theirs and nothing or no one else really matters at all to them unless it serves to promote their next film or TV show.

Paul F. said...

So, do you consider those Americans your enemies? Do you want a civil war?

Paul F. said...

United we stand, divided we fall...isn't that the old adage?

J_G said...

Most of those people I saw there at this protest have no loyalty to this cause. I proved to myself how weak their support is when I would ask them to step up and be photographed for my web page so I could tell my readers and friends just how much resolve was being displayed in this protest. If you notice in the pictures I have displayed most of those soft supporters won't show their faces. They would quickly flee if directly confronted. There were enough hard core Islamists, communists, anarchists there that I would fight until only one of us was still breathing. They would just as soon eliminate you too and I saw it in their eyes as they saw the determination and resolve in mine.

Paul F. said...

They don't scare me. I'm married to an ex-Soviet and she's not so bad even though she's an atheist. Ha Ha Ha...dammit. I'd say our aggression, as Americans, certainly matches theirs. I'm not a communist in no way, but, really, what have you to say about our "Manifest Destiny"? How does what Stalin did compare to what we did to the Indians in the 19th Century?

Soon you shall see men again drinking from the skulls of their enemies. We are not much different than the barbarians that roamed the ancient Germanic forests in the dark ages. We are barely even civilized as a race.

Sure, we have to do a good job over there now that we are in this crappy "war", if that's what you wanna call it. But that doesn't mean that we weren't lied to by Dubya. Do you really think he "won" that election in 2000? Yes, of course you do. You believe it with every ounce of your being. You have to. I don't. I see things quite clearly. I feel like my intelligence is being insulted every time that "president" speaks. I don't appreciate being lied to and I hope he pays for all the damage he has caused in this world just so that he can secure his oil profits for him and his cohorts.

You see, the whole collective conscience of mankind has to evolve. Until then, there will always be dischord and disagreement.

I do agree they are wimps if they have to hide from the camera. You know where I stand on this issue, and I would never hide. Now...let's see how many names you all can call me....

J_G said...

I don't need to idenify you Paul, you've done that well enough on your own. You have bought the whole story put out by the left in this country hook, line and sinker and that's a shame. I thought you were more intelligent than that but you have proven me wrong.

If you believe George Bush sent troops to Iraq to secure oil profits for himself, the media can pat themselves on the back because they have succeeded in their endeavor. If you believe that algore won the 2000 election and Bush stole the election then you are no more an independent thinker than any one of those people that merrily followed the George Soros pied pipers leading that clown parade I witnessed on Saturday.

There is a big difference between the actions of Joe Stalin and the way the US goes about treating it's enemies and it's own people and for you to even consider comparing him to anything the US has done is completely beyond the realm of reality.

I ask why you would even bother coming here and not just skip this blog and go right over to moveon or daily kos where they speak your language and espouse what you believe.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

How does what Stalin did compare to what we did to the Indians in the 19th Century?

Well, in terms of numbers, I challenge the Ward Churchill citation of figures on how many Indians were killed by the "white man".

In addition to that, more Indians perished from highly contagious diseases (yes, Europeans brought disease, just as they received it too, from the Indians) than through "genocide".

I'm not excusing what we did; but I think the comparison to what Stalin did, is rather stark and obvious in difference.

Now...let's see how many names you all can call me....'re a poo-poo head?

Why would I call you names?

J_G said...

Well Word, Paul has a selective memory when it comes to what I have said about the injustices done to the American Indians. I have constantly condemned people like Andrew Jackson for perpetrating one of the worst atrocities on American Indians that can be cited. "The Trail of Tears" was a shameful illegal act and it is not something that any American can be proud of. Paul has been reading my blog and seeing my comments for longer than most of you here execpt for Susie and a few others and he knows that I have condemned such actions by the American government.

Having said that though, what was done to the American Indians is really bad but pales in comparison to the atrocities that were committed by Joe Stalin and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin under the banner of the Hammer and Sickle.

The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Thanks fer th` prompt response, swabbie buccaneer! RRRRRRR!

Paul F. said...

I know how you feel about certain issues and I come here to get the straight dope from the right. I respect what you have to say and I feel that you are actually a barometer for the right conservatives. I also read the Language Guy, as you know, and he swings way to the left. I just lean to the left. I'm not really a liberal or conservative by definition. I'm sorry if I ask questions, I'm just trying to understand what makes certain people tick. I just had a war of words with LG too and he is also very disappointed with what I had to say about illegal aliens. Of course good old LT had to chime in a mock my Christianity like she always does. Hey, I never claimed to be a great Christian. I just don't know what else to call myself (this is where Word throws a jab).

I just see things at face value. I do believe we should support the troops, but on the same token, I do not support Dubya at all. I just see no connection between Iraq and the Twin Towers falling. I understand taking out the Taliban and chasing Bin Laden to his death, but he's still alive, isn't he? Or is he? I see a strong connection between Saudi Arabia and the Twin Towers falling because most of those terrorists were actually Saudi Arabians. So how do you feel about Saudi Arabians?

I'm not condoning what Stalin did and I think he was a terrible monster. But right now, the world sees America as the monster. That sucks because before we invaded Iraq, America was held in high esteem throughout the world.

You can go ahead and insult my intelligence, but I am not going to moveon. I don't even know what that is. I don't go to those places and I've never heard of George Soros. Do they even matter?
I don't consider myself an independent thinker, I consider myself a rational thinker. I look at the rational and make a decision based on logic. Believing that what Dubya says to me is truth is both irrational and illogical.

If you prefer though, I will just lurk around now and then and stay quiet for the most part. I'm not a troll. This blog is just for like-minded people that speak the same language and espouse what each other believes. I'm OK with that. Nevertheless, I still like hearing what you have to say because I am more interested in the psychological aspects of it all rather than the actual issues. I love anf hate you all equally. So there you go.

J_G said...

You can speak up if you want Paul, I have never had a problem with that. Just expect me to say what I'm thinking because that's what I do.

Moveon .org is a anti American organization that originated from the impeachment hearings and is the main driving force behind most democrat politicians now. George Soros is an international promoter of socialism that made his fortune on currency exchange. He funds far left politicians.

The world does not see the US as the monster that Stalin was. That's the idea you get from the media you are reading. Only certain countries feel that way because they hate us and what we stand for.

They just tossed the French Prez Chirac out of office and put someone in that is friendly to the US as Germany did two years ago. If it weren't for us the Europeans would be on their knees slaving to allah in what is called Dhimmitude.

Figure out what all those ideas and words are Paul. You're missing a big part of the picture. I'll try and not sound so aggressive next time with you but I'm in war mode.

Paul F. said...

That's cool. I like to hear what you say. I'd like to say, yes, we did help win World War 2, but, really, the Russians lost 9 million people in that war and did 80% of the job beating the Germans and 100% of the job on the eastern front. We did a lot too, no doubt. My wife disagrees but she's biased and understates our part in that war, but I've convinced her that we did a lot too. She has really opened my eyes to that part of the world and it is really more interesting than I could have ever even imagined. Have a good one.

Paul F. said...

Oh yeah, I hear what your saying about the left and I'll be checking out what you're telling me here too. I'll be watching....

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

But right now, the world sees America as the monster. That sucks because before we invaded Iraq, America was held in high esteem throughout the world.

I agree with Jennifer, that the world does not see us as monsters.

That being said, anti-Americanism has been around long before President Bush stepped into office.

Perhaps this will make you feel a bit better, that not everything is glass half empty:

sustained contact with the American military – even in an explosively violent combat zone –convinced these Iraqis that Americans are very different people from what they had been led to believe. They finally figured out that the Americans truly want to help and are not there to oppress them or steal from them. And the Americans slowly learned how Iraqi culture works and how to blend in rather than barge in.

“We hand out care packages from the U.S. to Iraqis now that the area has been cleared of terrorists,” one Marine told me. “When we tell them that some of these packages aren’t from the military or the government, that they were donated by average American citizens in places like Kansas, people choke up and sometimes even cry. They just can’t comprehend it. It is so different from the lies they were told about us and how we’re supposed to be evil.”

It is never hopeless; and even bad decisions can produce the fruits of positive results, in the end.

I think time will tell...that history will vindicate some of the decisions of George W. Bush as it has Harry S Truman.

Marie's Two Cents said...

I hope you took me along in spirit Jenn :-)

I was watching the news and saw the police were getting ready to spray the commie side with rubber bullets and tear gas lol

Friggen Freaks

J_G said...

Yep you were Marie. I started reading the comments from my posts backwards so I answered all your comments before I got here. Its been one of those days today.