Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Road to Surrender


Gayle said...

Is it your intention to make the point that the road to surrender is doing nothing, because that's all I'm getting... A post with nothing on it except for the color blue. I'm thinking you may have a video posted here that's not coming up for some reason. If not, then you are saying the Democrats are the road to surrender because their color is blue, which makes a very good point indeed! :)

Marie's Two Cents said...


That Video is a hoot!

There is a Video there Gayle lol

J_G said...

Gayle, there is a You Tube video there. It's a satirical skit with Dennis Praeger from the Half hour News Hour on Fox.

It may just be a temporary problem with You Tube but if you keep getting a message that you need to update your Flash Player to watch You Tube Videos you may need to update your Flash Player that is needed to play You Tube. You can go here to update your Flash Player.

I have discovered that there is a problem with updating the Adobe Flash Player because of the many variables with so many different computers and systems.

You can actually update the player through a file on your computer too. I have a registry cleaning tool that damaged my Flash player every time I ran the cleaner. I found this method from an Adobe Forum because I'm not the only one that is experiencing the difficulty with Adobe Flash updating.

Double left click My Computer,

Double left click the drive where Windows is installed(usually c: or d:)

Double left Click on the Windows folder (you may have to click on "display the contents of this folder" to the left if you don't have "display hidden system files in "folder options")

Scroll down and double left Click on the System 32 folder.

Scroll down again and double left click on Macromed

Double left left click on the Flash folder

And finally double left click on the Flash 9 Utility (Its' a gray icon with an F in the middle of it)
This will update your Flash player that is need to watch You Tube.

In Geek language it looks like this

C:/Windows/System 32/Macromed/Flash/Flash9 Utility.

I hope that helps everyone that has been experiencing the annoying problem that Adobe has yet to address since they bought the rights to the Macromedia players.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Wow! I should place an order now, before supplies run out, on behalf of arthur stone and ken hoop! Anyone know their credit card information?

J_G said...

Word I think you may have to order a couple of sets for al qaeda ken and ship them to Iran or a college campus for pick up.

arthur may be able to trade a glow in the dark velvet Elvis and a smoking Johnny Cash for a set.

Get em while they last all you surrender monkeys.

SusieQ said...

LOL...appeasement in their eyes. It doesn't get much funnier than that.

I think I'll order several sets of these plates so that I can throw them on the floor and break them like the Greeks do with their plates only I'd be doing it for a different reason.

J_G said...

Some of the stuff you find out there on the internet is just too funny to pass up Susie.

Don't the Greeks break plates at Weddings?

You know there actually is a law in the PA firearms code that you cannot use the image of the President on targets for target practice. It's only enforced by the more reputable gun ranges but these plates have given me an idea. There's nothing in the code about plates for target practice with non Presidential images;-)

Dave Miller said...

Funny stuff and great satire. I also thought your comments about the Democratic reluctance to debate on FOX wre good.

I do not think this disqualifies them, or makes them less capable, but it certainly makes one wonder why they wouldn't.

I hope as we draw neared to the actual primaries, they rethink their views on this issue.

J_G said...

Thanks for your comments Dave. I think I remember you stopping by about a year or two ago.

What's life if you can't have a good laugh? The situation in Iraq is very serious but the acrobatic act some of the politicians perform to get their points across is quite humorous at times.

It's not just that the democrats won't debate on Fox News it's their general lack of knowledge and understanding of the issues that keeps them from being qualified to be President.

If there was a democrat that even comes close to being qualified and has the neccessary experience it's Governor Bill Richarson. The rest are just taking up valuble time space. The democrat front runners are not serious candidates to be considered for president.