Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time for "Move On" to be Gone

The Seven Dwarfs on the Move On.org payroll

I think as most decent Americans do that it is time to put an end to the extremist antics of Move On .org. The sleazy George Soros funded organization Move On .org attempted to slander the character of our leading General in Iraq with an ad in the New York Times yesterday. It did not work; anyone with a brain can see this was an underhanded political stunt engineered to attempt to undermine the credibility of this dignified and honorable man, General David H. Petraeus. The General was in Washington yesterday to report to Congress on the progress of the military surge that has been going on Iraq. The General gave the facts as he sees them and did not mince words. In his view the surge has made progress but there is still a ways to go. The surge is working but not as quickly or efficiently as anyone would like. This is the nature of military operations. In order to accomplish your objective militarily you must defeat an enemy that is constantly trying to defeat you. The General gave specifics, read about it here Christian Science Monitor and here for the details on why the general had to make a report to Congress Petraeus Report

The despicable antics of the full page ad in the New York Times have brought shame to the democrat party that gorges itself on political blood money from this treacherous organization. Its time the democrats take this opportunity right now to relinquish all the dirty blood money they have received from this organization and we will try to reconcile our own country. If not there will be a continued state of war with democrats until they separate themselves from these anti American jackals. Please call your elected democrat representatives today and tell them you don’t want them to represent Move On .org, you want them to represent you. Tell your representative to return all of the dirty and traitorous blood money they may have received from the George Soros funded Move On .org. Lets return America to Americans and lets attempt to bring the Democrat party back to being a loyal and honorable party for their sake and the sake of America.

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