Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tough Questions

Matthew Clarkson_Gilbert Stuart

Tonight during the Republican debates on Fox News the candidates had to answer some pretty tough questions from moderators Brit Hume, Chris Wallace and Wendell Goler. Some of the candidates did well and the others well, let’s just say they won’t be sitting at the desk in the Oval office any time soon. I think it’s a very good thing that the candidates answer the most difficult questions the moderators can come up with. The Fox News team did not disappoint in their effort to accomplish that. Brit Hume asked them all what they would do in the situation if we believed Iran had developed a nuclear weapon. Some of the candidates fumbled for words and weren’t able to give a concise answer. John McCain sounded very confident when it came to expressing his answer. Mitt Romney sounded fairly sure of himself and so did Rudy Giuliani. Mike Huckabee sounded very knowledgeable and thoughtful too. I thought that Congressman Duncan Hunter sounded good in the first few debates but the more I watch the more I understand that he is a good congressman and we need good men like him in Congress. Tom Tancredo is a one issue candidate and Ron Paul well; let’s just say that the Republicans are very gracious for letting a man with little or no knowledge of foreign affairs and American history to participate in a Presidential campaign.

It has been my opinion for a very long time that if you want to be in an important office like the President of the United States you have to be able to answer tough questions. I don’t think a single democrat candidate is qualified because none of them have been asked any tough questions yet. The democrats refuse to come on the Fox News debates because they know they will expose themselves to tough questions they cannot possibly answer because they have no depth or knowledge of the real issues that concern the country. If the democrats refuse to answer tough questions from the likes of Brit Hume, an American how can we expect the democrats to be able to stand up to the likes of Iran or North Korea?

The only clear cut winner in the debate I watched this evening was the American people. The Republican candidates except for Ron Paul showed themselves to be up for the job and ready to tackle the tough issues of our times.

Thank you Brit Hume, Chris Wallace and Wendell Goler for a very good job.

Once more, my now bewildered Dove

Once more, my now bewildered Dove
Bestirs her puzzled wings
Once more her mistress, on the deep
Her troubled question flings --

Thrice to the floating casement
The Patriarch's bird returned,
Courage! My brave Columbia!
There may yet be land

Emily Dickinson


Gayle said...

I was quite impressed with Huckabee last night and still can't figure out why Paul believes he's a Republican. Sheesh! I'm still not making up my mind yet. Can't figure out why Thompson waited to declare until after this debate, but I suppose we'll learn more soon.

Anyway, I'm still on hold and not backing anyone 1,000% yet! :)

J_G said...

Gayle, Mike Huckabee should be in the top tier of the candidates now. He's had a hard time get noticed but he's making all the great comebacks and slapping the deer in the headlights Paul around just cause it needs to be done. That guy knows no more about the constitution than Mrs. Clinton does about health care.

Anyway Fred Thompson has a long way to go to prove he's worthy to me. For me it's now been narrowed to Rudy, Huckabee and Romney. Remember, the person Republicans choose has to be able to beat Mrs. Bill Clinton

Marie's Two Cents said...

I thought McCain was the clear winner of the debate.

Even though I disagree with him on ALOT of issues he seemed relaxed and straight forward and stuck to his guns.

Democrats are to chicken to go on Fox News like you said because they would be open to some pretty tough questions.

And that's really stupid on the Democrats part because the Debate on Fox News blew away all the competition out there. It even beat Larry King interviewing Former President Clinton!

As for Ron Paul I wish he would just go away. Nutball

SusieQ said...

I thought McCain was straight forward with his answers. He seemed to be in good form last night.

I don't know either why Ron Paul is involved except that he represents the Libertarian point of view and they are closer to the Republicans than the Democrats in their political philosophy.

My husband is impressed with Thomspon. I have not been exposed to him enough to have formed an opinion. Will have to check out his website.

J_G said...

Susie, McCain did sound good last night and he had his name mentioned in a god way from most of the other cadidates last night too. McCain does deserve some respect but I do think it's too late for him to make up for the mistakes he's made siding with Kennedy and creating the McCain Feingold debacle limiting our freedom of speech during political campaigns. Secretary of Defense under the next Prez, yup. Prez, no way I'm voting for him.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I don't know either why Ron Paul is involved

Comic relief?