Sunday, September 02, 2007

War at Home

We now have a full fledged war declared here in America. Ultra leftwing Hollywood producers and actors have declared war on American troops at home. It’s not bad enough we have to send our military to war to defend our freedoms against a ruthless and savage enemy but now they have to be defended from an enemy here at home

Ultra left wing Hollywood producer Brian De Palma released his new film “Redacted” over the weekend at the Venice Film festival. It is one of at least eight American films on the war in Iraq due for release in the next few months and the first of two movies on the conflict screening in Venice's main competition. De Palma claims it is inspired by a serious crime that was committed by American soldiers in Iraq. It depicts a rape of a 14 year old Iraqi girl and the murder of some of her family members by US Army soldiers.

The soldiers that committed these crimes were caught, stood trial and were punished (News Report). This story is an exception to the conduct of US military personnel fighting in Iraq. It appears that De Palma thinks that if he paints the US military with the broad brush of widespread abuse of the Iraqis that somehow the United States military is just going to throw down it arms and runaway. We're sorry to disappoint you Mr. De Palma it’s just not going to happen that way. We are going to be there until the Iraqis are ready to stand on their own and we will leave Iraq better than we found it, anything less is untenable.

The US military has conducted itself in an honorable manner while fighting a ruthless enemy that cares little about life with mass murders of civilians and police with bombs and beheadings. Why is it that Brian De Palma is siding with the enemy to give the impression that crimes committed by a few individuals are widespread throughout Iraq? It makes no sense that a man, supposedly an American man, would attempt to discredit the very people that provide him with the freedom to make such films. I don’t know what the penalty should be for someone that does such a thing but he has my full attention and now I'm pissed off. I do know there has to be something done, we cannot let this go unanswered.

During previous wars there were people like Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally to broadcast anti American propaganda. Since then there has been Jane Fonda and Walter Cronkite during the war in Vietnam and now Brian De Palma doing the work that our enemies used to do all on their own.

There was a man who lived a life of fire

There was a man who lived a life of fire.
Even upon the fabric of time,
Where purple becomes orange
And orange purple,
This life glowed,
A dire red stain, indelible;
Yet when he was dead,
He saw that he had not lived.

Stephen Crane


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Since then there has been Jane Fonda and Walter Cronkite during the war in Vietnam and now Brian De Palma doing the work that our enemies used to do all on their own.

The problem is, many have the mindset of those like the other director, Haggis, who says, ""During the Vietnam war, we had terrific journalists doing their job, reporting on things that we didn't want to hear ... Now we don't have that."

He thinks guys reporting their perspective on the war like Cronkite were doing "good reporting".

Gruesome images don't tell the whole story. And since most people are sheep, with no stomach for facing violence, all you do in "bringing the war home to them", is to take the fight out of most decent, normal citizens. But if one really wants to take the more mature, responsible approach, avoidance of conflict will not end conflict; more violence will be invited, from the side that sought out the violence to begin with.

dons_mind said...

unfortunately, one of the things that we who served and who continue toserve (now, so well and proudly) includes the rights of people like dipalma to say/produce/write/publish/make/or otherwise construe and to do so freely. doesn't make it right - doesn't mean we have to agree - and certainly gives me the right not to watch/buy or otherwise support his trash - and certainly gives us just as much right to loudly proclaim his ignorance. you do that well in this post. we have to let it be known that actions like this are certainly not reflective of military society and those military members who take such actions are punished iaw with military law.

J_G said...

Word and Don, I've had a long time to consider these circumstances. Ever since Vietnam I have realized that the media is not a tool for disseminating the news. It became a tool to advocate a political position for those that were against the war in Vietnam.

In my group of mostly middle class friends this was often discussed at length. You see, my Father as did many of my friend's Fathers served in WWII and they remembered and talked about Tokyo Rose / Orphan Ann (her real name is Iva Toguri), Axis Sally, T.S.Elliot, Ezra Pound and more. These people were part of the Axis power's concerted effort to demoralize the American and Allied forces.

In Vietnam there was Radio Hanoi and that was broadcast by North Vietnamese. All these broadcasts were what they call now "psyops" or psychological warfare.

De Palma is trying to pull off, albeit in a more sophisticated and underhanded way the same type of propaganda as Jane Fonda when she had her picture taken in the North Vietnamese AA gun in Hanoi. I think more needs to be done to show that as Americans we should not tolerate backstabbers as such.

Like I mentioned before I've had a lot of time to think about this and research some of people that have been propaganda tools for the enemy and there is no clear cut cure for it. De Palma knows this because he is a weasel and is using his cinematic talents to show just how much of a weasel he is.

More to come later about this because it is complicated and important that it be resolved.

American Interests said...

I addressed this at the Burkean Reflections site. As I wrote there:

If DePalma had attempted this during Second World War they might have hanged him. Such Hollywood types spend their hours sitting around sipping latte and scoffing focaccia’s scouring the media for any scrap of anti-Americanism they can unearth and then make a film.

Is he going to make a film about specifically about hostage beheadings, suicide bombers entering schools and mosques to blow up innocents?

Not really off topic: See 27732.html

The truth is that major conflicts of our time, democracy versus Marxist-Leninist totalitarianism--what The New York Times recently called “the holy war of the 20th century"--is almost entirely missing from American cinema.

Kind regards

J_G said...

Hello American interests, it is quite fascinating to me how people can completely gloss over some the utterly treasonous actions of those that consider themselves to artists or philosophers. DePalma's actions are not only like those of Jane Fonda but he uses some of the methods that Ezra Pound used while broadcasting from his position in Mussolini's fascist Italy.

The link I provided in my previous comment takes you to site dedicated to telling the stories of some the propagandists of 20th century wars. It's not completely agenda free, they do attempt to exonerate Iva Toguri (very convincingly I might add). The site does open the door to further research and provides some very valuable insight on how propagandists ply their trade.