Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What is it Going to Take?

Do these people deserve to have the memorial to their service and the service of those that gave their lives vandalized?

Today as I was doing some follow up about the vandalism that was done to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial I ran across even more vandalism. I went to the official site of “The Wall” and found that site has been hacked by a Turkish Nationalist going by the name “Thorax”. If you go to “The Wall” page and click on “Today’s Wall Birthdays” or “Today’s Wall Casualties” the pages will display the defaced pages. I’m wondering what it’s going to take to wake people up that we are under attack from every corner of the world because they now have internet access that we have provided for them.

I did not find any further information about the vandalism that occurred last week and for those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, this is the most recent information on that situation. Vietnam Veterans Memorial vandalized.

This war with radical Islam did not start with George Bush and it’s not going to end when George Bush leaves office either. It’s not going to end if we put our tails between our legs and surrender in Iraq and Afghanistan. The only way that we maintain our freedom and the American way of life is to fight these people and fight them so hard that they give up. What is it going to take to wake people up?

Do these nitwits represent the way you think?


dons_mind lives said...

the vandalism of the wall is terrible. there was a followup article in the post today about how they've determined it truly was vandalized and that they've actually identified the stuff that was used - course they wouldn't print it - and that they have no leads in whodunit - although it did say that video monitors were being systematically reviewed in hopes that something was caught on the cameras.....

it's just shameful - disgraceful - absolutely no excuse to deface such a memorial. lot of us have friends & family listed up there....sorry didn't mean to get carried away - i'd love to find out who did such a thing....

Gayle said...

Ditto what Don said and I wish they could catch the deviants who did it!

J_G said...

Don on one hand its probably a good thing to keep this low key for right now. There is no way to constantly guard the memorial 24/7 unless they reaasign or hire more Park Police and the Manchu Division volunteers are just that volunteers. So they should persue the people that would do such a thing with vigor and prosecute them under the full extent of the law. Also, they should have the perpetrators guarded by Vietnam Vets.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Don on one hand its probably a good thing to keep this low key for right now.

The double-edged sword is always making so much ruckus over it, that copy-cats get inspired by all the attention we feed to the incident, knowing how much our feathers are ruffled.

SusieQ said...

Well, I am appalled at what was done to The Wall recently. The thing is these anti-war protestors will use violence themselves against war monuments that do them no harm and only recognize the ultimate sacrifice many have made for the sake of the anti-war protestors themselves.

concerned citizen said...

I'm really curious about what you think about the right to protest. I know you disagree(to put it mildly) I'm wondering if you think they shouldn't be allowed to protest at all?

Also, Do you think free speech zones, police intimidation tactics, etc... are signs of our first amendment rights being violated?

J_G said...

Dian, I'm all for protesting when it comes to domestic issues. I believe the people that protest when when you have troops in the field are lowest life forms are society has ever produced.

Because morons have abused the right to express their opinons by using bullhorns, throwing pies and blood(whether it's fake or real) on politicians the protesters have been relagated to certain areas away from physical reach to express their varied opinions. That is the fault of those that cannot act like adults and have become nothing more than anarchists.

Paul F. said...
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concerned citizen said...

the people that protest when when you have troops in the field are lowest life forms are society has ever produced. Well that's a wonderful thing about our democracy being able to voice your opinion.

I agree that protest should be peaceful. I do think that lively dialog & showing both sides of an issue is important, though.

I'm not convinced that the politicians just aren't capitalizing on some danger that doesn't really exist so they can stifle free speech.

J_G said...

You've never seen a large protest up close before have you Dian? We had huge protests here in Philadelphia during the Republican convention and the anarchists attempted to take over the streets. Thanks to the Police commanding officers that had trained under our beloved mayor Frank Rizzo they kept control of the situation. Sure they got sued by some protesters because there was some overstepping by the police. I'd rather see a few protesters have their "rights" violated rather than it turn into riots like what happened in Seattle, Toronto during the WTO meetings when they turned over cars and set them on fire or when LA turned into a complete riot and they lost control of the city. The Philly police did pretty good job.

You come from a small town Dian where the biggest protest is now you and your group. When a major city is faced with tens of thousands with questionable objectives some rights do and will get trampled on in order to preserve the rights of others to live in peace and be free from outside agitators that would come in and destroy what belongs to you.

The DC police do an excellent job of maintaining control. They are probably the most experienced crowd control authority in the world. As I stood there with my fellow Veterans waiting for the show to begin we all remarked on their discipline and wondered how many crazy stories they must have to tell. If one of those cops wrote a book on those experiences I would buy it in a second.

There are those politicians that won't face tough questions and you're right they will use the very tactics you speak of to avoid having to answer them. Keep your eye on the Clinton campaign to see just what you are commenting about in that respect. Her campaign is highly scripted and strictly controlled to stay on message and not be distracted by tough questions she doesn't want to answer. What she says now

J_G said...

Susie, I was standing right across the street from the US Navy museum during this whole production and back in January of 2007 the code pinks defaced some of the statues in there. I can't find the pictures of it now but that is one of the things that got me so worked up about countering these people. Now we're I'm reading that on a couple of protester blogs they were calling for people to bring muriatic acid and yellow paint to deface the Vietnam Memorial. This isn't about the war in Iraq this is about people that just want to destroy things they have no understanding of because they were never taught respect or reverence for anything.

When they catch these people expect to see their faces, names addresses, their parents and teacher's addresses right here.

SusieQ said...

Good answers to Dian (our friend LT, I assume.) I had never thought about it in the way you expressed it. But you are right.

Although my politics differ from Dian's, I think Dian and I tend to be too idealistic in one sense whereas you seem to see this whole demonstration thing with the eyes of a pragmatist. Am I wrong?

J_G said...

Susie, it's fine to have an ideological approach to things that's what drives our republic. When enormous groups of people get together to do anything whether it be to protest or just have a Holiday celebration certain things begin to happen immediately.

Unless you establish control at the very beginning it will soon be out of control especially when there are angry people together. Property and human life come into danger and it is the responsibility of the police to maintain order and protect life and property. That's why I said the DC police are probably the best trained force for crowd control there is. They seem to understand very well the difference between a heated exchange between opposing viewpoints and people that are going to damage property and hurt others.

Up on the Capitol steps about 200 antis were arrested that day because they went over the line and they wanted to be arrested to make a point. They forced the hand of the police. That's not civil disobedience that's civil disrespect. Everyone of us has the right to protest anything but there are also rules we must follow to be able to make our point. If you are effective in stating your point then you don't need to be violent and damage anyone's property or hurt anyone else.

Many things have been learned and should never be forgotten from the turmoil and rioting that was in the 1960's. The police can longer turn fire hoses on or use dogs or tear gas to intimidate peaceful protesters.

Yes, as Dian said we do have the right to protest but we also have the right to voice our opposition to the no good low lives that come out to protest and embolden our enemies when we have troops out in the field fighting and dying.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Did the Viet Nam Memorial get vandalized this time around? Because I know we sure didnt let it happen back in March!

J_G said...

Yes it did Marie, click on the link in my post and it will take you to the report on it from Michele malkin. It happened some time during the week before the Gathering of Eagles.

Guess who I was thinking of when I took that picture of the people holding the Oklahoma sign?

concerned citizen said...

I'm sure what you say about crowd control has merit.

& I take into consideration your point of veiw.

Vandalizing the Vietnam memorial is despicable & I don't know anyone who would condone that either.

J_G said...

In Philadelphia we have cameras and 24 hour surveillance on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial there. Kids used to come down there and skateboard and spray paint graffiti all over. Now you need body armor to see the the memorial. You've got some catching up to do Dian for your studies concerning civil liberties, the police and the practical application of public safety.

There are people out there that have never heard of the Constitution or care about it in the very City where it was signed and ratified. The only way they ever hear about it and how it applies to them is when their lawyer tells them about it right before their trial for murdering their drug dealer rival and 5 innocent bystanders.

How about the 10-20-30 or 40 thousand illegals protesting in cities across the US where they are not citizens and demand we pay for their education, health and welfare benefits? We can't go to Mexico and protest that we want them to stop invading our country, it is illegal for us to do that and beings that we intend to obey the laws of another country we won't go break their laws. Its perfectly OK to come here and completely ignore our laws as if they were never even written though.

I have the perfect right to protest that but if I do I'd be called a racist. Not that it makes any difference to me because the word racist has been so misused that the word no longer has any meaning to me or to most others that have a shred of decency left.

I have plenty to protest about but I saw a sign at a gun rights rally I went to in Harrisburg about 10 or 12 years ago when they were attempting to pass new gun restrictions that describes how a majority of us taxpayers here in PA feel, "this time we came unarmed". Next time that may not be the case.

J_G said...

Read this Dian and see what you think. Frisking Philly

Its not just being talked about its in full effect and if the cops think your packin your gettin frisked. They're even profiling people to do it.

For me, and this is just for me, it all depends on the cop that doin the friskin;-)

Marie's Two Cents said...

Guess who I was thinking of when I took that picture of the people holding the Oklahoma sign?

Awwww shucks :-)

God Bless my fellow Okies who did get to go.

concerned citizen said...

I'm sure you are far more versed in politics, civil rights etc... then I am. It would be foolish for me to debate you on any of that & then we all have our individual perspectives, too. SusiQ is right some of us are idealists some of us pragmatists. To me the most important thing at this point is truth, freedom, & peace. I really believe this is what you & SusiQ & even Paul want, too.
So tonight when I go to the peace rally, I'll think of all of us, just as human beings... in our own ways, looking for truth & freedom & peace.

J_G said...

I have seen both Peace Rallys" and anti war protests Dian. There is a big difference between the two. Generally people that go to Peace Rallys with their candles and all are sincere about wanting peace and for the killing and fighting to stop. I can appreciate that, I agree with that as a matter of fact.

I do however disagree with surrendering and appeasement to get the fighting and killing to stop. That never works and serves only to embolden those that would fight us and kill us at a later date when they have been able to regroup and strengthen themselves. The only way I see peace coming about in this situation now is for the enemy to lay down their arms and say to us "OK you win, we're now willing to discuss the terms of surrender and cooperate in leaving Iraq and Afghanistan to go home to the countries from which they came to kill Americans" and they would then leave.

DirkStar said...

Far more than flag waving nitwits like you do.

Pull your head out of your ass and look at what is happening in Iraq.

We are accomplishing nothing there except for the training of terrorists.

Bush's folly has got to end.

DirkStar said...

Oh, and in advance...

It will be an honor to be censored by the likes of you and your ilk.

You are a mindless zealot, not a patriot.

J_G said...

dikstart, It will be a good thing when the your generation passes completely away from affecting history any longer. You have done more damage to this country then all the bad parts of all the generations that have come before you with lost and confused minds.