Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dishonor and Disgrace

Dishonor and Disgrace

This is a very fitting caption for such images don’t you think? The two pictured Senators have done more to bring dishonor to the United States Senate than all the Senators that have come before and a good way into the future. Senator Harry Reid has disgraced himself and the Senate as a body and all the people the Senate represents. Senator Reid was handed a script by the much maligned and anti-American organization Media Matters to repeat a lie about private citizen and conservative Radio Talk Show host Rush Limbaugh. Reid accused Limbaugh of smearing the troops when nothing could be further from the truth. The conversation Mr. Limbaugh was having that Senator Reid is lying about was with a caller on Mr. Limbaugh’s show. The caller and Mr. Limbaugh were discussing a fake soldier named Jesse Adam Macbeth. MacBeth had made up stories about his service in Iraq and claimed he had witnessed atrocities committed by American soldiers. It turns out Macbeth flunked out of Army basic training after only a few weeks. Macbeth admitted in Federal Court in 2007 that he lied about the whole matter and only served 44 days before he was discharged as being unfit for service.

Senator Clinton in her zeal to smear all that oppose her being the first female president was behind the formation of Media Matters. The funding for this smear organization came from billionaire extremist George Soros. Senator Clinton has consistently denied she had anything to do with Media Matters but at the Yearly Kos convention she admitted to being behind the formation of this disgraceful smear organization that focuses on taking the words of commentators and news organizations and actually turns them into something that was never said. I was always taught that was lying. It does not surprise me though. After 8 years of the Clintons we all know there is nothing they won’t say or do to gain and maintain power.

As far as Rush Limbaugh goes; you may disagree with some of his opinions and you may not like his political stance. I, as a real veteran with credentials to prove it think Mr. Limbaugh is a true patriot and would never in his entire life do anything to smear any soldier or sailor that has served their country with honor no matter what political affiliation that service person may be. The term “fake soldier” that Mr. Limbaugh used to describe Jesse Adam Macbeth is accurate and Senator Reid owes Mr. Limbaugh an apology. Senator Reid has consistently insulted the fine men and women that serve this country and is now trying to deflect his contempt for those fine people. I ask the democrats to reconsider their contemptuous position and ask Senator Reid to step down and issue an apology to the troops.

Please call your Senators's office and ask them to condemn Senator Reid's remarks about Mr. Limbaugh and please call Senator Reid's offfice too.

Senator Reid's office:
202-224-7327 fax

Senate democrat Communication office:


Marie's Two Cents said...

This is an outrage!

Rush Limbaugh is a "Private Citizen" with a Radio Show!

I have called everybody!

Great Post Jenn,

I am linking this.

Marie's Two Cents said...

I was listening to Rush earlier and HE called for Harry Reid to step down lol

Can you imagine the phone meltdown going on right now at all these Nutball Senator's offices?

SusieQ said...

This is awful. I haven't listened to Rush in a long time, but I know he would not speak ill of our fighting men and women.

The thing is with these lies that Reid and others tell, they will fly with some people who want to believe them. Pretty soon stuff like that becomes gospel. It is so aggravating.

Now where is my phone.....

dons_mind said...

absolutely dispicable! but not a word about it in the msm.....harry and hillary are the ones who should step down.

J_G said...

Susie,, Marie, Don, I listen to Rush when I have the opportunity. I did happen to hear the conversation that is being lied about by Senator Reid. When I heard Senator Reid utter the words he did on the floor of the Senate I understood that this is nothing short of a smear campaign by Clinton and co and far left in order to deflect attention away from the disgraceful Moveon ad.

Don't foreget to call your Senators, I called mine and I called Senator Reid and Senator Clinton to demand a retraction of Seantor Reid's false statements. I got an answering machine for both of those low live's offices.

Marie's Two Cents said...
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Marie's Two Cents said...

I wish we could draft a bill to Condemn the Democrats and RINOS ourselves.

Can you imagine? lol

The People of the United States of America Condemn the United States Congress for "Conduct Unbecoming".

That would be so sweet.

Mike's America said...

We should all condemn the action of this PHONY CONGRESS!

I just caught a snippet of Hannity and Cholmes and they had that idiot Geraldo Rivera on the panel tossing up even MORE disinformation about this smear.

It's as if these idiots purposely avoided reading the transcript, listening to the audio or watching the video, all of which make it quite clear who Rush was talking about.

But it's as I said in the rant I posted, the goal here isn't the truth, it's to muddy the waters with this false sense that "both sides do it" and therefore, Republicans like Rush are "just as bad" as Moveon.org.

How a lie becomes some moral equivalence is beyond me.

P.S. The caption for that photo is confusing. I can't figure out which is which. They're both dishonored and disgraced.

J_G said...

Marie, Some congressmen have put together a House resolution in support of Rush. He is from a southern state, can't remember his name. He's an attractive fellow with glasses and slight southern draw.

Mike, This smear is deliberate and I did watch Geraldo on Hannity last night too. I also listened to rest of the conversation with a conservative women talk show host and some socialist guy. Colmes is going with the "add the lie as a given fact" as part of the dialog. That has to be countered every time it is said and they know it so that's what they're going with. This is old hat dirty tricks and it shows they have nothing else and is easy to counter by going on the offensive. Colmes kept repeating as fact that Rush had done nothing to clarify his remarks. You see where that is going.

There is no one being fooled by this smear campaign, most intelligent people can see for themselves that Rush Limbaugh has done more personally out of his own pocket for the troops than any of those Senators have done out of their own pockets.

In an unrelated item of sorts Skye and I met the man that will be running against Jack Murtha in his district. He is a very good candidate to beat that old and corrupt backstabber. His name is William Russell, he's an Iraq veteran (Army) and is very attractive and articulate. The republicans have to get behind this man to defeat one of the most corrupt politicians in our Government today.

Mike's America said...

Hopefully the vindication of the Haditha Marines can be used as a campaign issue against Murtha.

At some point Democrats have to be held accountable for their smears at the ballot box.

J_G said...

Yea Mike, this man Bill Russell showed up at the Courthouse last week to help support our troops with us. He looks really good as a candidate, he can beat Murtha.

Marie's Two Cents said...


I know the Congressman and the Supporting Rush bill, I mean cant "We The People" Ourselves draft our own bill?

I think we should be able to condemn our own Congress!

J_G said...

Yeah we can do that Marie, the best way though is getting everyone to call or write to their Congress people and jam the phone lines and fill their mailboxes. I worked to stop tat shammesty Bill for illegals, you just got to let them know your serious. I know you know to call Marie but I'm urging everyone else reading here to call your Senator or representative and tell them you condemn the words of Harry Reid and the 41 other democrats for perpetrating a lie.

As far as petitions go, eh, not so much. It's too easy to fake signatures and it's hard to verify. When those phone lines lock up though or it takes the whole Congressional Post Office to deliver huge bags of mail then they notice. Internet isn't that good either for now. That's like petitions, it's too easy to inflate the numbers and they know it. Just look how easy the arpees inflate the numbers at the internet polls