Wednesday, October 17, 2007

West Chester Counterinsurgency

Skye_All American girl

Barbara_US Marine

Blogger is experiencing difficulties with their image uploading tool. I was able to upload the two photos of these two wonderful women that I took last Saturday in West Chester, Pennsylvania. There are a couple of other pictures of great women that I have met in the last few weeks and I have attempted to upload them but to no avail.

I just want to say Thank You to; Skye, Barbara, Dee and all the other women and men that have turned out to show their support for our country and our troops. No longer do the peacenicks at the Chester County Courthouse have the only voice. They do not speak for me and apparently they do not speak for most of the passersby either. The reception that we have received since we have started this counterinsurgency has been overwhelmingly positive. We hear comments from many drivers stopped at the traffic lights like ; it's great you're here, God bless the troops, the antiwar people don't speak for me either. The best indication is the noise that the drivers make as they go by when we ask them to honk their horns for the troops. It's loud and consistent. We even experienced a moment last week when a large group of bikers were stopped at the light and they saw all the American flags flying and we asked them to honk for the troops. The bikers proceeded to rev up their engines all at once and a couple bikes were smoking up their tires. It was absolutely deafening and they made so much noise the peacenicks had to move away from the street with their negative impeach this, anti this or anti that bullshit signs.

This insurgency to take back the corner and voice what Americans really think has been an overwhelming success. The support for our men and women in uniform is unanimous in this part of the country. They deserve nothing less. I expect the turnout to be huge this week. Our troops have vanquished Al qaeda in Iraq and we're going to be there in front of the Courthouse to let them know just how much we appreciate all they've been through. They have endured a clever and determined enemy, incompetent leadership, severe morale draining insults from congressional democrat leadership and outright lies and distortions from a biased press. After all those things they are still able to prevail. The world has just witnessed the true character and honor these men and women have. It's a no wonder they are the envy of the world.

Bikers go whole hog for the troops


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Blogger is experiencing difficulties with their image uploading tool.

I've noticed that too. Glad you got a picture of the bikers.

It's good to know that the anti-war crowd doesn't have a monopoly on protesting, out there.

TrekMedic251 said...

Are they there everyday, JG? I get to Chester County Hospital on a near-daily basis and would LOVE to drive by and honk my support!

Skye said...


The CCpeacemovement has been holding weekly 'peace-ins' in front of the Chester County Courthouse for nearly 5 years. Each Saturday, their meeting starts at 11am and ends at 12 noon.

I hope you can find time in your schedule to drive by and honk or just stop by and chat with both J_G and myself.

J_G said...

Word, the picture uploading problem started last week and they have been working on it according to the Help group forum. Blogger guys are pretty good after the blogger beta fiasco.

We're taking charge of the corner now Word. Most people we talk to thank us for taking the corner back.

Trek, what Skye said;-)I hope to see you there on Saturday. We want to have a big turnout Saturday at 9am. Bring BIG Flags

Gayle said...

Good for you for posting this. Skye's wonderful!

Regarding the picture problem, I noticed it too, but haven't had any problems loading pictures if I upload them to Photo Bucket first. Hope that helps!

concerned citizen said...

Oh yes a little biker intimidation always helps.I esp. like it when the support our troop "ladies" moon us. I say give it all you got make a ruckus. This country needs to be woke up to the situation this administration has gotten us into. I'm working on a peace rally in Coquille & I'm going to make sure all the pro-war people in town hear about it. I want them there. We need the publicity.

Paul F. said...

Too bad nobody's heard of Coquille. Maybe you should try Portland instead.

J_G said...

Its all about supporting the troops and letting them know that we know they control the battlefield in Iraq and Afghansitan and at home we're not making the same mistake as Vietnam and letting the peacers control the field at home. We're going to win this in spite of the peacer appeasement crowd and the democrats in congress.

Daniel Ruwe said...

I think its great that people turn out to counterprotest.
Read this link. There was a demonstration in which prowar people outnumbered peaceniks in Berkley.

concerned citizen said...

Paul, the point is to bring awareness to places like Coquille. Coquille has never experienced a peace rally.

We will be noticed that is for sure.

J_G said...

Paul and Dian, what I have found and you won't see in any poll is that people generally don't like the way the war was handled in the beginning and I was among that group. They also generally do not like war but they despise peacers even more and side with the troops everytime except in isolated pockets.

J_G said...

Thanks for the link Daniel. I was unable to access it thought because I'm not a member. I understand though that California has large strong pockets of pro troop consevatives but they get none of the press. All the attention as you know goes to the nutcase traitors in San Francisco.

J_G said...

For those of you that couldn't access the the link Daniel posted about the carnage and humiliation the communist anti American left suffered at their home office here's the link to the report by someone that was there. Thanks for the heads up Daniel.

Crushed in Berkely

patterns of ink said...

Hey, J_G,
I wanted to send this along in case you didn't see it. Tonight on 20/20 Al Gore's prize will get tarnished.

"20/20” co-anchor John Stossel is going on the attack against “experts” who warn about manmade global warming – along the way berating Al Gore for saying the debate over climate change is over.
In a release from ABC previewing Stossel’s report on Friday’s “20/20,” [October 19, 2007] the veteran newsman– who won 19 Emmys exposing scammers and con artists – says:
“This week on ‘20/20’ (in our new 8 p.m. Eastern time slot) I say ‘Give Me a Break!’ to our Nobel Prize-winning Vice President.

J_G said...

Thanks for the heads up Tom! I'll try and watch it. Gosh, if there's one person that really gets the hackles up for me it's algore. He talks down to people like he knows what is going on when nothing could be further from the truth.

I'm getting my big flags (4x6 footers) for the big counterinsurgency tomorrow. I needed a bigger flag pole for my Navy flag and I had to reattach my Stars and Stripes with better hardware because it's supposed to be windy tomorrow. Normally I carry my 2x3 footer on a 6 foot pole for ease of handling. The big flags are a bear to handle without the wind.

I caught the end of the conversation John Stossel was having with Bill O'Reilly last night while I was getting ready for work but I missed when he said the program was supposed to air. Thanks again.

concerned citizen said...

"the carnage and humiliation the communist anti American left suffered at their home office"
carnage? humiliation? communist?

I must been looking at a different link.

Everyone left of center is not a Communist. I get called that too. It is SO not true. That would be like me calling you a fascist.

J_G said...

Those people in Berkely aren't left of center Dian they are as left as you can possibly get. I wouldn't call you a communist. I made the commie bastards haul down their colors in Washington DC. I think you're just about as left of center as I am right of it.

Donald Douglas said...

Great work - these peaceniks don't speak for me, nor the overwhelming majority of Americans...

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

they don't speak for me, either donald.

But skye and Jennifer out there do represent me.

Mike's America said...

photo upload problems? That's why I always use photobucket or flickr.

P.S. Is that a beer in that photo with Skye?

Party on patriots! Party on!

I have to say I feel soooooo sorry (NOT) for the anti-war peaceniks. Things are going so well in Iraq it must just kill them.

Skye said...

It is not beer - it is the world's best root beer, Mike.

J-G, I have some fabulous video of you holding the steps of the courthouse.

TrekMedic, I hope you had the opportunity to drive by and witness the spectacle.

J_G said...

I didn't take a single picture all day. I had my hands full with the flags and it was quite breezy at times. Next week the peacers will be at 17th and Market in Philly and we should all be there to give them a welcome. We'll be able to use the full options down there like sound systems that the West Chester Police wouldn't let us use.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Hope you hit them over the head with all the good news going on. Latest dispatch from Michael Yon.

Links to other good news.

Marie's Two Cents said...

You guy's are truly great Americans and it has been a pleasure to get to know you all :-)

J_G said...

Word, I got a chance to say a few chioce things to one guy that had a "BUSH Worst President" sign that came up on the steps but left after I gave hime examples on how Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are by far the worst two presidents in our nation's history. He was one of about three people that had enough guts to come up on the steps but soon found it wasn't a good place to be because I had all kinds of Marines and Army soldiers all around me.

Marie' you're one heck of an American lady too! I don't know very many people that would drive all the way out to Washington DC from Oklahoma to get in the faces of anti war protesters.I'm honored to know you and call you my friend.