Sunday, January 27, 2008



Donald Douglas said...

This could be the last stand!!

Here's my take on McCain and Hernandez. Rush fans won't like it:

J_G said...

McCain isn't my candidate. I don't support him or his views on illegal immigration. I've had enough of the elitist in Washington telling us it's OK to give illegals amnesty. I'm tired of being told that John McCain represents conservatism. He doesn't and hasn't for many years, he's a Washington insider that has hired someone that despises our laws and thinks nothing of telling his people it's OK to violate them. I watched Hernandez many times on the O'Reilly factor and I found myself wanting to jump through the TV set wanting to bash that smirk ass smile off his face. If McCain thinks it's OK to hire a guy like that then it's OK for me to say he's not worthy of my vote. Sorry Donald, he's just not what I believe a president ought to be, we've had too many years of neglect at the border and we're going to see a stop to it.

Gayle said...

I agree with you, Jennifer. McCain is not what I believe a president ought to be either. I feel very passionate about the protection of our borders, with emphasis on the southern one, and we know why it's still open. It's all about money, and I've done a post on it to prove it.

Keep up the good work!

Marie's Two Cents said...

I'm going to back whomever becomes the front runner. With the exception of Ron Paul of course.

I dont like something about each candidate and I like something about each candidate with the exception again of Ron Paul.

I have to keep in mind we are a Nation at War! And I may not agree with how these candidates have voted in the past, but how they will conduct this vital war on terror. And conduct themselves as President.

Either way, we cant afford to let Hillary or Obama get in there and screw this Country up beyond belief!

Mike's America said...

Donald is really pushing my last good nerve!

I've been listening to the AM station out of Jacksonville, Florida this afternoon and McCheese has been running the most nasty attack ads against Romney.

This from the guy who claimed he would run a "positive campaign."

J_G said...

Marie, you have until Feb 5th to decide so don't worry. Do what I always do; flip a coin right before I go into the voting booth (hee-hee, just kidding) You're a responsible, informed adult I know you'll do what you think is the right thing.

McCheese? That's a new one Mike. Now don't be going McCain on the other republicans yourself. Sit back take a deep breath and let Mitt handle the attacks, he seems to do pretty good at it. When Mccain goes this negative it is because he's very desperate.