Sunday, February 10, 2008

Go Out and Vote!

I’ve been leaving some comments on other people’s blogs with an idea on how to head off the impending train wreck if John McCain ends up being the Republican nominee. I got the idea from Indigo Red a regular visitor at Mike’s America.

It is now February the 10th and starting Tuesday February the 12th there will be more Primaries in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Then the rest of the states will vote for the Republican nominee until the convention. The plan I have in mind is for the Republican voters to show up in numbers to vote for anyone else but McCain on the primary ballot. The names of the other candidates will still be on most ballots or there will be a place to write in a candidate. We must make it clear before the convention that John McCain is unacceptable as the candidate to oppose the Clintons in the fall for President. There are uncommitted delegates in many of the states like Maine and others. Mitt Romney may have dropped out of the race but that doesn’t mean his delegates automatically go to John McCain. Friends, Romans and countrymen, we must stop this onslaught by John McCainians because he is the wrong man to lead this country and he is certainly not the candidate we want to represent us as a Republican.

We’ve spent the last 8 years wringing our hands about the inaction at the border with 12-15 million lawbreakers coming across our borders to take something from us and giving nothing in return but a burden on our system that belongs to Americans. The conservatives have to take their collective heads out of sand right now or we will be saddled with a President that will be irresponsible with our tax money and try and turn us in to the same type of socialist society that Europeans are now suffering with. Any of the responsible conservatives that have been on the ticket so far have promised to stay the course and support our troops. To let John McCain win the nomination and then go on to the election in the fall is a mistake that will follow the nation and our party for years to come. If you are a conservative you must go out and vote for the conservative candidate for the Senate, House and your State races but you also have to send the message to the Republican leadership with the primaries that are left “WE DON”T WANT JOHN McCAIN!” There is still time left to correct this impending catastrophe.


Mike's America said...

Nothing wrong with registering a protest vote in the primary.

But I wouldn't expect any success in a Dump McCain movement.

The die is cast and we are going to have to live with it.

J_G said...

It doesn't matter to me what anyone else does Mike, I'm not voting for McCain and certainly not for the two mental midgets on the other side. I'll vote for Romney, his name will still be on the Ballot in April. We should raise as much rutkus as we can because McCain stands no chance of winning in the fall now.

Grizzly Mama said...

If Romney is on the ballot, he'll get my vote in April. *sigh* I don't think that it will make a difference but atleast my vote will be recorded for posterity - and maybe McCain will get the hint if enough of us do that.

Beth said...

Thank goodness, real voices of reason!

I saw your comments at Marie's via DD2's blog, and it is nice to see I am not alone in not wanting to vote for McCain. Great idea!

J_G said...

Yeah Monica, at this point it is nothing more than a protest vote. Conservtives are being steamrolled by the Mainstreet moderates and liberals.

Thanks for stopping by Beth, welcome. I don't feel comfortable voting for McCain. If it's McCain's name opposing the democrat then I will leave it blank. I'm sorry I can't vote for John McCain. I will vote for all my conservative representatives but I will have to leave the presidential space unchecked.

I find it's a pretty sad situation when conservtaves are telling other conservatives to make sure they show up to vote for a more conservative congress to counter any of the three candidates that running for the office of President including the one from our own party.

Beth said...

I had looked at the congressional races last week and it doesn't look like Republicans will be able to take majority this year, plus you've got RINOs in there already.

It is a very sad sitution indeed.

Gayle said...

Jennifer, whether we agree or not, McCain is going to be all she wrote. *sigh* I do hope you will vote in the general election.

J_G said...

Gayle, blogger is making mad again. this is the seond time in days that I have left a response to someone's commnet and I come home and it's not there.

All I am saying Gayle is it has to be up to someone elase to vote for McCain, I can't do it in good conscience after the debacle with Bush 1.

Marie's Two Cents said...

All I know is if the sound of President-Elect "Obama" Or President-Elect "Clinton" sounds real good to yall the day after election day, by all means write in a candidate, vote for someone that has no chance of winning, or just stay home.

Because that's exactly what's going to happen!

Marie's Two Cents said...

Hell I wanted Fred Thompson and look what happened there!, Then I went for Mitt Romney and that backfired, and all we are stuck with is McCain.

It's not that I want to vote for McCain it's just that I'll be damned if I let a Liberal win!

I will vote the party even if I dont like the candidate much.

I refuse to give into the Liberals! Even if that means voting for the last choice I would have ever wanted to make!