Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This afternoon while I was watching the news I heard this story about 46 year old Michelle Obama. I heard the words that Michelle Obama spoke while giving an address in Milwaukee Wisconsin on Monday. I have no idea who she was addressing but does it really matter? Michelle Obama's words speak for themselves. "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country,” she told a Milwaukee crowd today, “and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change.”

Michelle Obama is just a few years younger than myself. She and her husband both are college educated in some of the most prestigious schools in the country. Michelle Obama attended Princeton I believe I heard today but if it was some other Ivy League institution what's the difference. The point is; this woman has to be the most ungrateful person I have heard for sometime. While Michelle was leading her protected life of freedom there were people like myself out on the front lines keeping America from being attacked by the Soviet Union so she could go to the nice college she went to. I worked hard to get where I am today and I am completely sick and tired of hearing people like Michelle Obama constantly bashing America especially since she seems to have no special talents herself other than to have been sent to some nice college.

I am not complaining because it took me extra work to get where I am today. I am not complaining that when I first went for a job I was explicitly told they could not hire me for the job I wanted at the railroad even though I had worked hard and studied hard in school. I was told because I didn't fit the racial quota that was being used at that time to hire people, they couldn't hire me for the job. I am white and the quota they had was for blacks. I am not complaining about that.

I am proud to be an American. I served in the US Navy under the Carter administration and survived the disaster they caused in Iran and the Middle east. I am not complaining about that. I am proud to be an American because of the freedom we have to say stupid things like Michelle Obama has said and not worry that the government will arrest you and throw in jail for it. There are so many things that I am proud to be an American about because we have gotten this far and have overcome many difficulties that were created by past generations.

My own ancestors when they first came to this country from Ireland joined the Army to fight a war they did not start or really know much about until the Minnie balls and canister shot were being fired at them. They did that because they wanted to be Americans and have a stake in the success of the nation. This was right after they had to flee their own nation because the British had refused to help the Irish during the potato blight and had starved them into fleeing. When they did get to America they quit their complaining and did something to improve their conditon despite the outright bigotry against them.

Yes Michelle Obama, there are plenty of things I am proud to be an American about despite the mistakes that were made by past generations. Given that you are about the same age as I am, I can see that the college education you received at that nice college you went to wasn't worth the paper that degree was printed on. You haven't learned a thing since either. I hope you and your husband lose this election and go back to the obscurity you came from because Americans that are proud of America don't want to hear anymore of your denigrating and empty words. This is not a personal attack, this is an admonishment to someone for being so damned ignorant and ungrateful.

I am Proud to be an American!!


DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

His wife must be having another “Proud” day.. That make it 10 days in 44 years she was Proud of America!

J_G said...

dd2, I'v really had it with America bashers. If I have to fight these these people every day for the rest of my life that's just what I'll do.

I've come to the conclusion I despise democraps and liberal America haters just a bit more than McCain so I'll be doing everything I possibly can to prevent any stupid American hating liberal from getting into the Oval Office ever again.

Toad734 said...

I see you are just as Racist as the Irish who burned down NYC during the draft riots.

Ya, the Irish had a real choice to join the Civil War and they really wanted to free the slaves because they loved America. What planet do you live on? Only people with money could buy their way out of that war, AKA not Irishmen getting off the boat. They didn't do it because they loved America, they didn't even know America so whats to love? They just knew they didn't want to live in an occupied country during a famine and that they could possibly escape poverty by coming to the US.

And exactly when was it when Russia attacked us?? I don't recall anyone protecting us against Russians except for Kennedy, especially not Reagan, he was too busy arming Saddam and Iran.

You don't have to blindly follow every moron leader to be a proud American. You can still be proud but also disgusted by the greed and inequality which I am sure she saw her share of on the S. Side of Chicago.

So you are saying that you were proud of Nixon, Proud of the Gulf of Tonkin incident which led to hundreds and thousands of deaths? You are proud of the US supporting Saddam, Pinochet,Noriega, Bin Laden etc? Are you proud of the fact that 90% of all US presidents have been Anglican WASPs? Are you proud that your president lied to you to lead us to war which has cost billions and 4000 American lives and only made Exxon, KBR and Blackwater rich? Well, don't answer that because you probably are.

I think maybe what she was saying is that America has finally started to become color blind. That a woman and a black man, for the first time, have a legitimate shot at, no, will be president. She didn't say she hates soldiers, babies, puppies, racecars and hot dogs.

If you are going to take that out of context how am I supposed to take "Childrens do learn"?

J_G said...

Toadbat, Why don't you stop being a victim. I am ashamed that both you and Michelle Obama call yourself Americans. You can hurl the word racist around all you want. You and the people like you have rendered it a meaningless word now.

Morons like yourself try to change history because you lack an education and because you are so blinded with your pure hatred for America.

Rich people could buy their way out of going to war but the Irish went to war because they wanted to be a part of America. Something you will never be.

Ever hear of the Thomas Maher or the New York 69th, how about the Pennsylvania 116th? Yeah, they were the Irish Brigades and they where used to break the Confederate lines during difficult battles because of their hard fighting bravery you loser.

The riots were started by malcontents worried about blacks being freed and taking their jobs moron. It was a small group of malcontents that stirred things up just as it always is. You ought to try and get your information from something other than Hollywood movies.

How is it that there are so many losers that are democrats? My parents were Democrats but that party is now the party of cowards and losers like you toadbat and you wouldn't have had a place there.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Oh what was that chic thinking? lol

How did you manage to get Toadbat?

J_G said...

I don't know Marie, mayebve the toadbat was feeling froggy and he jumped. The problem with that is everytime he makes a jump towards me he gets slammed to the mat.

concerned citizen said...

I for one understand what Michelle Obama was saying. I am very optimistic & it warms my heart that many people in the US take have felt marginalized in the past are taking the incentive to have some hope & get out, vote, & try to change things. I think it is wonderful that we have FINALLY a black man & a white woman running for President. Seeing that Michelle Obama is both black & a woman...well if you all weren't so narrowly focused on your particular brand of "patriotism" you'd get it.

I understand though, this is politics & it means attacking everything the other side says & twisting it more then hearing the context behind the words. Loud mouths like Rush Limbaugh & other jerks(on both sides, BTW) perpetrate this sort of thing.

Like toad says:
You don't have to blindly follow every moron leader to be a proud American. You can still be proud but also disgusted by the greed and inequality which I am sure she saw her share of on the S. Side of Chicago.

The good Ole US of A is not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination. I consider myself just as patriotic by being a dissident & working for change as those who have done their duty by fighting in wars sponsored by the government.

Toad734 said...

The Irish brigades didn't storm the lines because they were brave, they stormed the lines because everyone hated the Irish and used them as cannon fodder. Im not saying they weren't brave for doing it but again, they didn't have a choice. I think I know a little more about the issue than what I see on TV. If you ever want to challenge me on History, good luck. And being Irish (mostly) I think I know my history regarding their plight and you and I both know that they haven't typically been the best friend of the black man. 1st, they had to fight in the Civil War which freed the slaves which then competed against the Irish for the low end, low paying jobs. This created things such as the draft riots in NYC. THe Irish wanted to be part of America sure, mainly because it wasn't Ireland but they didn't fight because they loved the country, they fought because they were drafted off the boats, you need to quit changing history. But I forgot, you were there and you interviews all thses soldiers and they told you how much they loved America before they even landed.The Fox news channel is not the place you should be getting your history and neither is a bumber sticker slogan.
Like this one:
"Not all conservatives are stupid people but most stupid people are conservative."

J_G said...

Dian, I am not proud that the people you mention are running for president. Is this the best there is to offer for leadership in this country. These people like the toadbat above have no idea which end is up and only repeat platitudes and are people of very little substance. How can you possibly be proud of such mental midgets? These people do not stand for freedom they stand for nothing. There is nothing there with Barack Obama or the Clintons, absolutely nothing. How is it people be fooled so easily? That's the difference between conservative beliefs and identity driven liberal politics. Y'all believe because some is of some race or background that qualifies them for the job. Conservatives believe you put the best person in the job, that's why so many true conservatives like myself object to John McCain. None of the mental midgets running for president even come close to having what it takes to be a president. I thought you were trying to learn and about these things and I'm wondering if you too are letting them manipulate your emotions instead of questioning intellectual substance. There is no substance to either Obama or the Clintons,

Again toadbat you show your ignorance and dishonesty. Your knowledge of history is underwhelming at best and completely wrong and we'll have a good laugh at your expense when I talk with some of my AOH colleagues. After reading all the comments you have left both here and Mikes' America it is quite apparent that you have no credibility, none and people reading your comments are shaking their heads wondering how such a stupid person could ever last without someone like the nanny state taking care of them. You have no idea about history and it's quite apparent by your ignorant,inaccurate and America hating remarks. Is there anyone you don't hate, maybe Joe Stalin or Mao tse Tung.

concerned citizen said...

As you know I am not conservative in my philosophy. I personally think it is high time that a qualified liberal minority runs for President. I consider the choices from the Democrat side that will make it to the primary as qualified as the choices on the Republican side.
By reading what you write, It seems as if you & your ilk would condemn any Democrat choice as too Liberal & identity driven, anyway. Do you think in this great movement of minority & left leaning voters that is building momentum, all are fools? That they have no valid reason for wanting change? This might be a weakness on your part. Be careful about ridiculing the other side too much. This is how to get blind-sided.

"I thought you were trying to learn and about these things and I'm wondering if you too are letting them manipulate your emotions instead of questioning intellectual substance.

j_g don't write me off just yet! I am learning a lot & not from FOX news or any major media source (even from the left). I am studying as many ideas in politics as I can & also getting involved in my own community. I soon might be running for City council, to immerse myself, even further. I've not decided yet, though, if that is the approach I want to take.

I'm very interested in the progression of Politics, where it is going as far as the dynamics of--- for instance which philosophical ideas ultimately prevail & why. As you know politics is a big & complex subject with many opportunities for involvement & study at many levels.

I applaud you & your own zeal to stand up for what YOU think is right. One thing I do believe is this; American Democracy works best when the people that it is set up for involve themselves in making it work.
Right now in this election cycle(thanks in part to to internet) we have a whole lot of people getting involved. I find that very exciting!

I'm writing an article for the local paper about basically this subject. Actually about Democracy in action in our little burb. So by allowing me to bounce my ideas off around here, you are helping me to be more effective in getting those ideas out to my fellow citizens. Now that is Democracy in Action!

J_G said...

I just wrote a comment that blogger ate AGAIN!

Dian, I'm out of time now but don't take my sometimes angry critisisms of liberal politicians to be an attck on you. It is not meant to be. I understand you are trying to unsderstand the system better and I give you a lot of credit for that. Most people just follow along, that's what gets me angry. Got to go, I can't be late for work. Daggone blogger ate my original comment!!!!

handmaiden said...

Blogger is screwing up today. it has been blocking me from getting on blogs. These are minor glitches I hope. Every once in a while it seems they have to adjust or something.

well, if you are like me you will think about what you were going to say at work & your new comment will be even better.

J_G said...

Dian, after hearing all I need to hear from the democrats in this election I would have to say that neither one is qualified to be President. Their ideas are completely wrong for America.

The Clintons have already had their bite at the apple and look what it got us. The first World Trade center Bombing, the bombing of the embassies in Africa, the bombing of the USS Cole. Democrats are weak on defense and this is no time to be weak. Second of all the first thing the Clintons or Obama would do is raise taxes on the people that work and invest their money smartly. Also, when we all heard about the scandals like Enron, Global Crossing and many of the other corporate scams that were going on it was during the Clinton administration that these things were allowed to happen. Many people blamed Bush for the Enron and other corporate debacles. They were nothing but phony investment scams that stole people's pension and investment monies but it was the Clinton admin under the auspices of Robert Rubin the Treasury Secretary (now President of Citicorp the financial backing behind Enron) that those happened. The Bush admin caught them and prosecuted them. Enough on that.

You sound like you were worried about freedom of speech issues. Well, under Janet Reno the Attorney General and Louis Freeh, the FBI director during the Clinton admin the Carnivore program was instituted to examine email messages without consent or warrants of their political enemies. They amassed huge FBI files on their enemies and still have possession of them today in the Clinton library. Where do you think all the dirt came from at the beginning of the campaign on Obama?

I think the choices we have in all three candidates that we are looking at now are probably just as bad or worse since Jimmy Carter vs Gerald Ford, persona non grata so to speak

I will criticize my own party and many of my conservative friends are mad at me because I won't jump on the McCain bandwagon. I agree with many of the things Bush has done like the War on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan but I criticized him about the prosecution of the war along with Donald Rumsfeld whom I thought was a total incompetent and said so many times.

I criticized Bush very harshly on the illegal immigration policies and McCain's attempt to give illegals amnesty. I agree with Bush on the tax cuts to working people and I believe we should cut the corporate tax from 35 percent down to 25 percent to attract manufacturing back to the USA. We still have a manufacturing base but it is shrinking because taxes and regulation make it very expensive to keep factories here the US. If tax rates are increased like Obama and the Clintons say they will it will further reduce the profitability of corporations and move jobs away from the US. Remember corporations issue stock and have to pay stock holders dividends and increase the value of the stock to make profits for people that invest in the stocks. That includes Teacher, Firefighter and Police Union pensions funds that invest in mutual funds.

As you can well imagine (I'm putting this last because you'll be the only one still reading this Dian) I understand completely about identity politics. I have seen the inside workings of it.I worked hard to remove it from the discussion because it separates people rather than bring them together because it pits one interest group against another.

Just for example look at the constituency groups of blacks vs Latinos that Clinton and Obama are pitting against each other. This was the way it was when I first started lobbying for equal treatment in employment, housing and public accomodation with the emphasis on the word "EQUAL" not special. I know you understand my meaning, you're one of the few that do.

I made my friends and supporters understand that special treatment breeds contempt and all we were asking was for fair treatment and be treated like regular American citizens nothing more or less. That held for a while after I became uninvolved with such things and then new people came along to usher in "Hate Crimes" legislation and I voiced my objections vehemently along with many others that agree with equal not special treatment. I've have since abandoned those things and have gotten on with my life sticking with the same priinclples that have always guided me; My faith in a Christian God, common sense, fairness and lending a helping hand not giving a handout.

I am pro US military and I will always be. I see this war as something that has to be won. There cannot be another war in the defeat column. I know you won't like this nor will many of my conservative friends but I cannot in good faith support any of the Presidential candidates including John McCain. All I can do is pray to my God for the right outcome for my country and the men and women that wear the US military uniform. That's the best I can do for Presidential politics this time. I will stay invoved trying to get and keep a conservative leaning Congress and my State and local governments.

Now that I've put everyone to sleep it's my turn to sleep. See ya.

J_G said...

Make sure to check the dates of the artcles below, they are from the mid 90's. George Bush was the Governor of Teaxs


Clinton Wire tpping

More Clinton wiretapping

concerned citizen said...

Well, Jennifer, philosophically we are different & politically we are different but we do have some things in common, Speaking broadly; I think we are both passionate & sincere in our beliefs. The funny thing is... even though we are on two different sides of the spectrum, I don't think we are that far apart in our concerns.