Saturday, February 02, 2008

OK, OK! "Heeeere's Johnny"

After much himming and hawing and hope that this would resolve itself, I bring to you my friends "the Real John McCain"

Visit Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain to decide for yourself. Watch the DVD that was made about the Senate Select Committee on POW-MIA's and decide for yourself whether John McCain obstructed the truth about his fellow Americans that were left behind in Vietnam.


TrekMedic251 said...

The paradox here is that most conservatives are falling over themselves to either support Mitt or denounce McCain.

Meanwhile, all the MSM media coverage is about McCain's fellow RINOs endorsing him.

McCain has been the MSM Republican poster boy and sacrificial lamb for the Shrill One's slaughter from Day 1.

They set this up to guarantee a liberal in the White House in 2009.

J_G said...

I'll tell you Trek, I really didn't want to have to come back to all of this. McCain put my friends and fellow veterans through some pretty tough times though with his concealing evidence and obstructing the committee findings. I wanted all of that to just be buried with time but I was wrong to think that. John McCain is a no good bastard. I watched those hearings and friends of mine had a big stake in trying to learn the fate of loved ones.

I've kept my peace about McCain and have asked numerous of my friends not to bring it up because I wanted the POW-MIA community to be the point on this. They have now and now it's time to talk about it!

At the very least do we want a man that is willing to forget those left behind in Vietnam for political expediency to be President of the United States. At worst do we want someone to be President of the United States that exploited his position as a US Senator to hide his own record about his captivity in North Vietnam. These questions should be discussed and answered. McCain is being backed by the Beltway insider crowd because they think he has a chance to beat the Clintons or maybe they don't believe that at all and prefer having the Clintons in office again for some twisted reason.

Did any of you think Limbaugh didn't know any of this and that it would brought out about McCain when he remarked that electing McCain as the Republican nominee would split the Republican party?

Either way, I'm sticking to my guns and backing Mitt Romney, he is the best man in this race to be President of the United States. McCain is a weasel and can rot for all I care.

Mike's America said...

"Did any of you think Limbaugh didn't know any of this and that it would brought out about McCain when he remarked that electing McCain as the Republican nominee would split the Republican party?"

Of course Limbaugh knows that McCain will split the GOP wide open and leave us in the minority in Congress for a decade.

Rush is on the front lines everyday in the battle for the soul of conservatism. He's withered the fire over conservative angst with Bush over Harriet Miers, Dubai Ports, Immigration and he knows the damage that did.

McCain, the maverick, would be 10 times more divisive than Bush ever was.

And he openly tells us that if we disagree with him we can shove it.

And yet we're being told to vote for him?

Marie's Two Cents said...

Hey Jenn,

I've got one for ya

The "MITT" has hit the fan!! lol

I'm almost affraid to put any Romney stuff on my blog because of what happened with Fred.

Bring it on super Teusday :-)

J_G said...

Mike and Marie, the MSM is pushing for McCain as if he were the presumptive nominee. It makes me so fricken mad. McCain is just another "hey, it my turn to run for President" If he does make it to nominee status he will be quickly and easily dispatched by the Clinton crime syndicate. McCain is not even close to our best or brightest.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...


While I don't discount the possibilities, I am a strong skeptic of the motives and character of Bob Dornan, who appears in the top video.

The reasoning he gives as to why McCain chose to remain a POW when he had been given the chance to leave the prison camp is specious at best, grasping at straws in order to reinforce and rationalize dishonorable motive, in Dornan's own fevered mind.

I don't know about McCain; but Dornan's a slimebucket.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Maybe it's one sleazebag meeting another slimebucket.

J_G said...

OK Word, discount anything B-1 Bob has to say about McCain and assume that he is nothing more than a "pile on" because he dislikes John McCain. It does not take away from all the other things that went on during that Committee hearing or before. I followed the hearings very closely while it was going on as I have stated and John McCain acted atrociously towards anyone that was trying to get to the truth. Most of the veterans and families that came to that hearing were fully expecting to have John McCain on their side but instead they were viciously attacked by John McCain and that is a fact. He tried to intimidate them with threats of investigations from the Justice dept and he actually had some investigated. The JD found them to be the real deal people just looking for some honest answers from their own government.

Look Word, you don't have to take my word for it. The record stands clear on it's own without any input from me other than to point to the facts. The issue of McCain's ill tempered tirades against anyone that opposes him are well known and I didn't make it up in the last few weeks or was this any type of smear campaign. All this was about was to show people how innappropriate and dangerous it would be to have John McCain as President of the United States. Anyone that has followed him closely will have to admit it or they are choosing to close their eyes to the truth.

Gayle said...

"the Mitt has hit the fan!" LOL! Love it!

The media would love for McCain to win, I agree. Remember when they declared Kerry the winner of the Presidential election? (Like anyone could forget!) Wishful thinking is what it was!

You may not go along with me, Jennifer, but I will vote for McCain if I have to. I may have to swallow hard and say a prayer before doing so, but I seriously don't want Obama or Hillary in the White House. I don't want McCain either, but at least our troops will be able to continue their mission in Iraq. Heck, I'm not even waiting to vote to say prayers... I'm praying already for Mitt to win!

I'm beginning to think there won't be a winner tomorrow though. We probably will have to wait until March.

J_G said...

Gayle, I think it will go to March and you will have the deciding vote. Texas and Ohio will be the determining factor on March 4th. I know you'll vote for who you think is best for the country no matter what everyone else does. What a pickle this is though if Mitt Romney is beaten by John McCain. The media who treats McCain as their darling now will turn on him in a New York minute and he will be decimated by the Clinton crime family along with the willing accomplices in the press. If McCain wins the primary the only way we don't get the Clintons again is she somehow keels over or some nut job takes her out.

Gayle said...

I think your right that it will be left up to Texas and Ohio, Jennifer. I will vote for Romney if I get the chance. I will vote for McCain if I have to, because I don't want to help put a Dem in the White House. I know that McCain is liberal on far too many issues, but the Dems are liberal on all issues, both foreign and domestic. That's the deciding factor for me. I don't like McCain, but I absolutely detest both Hillary and Obama. If McCain wins, then it unfortunately comes down to the choice of who I dislike the least! What a conundrum!

Marie's Two Cents said...

Well Jenn,

Romney is out!

And I give up, I am just going to let the party lead me where it goes.

I cant beleive Ron Paul is still in there.

When are we ever going to get rid of him?

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Jennifer, I know full well McCain has a temper problem. He has character issues and is extremely flawed. I think he has a certain mean-spiritedness in him.

Harry S Truman was also known for a nasty temper and barnyard language. But he's recognized today as a great president. No one is without flaws and some grime in their past.

I also don't dispell that there is honest grievance here.

But I don't see his record here as all black and white.

When it comes to his military service and support and lack thereof, there's also the other side: Those who want to perceive him as a failed, cowardly POW are also misguided. He may have broke, but these critics should go through 5 years, 6 months as a POW and see how they respond to the treatment. McCain never signed any propaganda papers, although he talked; his fellow POWS have all said that he was honorable during his time as a POW. He was given an opportunity to leave early, but chose not to because other POWs were not let being released.

Here's what James Warner, fellow POW, had to say on McCain during that time period.

McCain's own son, Jimmy, is now serving in Iraq.

I respect your feelings and decision, Jennifer. But I just think some of the stuff out there on John McCain is slanderous garbage. Not necessarily, the one you bring to attention, though. I'm not sure on that one.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

McCain never signed any propaganda papers,

Well, upon further research, not entirely true.

Anyway, thanks for not ripping my head off over this. I know you could throttle me with one hand tied behind your back...

...or strangle me with a cordless telephone....

J_G said...

dag nabbit, I posted a comment before I left for work today Word. It didn't rip your head off or strangle you with a color coodinated phone either.

I just said that I wasn't there in Hanoi with McCain and I don't know what happened there. We may never know for sure unless the North Vietnamese release the transcripts or there is a demand by the Congress to make the POW-MIA records available to the families of the captured and missing and the other records that the government has held back because of John McCain.

After watching McCain further torture the families and friends of American serviceman held captive as POWs or missing in action there isn't a speck of respect coming from this veteran for John McCain.