Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Time is Supposed to Heal

Dance at Bougival_Pierre Auguste Renoir

Dooryard Roses

I have come the selfsame path
To the selfsame door,
Years have left the roses there
Burning as before.
While I watch them in the wind
Quick the hot tears start --
Strange so frail a flame outlasts
Fire in the heart.

Sara Teasdale


Gayle said...

Beautiful, Jennifer... both the painting and the song. Thanks! :)

J_G said...

Thanks Gayle, tough weekend.

Renoir is my favorite Impressionist painter and I have this feeling of relevence in my life to his works.

The song is; Like an Old fashioned Waltz by Sandy Denny.

Marie's Two Cents said...

I came in last night and had to get right off but I heard the song lastnight but I dont hear it today, maybe it's me!

Anyway that was a beautiful song and this is a nice change :-)


J_G said...

Hi Marie, I leave the songs up for a day two on auto start so when you click my page the song loads and plays with the opening of my page. After a couple of days or so I take the auto start off but I leave the song on my player. The player is just under my profile to the right and if you click on it like a You Tube player it will play the song. Just above my player there is the words "Now Playing", if you run your mouse across the words and hold it there a balloon text box will amazingly appear that will tell what the song is and who the performer is. I can explain why I do it that way some other time but it has to do with search engines.

I take the song off autostart after a couple of days so my friends won't get tired of hearing the same song every time they come to my page, I don't want to wear the song out. Sandy Denney is my favorite female vocalist. She died in 1977 though. She used to be the female vocalist for a folk music group called Fairport Convention.