Thursday, February 21, 2008

USS Lake Erie

USS Lake Erie CG 70

I just got home from work and I heard on the news that my Navy guys aboard the Guided Missile Cruiser USS Lake Erie shot down the malfunctioning US satellite. Congratulations you squids, I'm damned proud of ya!


Marie's Two Cents said...

In one shot too :-)

Great Post Jenn,

This is a great day.

: JustaDog said...

It was real cool they hit their target.

Perhaps it served a dual purpose in showing our potential enemies how easy we can take out any satellite of theirs - should the need arise.

Beth said...

Very good news indeed!

J_G said...

To China, Got satellites?

Not if we can help it. Sincerely, US Navy

I loves them squids Marie.

Arrrrrgh, shiver me timbers and all that!