Sunday, March 30, 2008

Women of Chester County Victory Movement




It was a bright and chilly morning in West Chester, Pennsylvania on Saturday morning. The counter insurgency of the Chester County Victory Movement was ready to go though. Last week as we all know our friend Skye of Midnight Blue was viciously assaulted by an anti war mad man that couldn't control his obsessive behavior. Skye is doing alright though, a little shook up but she's going to be OK.

Today I'm going to focus a little on the other women of the Chester County Victory Movement because along with Skye they are the heart and soul of the support for our troops as they fight terrorism overseas to keep us safe at home. The ladies in the above pictures are there almost every week on Saturday mornings to show our troops overseas and at home they are loved and respected at home and not despised as the peace activists try to imply. The peacers speak for themselves and not the rest of us.

During the week after last weeks assault the peacers and the leader of Chester County Victory met with the Chief of Police of West Chester and they agreed to keep their distances and stay on each of their sides of the street. The peacers broke that agreement and as I told the leader of Chester County Victory Movement; that it does no do good to make deals with these people because they are not honorable and will not adhere to any agreements they make. The peacers are not about peace as I have said before. The peacers are about having things their way and they could care less about the country or the troops.

There were no physical altercations, there was some verbal jousting but the peacers did not strike anyone today. The Police were out in force to maintain the peace and the peacers remained peaceful. I won't say too much about the ladies pictured above so as to maintain their privacy but they are true patriots not only supporting the troops but putting their time and caring where their mouths and signs are. Thank you Dee, Sharon and Trish, I am proud to call you Americans and my friends.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Friend Skye

My view of Skye and Michelle Malkin at Gathering of Eagles III September 2007

Skye meeting a veteran blogger she conversed with online leading upto Gathering of Eagles III

Skye in West Chester, PA supporting the troops October 13th 2007

Skye filming at West Chester, PA December 15th 2007

I just got word that on Saturday March 22, 2008 my friend Skye was assaulted by a peace protester at the Wester Chester, PA Victory Rally. To say the least I am very upset. I have not been able to make the Victory Rally in West Chester since December because of my new work schedule. Skye has been a tireless warrior at home in support of the troops. Skye has always been very polite to a fault with the peacers and only asked that they do the same. Apparently one veteran peacer from the Chester County Peace Movement became violent and slapped Skye twice while she was filming the peacers on their side of the street. I have a pretty good idea who the person was that assaulted Skye because he has made threatening remarks before. This same peacer is suspected of shoving two women troop supporters from behind into the street while they were standing close to the street and traffic.

I have watched Skye film the peacers and they have not been so polite to her, they call her names and are usually quite rude to her when she asks them simple non threatening questions. The person that assaulted Skye was confronted by the West Chester Police and questioned but the peacer became violent with them and was tackled, wrestled to the ground, handcuffed and arrested. Another peacer was arrested for interefering with the Police while they performed their duties but there is no indication that he became violent with the Police as the other peacer did.

It is the right of every American citizen to say what they want, politically, but when that voice turns to violence the actions of law enforcement must be swift and harsh. I do hope that this particular person that assaulted my friend Skye is put through the legal ringer and is made to pay harshly for his violent outburst. There will be a more in depth report and more pictures on the situation from Skye when she is ready but until then I will pray for her and hope justice is done.

Monday, March 10, 2008

History of Arrogance

Chuckie Schumer_Elliot Spitzer_Clinton_Andrew Cuomo

Today we have listened to the story of former Federal Prosecutor and soon to be former Governor of the State of New York Elliot Spitzer. The former Governor to be was caught up in the scandal of an international prostitution ring. Apparently the former Governor was another democrat that just can't seem to obey the same laws that everyone else is expected to obey. This is an age old tradition for arrogant and condescending politicians. "Do as I say not as I do" seems to be the order of the day when it comes to big whig democrats. The extreme arrogance of every one of the people pictured above cannot be measured.

Charles Schumer, on the far left in the picture has done everything in his power to attempt to destroy the US Constitution as far as the first and second amendment is concerned. Elliot Spitzer second from the left is going to have to resign because he can't obey even the simplest of laws and no, this isn't a private matter. Clinton has broken every campaign finance law that has ever been written and has sold the United States out to the Chinese for pennies on the dollar. Andrew Cuomo on the right side of photograph is the New York Attorney General and son of Mario Cuomo, the former three term Governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo worked extensively with former federal prosecutor Elliot Spitzer to prosecute Wall Street crooks and is so intertwined with Elliot Spitzer's political fortunes and more than likely there will be political implications for him with this current situation of Elliot Spitzer.

So all you leftists out there go ahead and attempt to circle the wagons and tell us all how this is a private matter. Keep saying it and as a matter of fact say it as loud as you can and stand up while you're saying it so we can see who you are. This story reminds of me of the Jim McGreevy story. Only a few short years ago the former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevy had an affair with a man and he thought he could get away with it because of his position as Governor of the State of New Jersey. Former Governor McGreevy had to resign too but not before putting his family through a living hell. I have only sympathy for the families that have to deal with this mess and pick up the pieces of their lives because of these inconsiderate and arrogant men. Elliot Spitzer, Jim McGreevy and Andrew Cuomo are all of my generation and are all about the same age as I am. I'll say it again. I am ashamed of my generation and the total lack of responsibility they have shown over the years. "The Greatest Generation" has spawned the most decadent and irresponsible generation, how can that be?