Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Friend Skye

My view of Skye and Michelle Malkin at Gathering of Eagles III September 2007

Skye meeting a veteran blogger she conversed with online leading upto Gathering of Eagles III

Skye in West Chester, PA supporting the troops October 13th 2007

Skye filming at West Chester, PA December 15th 2007

I just got word that on Saturday March 22, 2008 my friend Skye was assaulted by a peace protester at the Wester Chester, PA Victory Rally. To say the least I am very upset. I have not been able to make the Victory Rally in West Chester since December because of my new work schedule. Skye has been a tireless warrior at home in support of the troops. Skye has always been very polite to a fault with the peacers and only asked that they do the same. Apparently one veteran peacer from the Chester County Peace Movement became violent and slapped Skye twice while she was filming the peacers on their side of the street. I have a pretty good idea who the person was that assaulted Skye because he has made threatening remarks before. This same peacer is suspected of shoving two women troop supporters from behind into the street while they were standing close to the street and traffic.

I have watched Skye film the peacers and they have not been so polite to her, they call her names and are usually quite rude to her when she asks them simple non threatening questions. The person that assaulted Skye was confronted by the West Chester Police and questioned but the peacer became violent with them and was tackled, wrestled to the ground, handcuffed and arrested. Another peacer was arrested for interefering with the Police while they performed their duties but there is no indication that he became violent with the Police as the other peacer did.

It is the right of every American citizen to say what they want, politically, but when that voice turns to violence the actions of law enforcement must be swift and harsh. I do hope that this particular person that assaulted my friend Skye is put through the legal ringer and is made to pay harshly for his violent outburst. There will be a more in depth report and more pictures on the situation from Skye when she is ready but until then I will pray for her and hope justice is done.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

skye is receiving tons of support, and rightly so.

As much as I'd like to see the woman-slapping John Meicht get his physical comeuppance, I'm begging you not to kick his ass, the next time you see him. Nothing destroys the credibility of the peaceniks more, than being less prone to losing your cool and less prone to violence than they, who wrap themselves in that facade.

I don't want to see you arrested, Jennifer, as much as the walking crud deserves to have his ass kicked up between his shoulderblades.

J_G said...

You're right Word and my guardian angel must have kept me away from the rally on Saturday because if I was there I'm guessing that there would be two people in jail right now and one of them would have had a trip the hospital first. I try to keep a cool head and now there will be cameras and video rolling the whole time by the Police, the peacers and us. I think if I had seen the guy hit Skye it would have taken all of the Eagles there to pull me off the guy. I was at one of the rallies just before Christmas and I had to stay on our side of the street because there was another guy that was getting in the face of my friend Dee the week before. I think he was the other guy that got arrested. I searched him out and told him not to do it again and he got snippy with me but I made him understand that was the wrong thing to do with me and he backed off. I think the point is being made right now that everyone has to keep their hands in their pockets. I will behave myself this Saturday Word, you have my word.

Marie's Two Cents said...

I dont believe this happened to her.

This is incredible.

I wish I would have been there with you and Skye Jenn, there would have been a free for all and we would have all wound up in jail lol

You know me, I'll say anything to anybody right to thier face.

But Word is right, that would make us look like the bad guy's instead.

And now look, they look worse than bad and on the verge of Lunacy. Well like they werent crazy already.

Trish said...

Hi Jennifer! Have missed you at the rallies- look forward to seeing you this Saturday!
I think we need to take the higher moral ground, and be what we set out to be- a solid wall of support for the troops.
We don't need to lower ourselves, to their level.
I know that there are some peace folks who are not antagonists, but surely there are more angry unhappy ones than I would have imagined. Starting with Karen herself. We have work to do!
We need to go there on Saturday and leave them to their own devices- and not let them egg us on, or behave badly. It's always been our word against theirs, until now with Skye's video-we have proof. They have more to lose next Saturday than we do- so they ought to be on their best behaviors!
So let's be what Rich set out to be- a presence of solidarity standing on that corner, in honor of the US and her Soldiers!!!!

Toad734 said...

Supporting the troops? Looked like she was sitting on a bench. Its funny that Republicans talk about supporting the troop except for when it raises their taxes or they have to give up anything like the gas mileage on their SUV. So was she sending them pre paid phone cards, body armor or what?

rochester_veteran said...


Dude, eat my crusty shorts! :-)

Love and Kisses!




I met Skye at Eagles Muster and the Patriot March in Washington DC, this past March 15. Skye approached me and told me she'd been to my blog RochesterConservative.com and that she liked what I was trying to do in promoting conservatism and support for our troops.

I hope you don't mind if I linked your defense of your friend, Skye, to the RC Pirate Forum discussion of the events that occurred this past weekend in West Chester, PA:

My Friend, Skye, Assaulted by a "Peace" Protestor

I'm doing my best to spread the word about this, in our typical "grassroots" fashion.

Keep up the good fight!


Grizzly Mama said...

Jennifer, I am so upset by this. I can't believe it - especially since Skye has NEVER been anything but polite and professional even in her disagreements.

There is no excuse for what that man did, and I have noticed that the peace protesters are exceedingly violent at times. Troll and I won't bring the girls to many of these counter protests because we know for sure that many of the violent peace protesters would think nothing of harming a child.

Skye said...

I am in awe. THANK YOU for your support!!!

J_G said...

Trish, I miss coming to the victory rally but my work schedule makes it very difficult to get there. I will be there supporting the troops this weekend and it will be nice to see the other American Patriots I call friends.

Toad is not worth responding to. He is an enemy of Americans.

Rochester Veteran, thank you for your service to our country. I was at 2 of last years Gathering of Eagles in Washington. The one on St Patty's Day with my friend Marie and the one in September with Skye. I don't mind if you link to my post about the attack on Skye. I have pictures of the perp but I'll wait until Skye releases the whole story since I wasn't present that day before I post any pictures of perps.

Monica, you and Troll are also friends that I consider to be Patriots and good citizens. I am indeed upset that someone would lay hands on someone as peaceful and inquisitive as Skye.

Skye, I'm really sorry that this happened to you. I know your approach to interviewing is non confrontational but after I saw the pictures of the guy and the description of the incident by those that were there I see that this guy must have a history of using violence to have his way. I think if they look into his background you will probably find a history of violence especially against women. Anyone that would attack any one of my friends is same as attacking me. I gave my word to Word that I will not resort to the same tactics of violence against the Chester County Peace Nazis.

concerned citizen said...

Ha Ha! Hilarious jennifer! I'm sure "Skye" is the epitome of American virtue. Skye is the statue of liberty & the American flag rolled into one. Yeah, she represents the higher moral ground, of what...? arrogant American consumerism...?
Of course your side ignores the Toad, because you have no valid argument, just some crazy emotional rantings, i.e. "eat my crusty shorts"

Listen, we peaceniks have also been assaulted by a few crazy nuts from the other side. I have seen it happen. I at least acknowledge the fact that people who act in this manner are NOT a valid representation of either side of the issue.

Trish said...

Arrogant American consumerism? What the heck does that have to do with anything?
Not one of the victory movement people, in all of the times that I have been at the rallies, has ever, once, gotten physical. But, almost everyone from both sides, are guilty of saying provocative things-on occasion. The fact that the others act out, must mean that peace activists have very very thin skin...or very guilty consciences...
And yes, Skye deserves our respect-she is always fair with her videoing, and listens to what both sides have to say, as does Rich. And unlike Karen Porter...

rochester_veteran said...

concerned citizen,

What's your purpose of coming into Jennifers blog on "My Friend Skye" and insulting Skye? Just as John Meicht, a grown man that hasn't learned how to control himself, assaults a woman (real tough guy, isn't he!), you illustrate for us how lefties really don't know how to behave yourselves and act in a civil manner.

What an oaf!

Gayle said...

Rochester Veteran is a gentleman through and through. Concerned Citizen proves himself to be much worse than an oaf.

This was indeed horrible, Jennifer, and I know I would have a hard time controlling myself too. He deserved a swift kick in the family jewels! You will probably run across him at the next rally, so I'll pray for you to be able to maintain your composure because Wordsmith is right. A full grown man slapping a woman for taking pictures is just unbelievable and I feel really badly for Skye but thankful that he was wrestled to the ground and arrested.

Gayle said...

In addition, I wonder if the man who slapped Skye was the one who was angry about the woman he was talking to calling him a "libtard." If so, he certainly proved she was right!

concerned citizen said...

Oh blah blah blah,... do you people think you are the only ones who have ever gotten pushed around for standing up for anything? Like I said people who act like the "slapper" are not valid representations of any issue.
How quick you are to call the kettle black.

BB-Idaho said...

Most unfortunate that Skye was assaulted at the rally. It is apalling at how emotional these things seem to get. In all fairness, visit http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/carlos to see the reverse: the father of a KIA marine attempting to protest the war, thrown to the ground and kicked by Gathering of Eagles folk. People on both sides of this issue need to control their emotions before someone gets seriously injured. I guess if we go to these rallies and counter-rallies, we put ourselves in danger. How sad.

J_G said...

I had to laugh at the stupid ass that got himself arrested. Imagine being so stupid to start pushing a mack truck sized cop and expecting to get away with it. What a fricken moron and I hope his stupid ass gets put through the ringer.

Leftist like the toadbat are not on my radar screen as a credible American Dian. I have no time for his stupid out of context remarks.

Consumerism? You know you're one of my favorite liberals Dian but consumerism? sheesh, back to the books for you lady.

Skye has been nothing but polite to the peacers and there was no reason for that jackass to hit her.

If I'm not mistaken BB-Idaho it was the Father that started the fight at the rally in Washington. I was there. Be careful of what you read about these protests, I have been to a lot of them both in West Chester and Washington DC and I'm telling you that the peacers aren't there for peace they are for "their way" and for "power for them" and hate anything Bush. Their reasons have nothing to do with troops or America it's all about power. Seen it, been there, got the pictures.

J_G said...


Gayle, I almost forgot. The guy that slapped Skye is the one wearing the beret and the guy that was being called a libtard by our friend Dee was wearing the baseball cap and glasses. I've seen and confronted but those morons. They are the traitors from the Vietnam Vets against the War. They were the ones that lied about the atrocities committed by American soldiers during Vietnam in the Winter Soldier hearings.

They just recently tried to espouse their lies and deceptions again with their newer version. They just held another phony Winter Soldier hearings on March 15and it was a total bust for them and were caught in so many lies they shut the whole thing down. They are really angry over it. I believe this is why those two jackasses were so angry that day they assaulted Skye.

handmaiden said...

The point I'm trying to make is that there are valid arguments on both sides. If you can't realize that then maybe you are listening to more Rush Limblah then you should.

handmaiden said...

Oh BTW, in the Peace rally's I'M involved in & including Veterans For Peace(what a concept)...we try to leave the police out of it. IMO, arbitrarily running to the "Law" every time someone gets slapped is pretty chickenshit.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Since this seems to be happening more frequently to those that Support the Troops, I'm all for clocking the first Anti-War/So-Called/Peace-Protester (Yeah that show's) and ending this crap before it even begins!

TrekMedic251 said...

The cavalry is coming, Skye!!! Time for me to make time on Saturdays!!

Gayle said...

I didn't realize that was Dee in the video, Jennifer. I'm surprised that idiot didn't slap her! The nitwits are indeed irrational and evidently becoming dangerous.

BB-Idaho said...

In a protest confrontation in an entirely different venue, once again old mad guy assaults lady with camera:
what is it about confrontation that
precludes civility & politeness?

J_G said...

Gayle, that's not the same Dee as in Dee )Little Miss Chatterbox)fron Conservative with Heart. Dee in the video is from Philly, is a 20+ year veteran of the US Air Force and has more college degrees than you can stuff into an American made duffel bag. She's another true blue through and through American with heart. Skye, Dee and Trish are so dedicated and enthusiastic. Those three ladies are the heart and soul of our little counterinsurgency.

Gayle said...

Thank you for explaining that, Jennifer. I really was wondering about it, because she didn't look like Little Miss Chatterbox to me. I thought, WOW! Her hair sure grew out fast! LOL!

Marie's Two Cents said...


That's not the same CC, I dont think I looked at his website and it's something different.

handmaiden said...

I put up a post just for you guys. A little different side of the story

Mike's America said...

Thanks for supporting Skye. She's a real treasure for the VICTORY movement.

And while I am at it, I want to remind your readers that the only REAL peacemakers in this world are in the U.S. military.

Without them there would be no peace and no justice in this world.

And don't let any of the peacenik commenters tell you different. The "peace" movement is nothing more than an enabler of evil.

J_G said...

Dian, hitching your wagon to veterans for peace is putting your own credibility on the line because they have none. The peacer that assaulted Skye was one of them.

Mike, take it from me Skye is tough but she was shook up. That guy was about twice the size of Skye and could have injured her badly very easily. I'm hoping they put him in jail and do some hard time for assault. Maybe he'll have a boyfriend in the big house named Bubba that can show him what to do with that silly looking tasseled beret.

J_G said...

Marie, Dian's Concerned Citizen is something different than the Concerned Citizen you are thinking about.

Dian's Concerned Citizen is about a small town in Coos County, Oregon called Coquille.

Marie's Two Cents said...

No Jenn,

I mean seriously I dont think they are the same people.

He comments on my blog also but nothing like that, and I believe this is his blog:


But when you go to the other persons blog it's just not the same.

And he has that "Avitar" looking thing like "Danger Nuclear Hazard" kind of thing when he posts.

I am not sure, but I bet it isnt him.

Concerned Citizen said...

Allow me to just distinguish between myself and the above posted 'concerned citizen'. Those comments are childish and poorly written and absolutely not mine.

For those of you who know me I hope you recognize this. Please, allow the Robotech (or Danger Nuclear Hazard :) nice Marie.) signature symbol to distinguish between us.

J_G said...

Well I knew they are two differnt bloggers. I know who Concerned Citizen is in Coquille. There certainly isn't anyone like my friend Dian, she's a true original.

Marie's Two Cents said...

There we go :-)

I knew there was a difference!

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