Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday Humor


Gayle said...

LOL! Thanks for the laugh, Jennifer. I really needed that! :)

Marie's Two Cents said...

Ditto what Gayle said :-)

What a nice change from EFS

"Election Fatigue Syndrome"!

Great find Jenn.

J_G said...

I thought it was pretty good. I was feeling pretty cranky and I found this video. They have a weekly release of a new video. I'll be keeping an eye on this. Thanks for stopping by Gayle and Marie.

Catherine Morgan said...

I wanted you to know, that I nominated you for Women's Voices Making History. Your blog is on my list of over 300 women blogging about politics, and I am currently going through it, and nominating blogs that I think are most worthy. Anyone can nominate a blogger, so if you have others you would like to nominate, all you have to do is go to the site at Women's Voices, Women Vote. :-)



Mike's America said...

Another sexist contest? What if I started a contest for men only or whites only?

J_G said...

...What if I started a contest for men only or whites only?

Mike, I'd nominate and vote for you for that;-)

I don't go for that stuff much either Mike. It tends to highlight our differences rather than point to the the things we have in common and agree on. Make no mistake women are different than men but when it comes to political blogging eh, I don't see the need for that kind of thing.