Sunday, March 30, 2008

Women of Chester County Victory Movement




It was a bright and chilly morning in West Chester, Pennsylvania on Saturday morning. The counter insurgency of the Chester County Victory Movement was ready to go though. Last week as we all know our friend Skye of Midnight Blue was viciously assaulted by an anti war mad man that couldn't control his obsessive behavior. Skye is doing alright though, a little shook up but she's going to be OK.

Today I'm going to focus a little on the other women of the Chester County Victory Movement because along with Skye they are the heart and soul of the support for our troops as they fight terrorism overseas to keep us safe at home. The ladies in the above pictures are there almost every week on Saturday mornings to show our troops overseas and at home they are loved and respected at home and not despised as the peace activists try to imply. The peacers speak for themselves and not the rest of us.

During the week after last weeks assault the peacers and the leader of Chester County Victory met with the Chief of Police of West Chester and they agreed to keep their distances and stay on each of their sides of the street. The peacers broke that agreement and as I told the leader of Chester County Victory Movement; that it does no do good to make deals with these people because they are not honorable and will not adhere to any agreements they make. The peacers are not about peace as I have said before. The peacers are about having things their way and they could care less about the country or the troops.

There were no physical altercations, there was some verbal jousting but the peacers did not strike anyone today. The Police were out in force to maintain the peace and the peacers remained peaceful. I won't say too much about the ladies pictured above so as to maintain their privacy but they are true patriots not only supporting the troops but putting their time and caring where their mouths and signs are. Thank you Dee, Sharon and Trish, I am proud to call you Americans and my friends.


Gayle said...

And I'm proud of you, Jennifer. :)

You're right... they are great women and we should all be thankful that you and others are willing to be out there as often as you are. Otherwise our troops would think it was Vietnam all over again. I wish more people had protested the unpatriotic nitwits during the Vietnam era! *sigh*

Skye said...

Thank you for this wonderful post, JG!

Mike's America said...

You are all such a fine example to the rest of us.

Thanks to all those who participate.

You make us all prouder to be Americans!

Marie's Two Cents said...

After last week?

I dont think I would call them "Peacers" anymore.

Anti-Troop and/or/ Anti-Victory seems more appropriate.

God Bless You Jennifer.

You and Skye and the rest are doing the work we all wish we could do if we lived closer :-)

I know I wish I lived close enough to participate with you guy's :-(

J_G said...

Thanks go to the ladies of CCVM. I haven't been making too many rallies since my hours and days off changed in January. These ladies have been literally holding down the fort.

I wish you lived closer too Marie. I know we'd get in trouble then.

Mike's America said...

The Code Pink "peace" twits were on Capitol Hill today demonstrating at a Senate hearing. As General Caldwell was giving his testimony one of these pink foam crowned freaks was holding up a the two fingered "peace" sign behind his head.

Democrats make sure these freaks get the seat that lines up with the camera angle for C-Span. They should be ashamed.

I checked back later when Senator Lieberman was questioning the general and the pinko freaks had either gone or been removed. I was at least glad of that. I doubt Lieberman would want his side of this serious business to be diminished by the freak parade.

J_G said...

I blame our side for that. There should be someone respectful sitting behind the person testifying or they should move the seats to prevent such things from happening. Those code pinkos are nothing more than clowns and can't help themselves. The democraks are the ones that make a mockery of their own hearings.

Imagine, no liberals.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Thank you Dee, Sharon, Trish, skye, jennifer, and all of you patriots out there!