Sunday, April 06, 2008

Charlton Heston 1923-2008

Charlton Heston at NRA Convention

I was at the 1998 NRA Convention in Philadelphia. I was there to see Charlton Heston, cast my vote for the Board of Directors and generally show my support for the NRA. While I was down at the new Convention Center I had the chance to show my disapproval of then Mayor Edward G. Rendell for his nonsensical policies on gun control and crime. I also got to confront gun control extremists that were protesting outside of the convention. I have a long history of being an advocate for Second Amendment rights and confronting anti gun and anti hunting politicians and protesters.I have been a member of the NRA since 1980.

At the convention Mr. Heston proclaimed while holding a 18th century musket high in the air "you will get my guns from my cold dead hands". Meaning you will never take my guns from me while I am alive to defend our freedoms. Later after the speech I was able to get a quick handshake and hello from Mr.Heston. There were a lot of people there vying for his attention but I just wanted to shake his hand and say thank you for all you have done. I did that in mere seconds and he was gone. Mr. Heston's hands were neither cold nor dead but full of life and exuberance.

Charlton Heston's life and accomplishments go far beyond that of being the President and spokesperson of the NRA. His accomplishments will be forever preserved on film and that I cannot add to. Mr.Heston's film accomplishments speak for themself. I would just like to thank him once again for all that he has done to enrich my thoughts and all of his efforts for keeping freedom alive and well.

We have lost two high profile and thoughtful conservatives so far this year with the deaths of Charlton Heston yesterday and William F. Buckley just a few weeks ago. They would want us to continue on meeting the challenges ahead with their same thoughtfulness and entusiasm. Good bye Mr. Heston, my prayers and sympathy go out to your family. You will be missed by all of us.


BB-Idaho said...

Heston was a memorable actor; unlike so many, he was also a decent man, served in WWII and...stayed married to the same woman for over 60 years. He lives on in his many roles.

J_G said...

Mr. Heston was truly a decent man. Who will ever forget him parting the sea as Moses?

Gayle said...

He was one of the greats, Jennifer. Hollywood doesn't make them like him anymore.

Marie's Two Cents said...

He will be missed alright.

Heston was a Giant of a man :-)

patterns of ink said...

I watched a tribute to CH last night. He was a rare "star" in that he didn't care what the rest of the stars on the sidewalk said about the path he took. Great post!

TrekMedic251 said...

At least Clinton and Sarah Brady didn't pry his guns from his "cold, dead hands." ;)

He'll be missed. I hope he's priming the pyre for when Michael Moore finally kicks it.

J_G said...

Gayle and Marie, I normally don't fall for the Hollywood hype and all that stardom stuff. Charlton Heston had that aura of stardom about him though.

Thanks for stopping by Tom, seems like all the truly learned and wise ones are leaving us without replacements that are up to their standards of accomplishment.

Trek, if Michael Moore bites the dust before me I would like to take a journey to his place of internment and relieve myself on that spot. You are more than welcome to join me.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Heston was indeed a star, off-screen as well as on.

Great post, Jennifer!

Concerned Citizen said...

You know the sad thing is I saw a post on a liberal site celebrating this man's death by saying that finally they could pry that gun out of his cold dead hand.

Hateful, vile morons.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Amen to this blog j_g

Marie's Two Cents said...

Well Obama stepped in it now.

He called you guy's in Pennsylvania a bunch of Gun Toting, Bible Thumping, White, Bitter, Religious Finatic, Folk's.

Oh excuse me "Small Town Penn"

This guy CANNOT be our next President!

Marie's Two Cents said...

Here Is The Story

J_G said...

Thanks for stopping by dd2.
Do you know what the problem is with what Hussein Obama said about us Marie? Many of the counties in the middle of the state are solid conservative democrats. They are the working democrats that have supported Reagan and Bush. They also are the fabric of this state and the country. We are the real America. Not some city kid born in a foreign country that is so out of touch with real America. He can do all the money raising and all his bull sessions with hardcore move-on types. But come general election time he loses big time. It won't even be close. We make this country and Obama is about finished, his racist pastor and his attendence at the racist church won't be forgotten. He won't get our guns, our faith or our votes.

Mike's America said...

I watched "The Hawaiians" from 1970 yesterday and some snippets from Ben Hur. TCM has been having some of the better Heston films on.

I forgot to watch "Khartoum" which I really wanted to see for the history.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

You know the sad thing is I saw a post on a liberal site celebrating this man's death by saying that finally they could pry that gun out of his cold dead hand.

Hateful, vile morons.

I can just hear him now: "Get your stinkin' paws off of me, you damn dirty apes!

Marie's Two Cents said...

OK GF!!!!

It's your turn :-)

Ready Set Vote!!

Operation Chaos!!!!