Monday, April 21, 2008

Pennsylvania Primary

The Sleeping Spinner_Gustav Courbet

Tomorrow is the long awaited Pennsylvania Primary. As I said when the election first got started; by the time elections come to Pennsylvania it wouldn't make any difference because my vote would not count. I was right. John McCain is the presumptive nominee after garnering the needed amount of moderate votes and delegates to seal his fate. All the other Republican candidates for my district in the US House of Representatives, State Senate and State House of Representatives are running unopposed. I will have a new State Senator and Representative after the election in the fall. My long time State representative is retiring and the State Senator that won a special election last year after my Senator died in office will be tossed out. The only reason he won was he was a County Commissioner and all that the recalcitrant Chester County Republican leadership could do is put up the late Senator's wife to run against him. Is there something about Republicans that like to see holes in their shoes after they get done shooting themselves in the foot? Anyway that embarrassment will be fixed and it will go back to being to the most Conservative district in the State if we can keep the Chester County Republican leadership from loading up their footguns again.

As far as Presidential candidates go. Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee are still on the ballot along with you know who. I did not register as a democrat so I cannot vote for Mrs Inept or Mr despises America. Oh sure, I'll show up at the polls tomorrow to poke sticks in the eye of any of the embarrassing Republican leaders that will be there that were responsible for the State Senate debacle last year. I'll vote for the only candidate that I can vote for on the School Board. Then I'll walk over and take some shots at the two ridiculous democrats that always show up to handout campaign brochures. Later when I get home I'll listen to the results on the news. Hillary Clinton wins by 8-10 percentage points and all my Conservative Republican representatives will have won. Of course even if I write in a name for Republican candidate for President it won't make any difference except to me.


Marie's Two Cents said...


Contain yourself!!

You sound so darn excited LMAO!

Well to bad you cant participate in Operation Chaos dadgummit!

Oh well I think Hillary will win enough to think she has a good chance of keeping this whole escapade going with the Democrats for at least a couple more weeks lol

More time for the Democrats to really hang each other :-)

J_G said...

...Oh well I think Hillary will win enough to think she has a good chance of keeping this whole escapade going with the Democrats for at least a couple more weeks lol

I think so too Marie. Now I just want them out of my sight. I had to put up with the Obamanation campaign train on Saturday. If I had known he would going by my work I would have been out there with some kind of smart alec sign or something.

Obama didn't spend very much time out where I live, you know, the place where the bitter people clinging to their gunz live. At least Clinton went out and did shots and beers with real people, I'll give her credit for that. Gosh, that must have been a sight to see +_+

Gayle said...

I'm excited, Jennifer. Not about the primary tonight, but about going out and chasing the Water Moccasins. It will be much more interesting and definitely more exciting. LOL!

Marie's Two Cents said...

Yes that would have been cool Jenn LOL.


You chase those darn things?

I wont even swim in a lake here anymore because of those monsters lol, I hate snakes!!

Mike's America said...

Marie: We don't worry so much about the snakes in the ponds. It's the alligators you have to watch out for!

P.S. Jennifer: I posted on the McCain/NC GOP ad fracas.

patterns of ink said...

You called it! And the week has played out as you said it would.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

Ah, you're from Pennsylvania are you? You know, you've got your fair share of RINOs up there. What was it, 4 or 5 Republican House members that voted in favor of expanding on the SCHIP funding?? You know, that healthcare program aimed at providing insurance for Children but which in fact was found by the GAO to be providing free and/or subsidized healthcare to childless, able bodied adults!

They certainly weren't doing you any favors now were they?

You can check them out here (mind you Ohio too had its fair share of RINOs voting in favor of it):

J_G said...

soapbox, that's why I get so angry with McCain and the moderates. Even though the entire area where I live is very conservative, I have Rinos to the north of me and liberals to the east, here I am stuck in the middle trying to hold the line.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

And, even still, holding the line just ain't cuttin' it my dear. We've got to reverse the trend.

Continue fighting the good fight (I know you will) and remember:

"Sometimes you've got to go through hell to get to heaven."

Gayle said...

LOL Marie... yes, I chase them to kill them because they are on our farm and are extremely dangerous. I use a shotgun on them whenever I find one. Water Moccasins are quite agressive, much moreso than most snakes.

Jennifer, I think you know I wish you would rethink writing in your vote. I know McCain is far from a perfect candidate, and I also hate having to choose between the lesser of two evils, but the security of this country is very important to all of us and he's the only one who has any intention of making sure we are secure. With him in office we can focus on changing some of the issues that are also important, but with either of the other two we won't have a chance of changing anything.

Please understand that I don't think I'll be able to change your mind, but I feel obligated to try. As a citizen you are of course entitled to vote any way you want or to not even go to the voting booth, and I honestly understand that. But I have to at least try to change your mind, even though I do believe it's a lost cause. :)