Thursday, June 26, 2008

It Has Always Been an Individual Right

Chief Justice John Jay_Gilbert Stuart

Today the right of the people to keep and bear arms has been reaffirmed as an individual right as it has always been. The Supreme Court has redeemed itself after a run of poorly thought out decisions of granting rights to non citizen individuals that have no rights guaranteed by our Constitution. The Supreme Court has overturned the Washington D.C. complete ban on firearm ownership. The framers wrote the second amendment to the Constitution as an individual and specific right; A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of free state , the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Freedom loving Americans already knew this but we thank you Justice Scalia for reaffirming the freedoms that are guaranteed by the Constitution by using correct Constitutional principles.

The reason why this became such an issue over the years is because elitists among us are always afraid of people having individual rights to protect themselves thereby bypassing an all powerful and all seeing government run by bureaucrats and those wishing to squash freedom in the name of safety and control.

I'm sure we will hear from the hand wringing elitist liberals about all the murders that happen everyday by people misusing their gun owning rights by breaking already well established laws. It is already a crime to murder someone whether you use a gun, a knife or a bomb. It is already a crime for a convicted felon to own a firearm. One of the biggest problems today is judges not enforcing the laws we already have that cover minimum sentences for people that use guns in the commission of a crime.

Our Governor of the State of Pennsylvania Edward G. Rendell as Mayor of Philadelphia refused to provide the District Attorney's office with the funding to prosecute criminals with State mandated minimum sentences for crimes committed with a firearms. The National Rifle Association went to the Federal government to get funding for a federal gun crime court while Rendell was Mayor but Rendell fought it tooth and nail but lost out to common sense. Rendell released violent and dangerous criminals back onto the streets as an answer to prison overcrowding instead of investing in prisons and more police. Rendell's solution was to sue gun manufactures until Congress passed legislation preventing such silliness. Rendell as Governor still refuses to provide funding to hire more State police and adamantly opposes hiring more Police for the City of Philadelphia.

Rendell still has the silly notion that limiting access to firearms for the citizens of the state is a better idea than using common sense solutions of putting pressure on judges to do their job of putting criminals in jail, breaking up the welfare state, and providing an atmosphere for job growth by lowering taxes and loosing up on ridiculous regulation and bureaucratic red tape. This is the same type of thinking or lack thereof we will get if Barack Obama is elected President except on a national scale.

Once again the liberal elitists such as Barack Obama and the democrat party will try to divert attention away from the real solutions to violent crime by coddling violent criminals that prey upon tax paying citizens. They will blame the availability of firearms instead tackling the real issues of moral decay, welfare state mentality, single parent children and the respect for life. None of which has anything to do with my rights or your rights to own a firearm to protect ourselves from these criminals that the liberals have created. All this is already clear to the right thinking individuals of this great nation like Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Chief Justice John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy and Samuel Alito. They still see the same America the framers and the rest of us have always known was there.


Marie's Two Cents said...

Great Post Jenn,

The Supreme Court has upheld the Second Amendment!!

Wooooooo Hoooooo!!!

J_G said...

Yeah Marie, they did good yesterday and I am glad the y did the correct thing. It is however important to recognize that there four Supreme court justices that voted to recind Second amendment rights. That's scary!

Z said...

Hello, jennifer!
And at least half those lib justices are SO old they're just hanging on hoping the next pres is a lib so the SCOTUS can ruin whatever's left of the America we treasure! Great post..WHAT good news this ruling was today!

Gayle said...

The vote was five to four... way too close for comfort! Can you imagine what will happen to the SC if Obama gets into the White House? Can you say ARRRGH!? Thank goodness Bush was able to get his appointees passed.

Great post on this, Jennifer!

J_G said...

Marie, Z, and Gayle, blogger lost my reply again. Sometimes I get angry when I go to all the trouble to write something and then when I come back I find it was never posted.

Anyway, my reply consisted of being very concerned for our freedoms when there are complete buffoons sitting on the Supreme Court. Justice John Paul Stevens wrote in the minority opinion that the framers never intended to have citizens own firearms to protect themselves in the second amendment. That to me is someone that does not belong on the Supreme Court. What Constitution is he reading from? The Federalist papers explain it all out in detail. The speeches given at the Constitutional Convention everything the founders stood for believed in a armed populace. It's sad that someone is that willfully ignorant.

Tom the Redhunter said...

Well written, Jennifer.

The good news is that the DC handgun ban was struck down, and that 5 justices affirmed that the Second Amendment is an individual right. Because of this alone Heller will go down as one of the most important decisions in our history.

The bad news is that the justices allowed for a "licensing scheme" and are allowing what I call "scary looking guns" to be banned.

The danger is that with only a 5 to 4 decision the libs may try and overturn it if they get another one of their type on the bench.

Overall, I see the decision as 80% good.

J_G said...

I agree with that assessment Tom. The other four justices haven't a clue but they sure have an agenda. As always though "With freedom comes vigilance".

Thanks for stopping by.

Phillip said...

Jennifer, I agree with you completely on this case, have always believed that the Second Amendment was fundamentally intended as an individual right. So that was a good week for the SCOTUS, and especially Anthony Kennedy, who turned out to be the only consistent judge on individual freedoms, and interestingly the only Justice ruling in the majority on both Heller and the permissibility of challenges to Gitmo detention.

Your words warning against "those wishing to squash freedom in the name of safety and control" are extremely apt, applying not just to this Second Amendment question but to other potential "trimming back" of fundamental American constitutional freedoms in the name of "protecting us."

J_G said...

Philip, I am less enamored with the previous decisions of the court giving rights to people that have no protections under the Constitution other than to be classified enemy combatants. It has always been up to military tribunals to try these types of cases and the Supreme Court has made a grievous error with their ill advised decision.

Hopefully during the President's next term he will be able to replace those that make such erroneous decisions.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Very good post, Jennifer.

I certainly wish concealed carry permits weren't so hard to come by here in California. Knife laws are also rather stupid, the way they are written.

J_G said...

Thanks Word. I feel very strongly about gun rights. I will go to the wall over them. I was not satisfied with a 5-4 decision on this one by the Supreme Court. The four that dissented have no idea.

Daniel said...

For once the Supreme's didn't curtail our liberties but preserved them at least for a little while